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Book had me wanting to punch a wall The characters in this were great The romance between them as adorable and the writing was great I don t mind if the MC is mated to another because 9 times out of 10 it s arranged and the other person in the marriage is seeing someone else too Usually authors are pretty good about making it nown that it s basically a business contractBut this one pissed me off He could have talked to her so many times to tell her the reason behind the loveless marriage he was in What was he going To Lose By Doing lose by doing They were already seeing each other and screwing like rabbits his wife already Archies Americana, Vol. 1 knowing about them and not caring but he couldn t tell her the reason behind his loveless marriage so she could fully understand and stop getting pissed at him Hell even his wife s mistressnew the secret behind the marriage so obviously it wasn t too big of a deal to tell fated matesTruly I loved this story and everything about it But I dropped a star because they fought over the same damn thing his marriage and leaving his wife through the whole book and I couldn t take it any I wanted to throw my bookphone so many times because of it Not much in the form of drama another predictable book Just the beginning alone gives away the direction of the book Not sure why the author wants all the books to be taking place pretty much during the same time though If why the author wants all the books to be taking place pretty much during the same time though If ve been following along then again you d already now what s going to happen These need a shake up and something that will test the characters for them to be really interesting. He met his mate The little wolf ignites desires he never even thought he had Could he really bring himself to leave Esther to face the dangerous conseuences whilst he ran off into the sunset with Mac Will he make the decision in time before Mac’s childhood sweetheart persuades her that he’s the wolf of her dreamsPlease note this novella is approximately 41000 words in length just a uick tea and cake break re. ,

Things that will drop a 5 star book to a 1 star book and cheating is number one on that list I don t care what s going on in the relationship cheating is a book ruiner The fact that both in the relationship were cheating doesn t make it any better The fact that no one was *TELLING ANY ONE THE TRUTH WAS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM *any one the truth was the biggest problem had If everyone had been on the same page and were OKAY with it fine but as it was Wife cheating on the husband husband cheating on the wife the other woman whining at him not leaving the wife I could care less that they were fated mates both the spouses were lying cheats and Mac just seemed like whiny dumb ho I didn t like the writing Okay I had a likehate relationship with this book Loved the chemistry and most of the interaction between Andy and Mac But hated the fact that he was married even if it was a fake marriage Andy s character frustrated me when he doesn t tell Mac everything about the whole marriage situation I spend a lot of time thinking WTF wake up man All I hope is I enjoy the next in the series than this one This is an excellent shifter romance novel I love the way the author ept you right you on the edge of your seat until the end Of course there was a jealous ex boyfriend who carried things WAY too far but that seat until the end Of course there was a jealous ex boyfriend who carried things WAY too far but that all I m going to say about that without giving anything awayThe story ends with a surprise twist that just Talk to Me knocked my socks off But like most romantic novels everyone ended up where they were supposed to be I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance This entire. Ice after all except Just one little problem – he’s marriedAndy Harper has always been a good guy Honourable dependableind selfless He’s always helping others giving to others so isn’t it about time he took something for himselfAge 30 the bear shifter finds himself in a loveless marriage to a she bear He never regretted his decision to marry Esther he did it to save her from a much worse fate But then. Usually when I see a book is a series of 5 or books I don t bother reading them but I ve fallen in love with this series Yes Andy is married but rather than judging him on that or judging the author for writing it in this way read the book I really enjoyed Mac and Andy s story and can t wait to get to book 12 for Acksels Story I Love How The Stories Run Along The story I love how the stories run along the timeline as I get a reminder of the other stories and how they are linked If you don t like HOT SEXY Males and SEXY females these stories ain t for you but if you do then you are in for a great time Thoroughly encased in this story lineLove the storyline this is NOT a standalone Way too much interaction between all characters not just the main Also like the way different views are revisited as each couples story comes out argument at the bar that leaves a certain wolf soaked Didn t even get a few pages in I m sure if i had continued reading i would have enjoyed it but I just went into this book so close minded I couldn t bring myself to open up to it After reading the other books in the series I already had a good idea of the challenges Mac and Andy were going to face in this one It was an interesting book and Esther was a surprising woman This book had lots of twists and turns to it and it flowed great It paced itself perfectly and happened at a believable rate twists and turns to it and it flowed great It paced itself perfectly and happened at a believable rate the other books in this series Good book I d recommend it Series is best read in order for greatest enjoyment I absolutely HATED this book and the MCs Not that this book had a chance at 5 stars but I have a list of. Delilah Mackenzie Grey or Mac as she insists on being called because uite frankly she hates Delilah So much The young wolf has just come home from years away at University she’s unsure whether she can fit back in with her pack unsure whether it was the right decision to come home at all But on the way back she comes face to face with her true mate a bear shifter no less and it seems like she made the right cho. .

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Wolves for the Bears Grey Wolf Pack #5

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