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Who is Mr Satoshi?

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A pleasant read but largely forgettable This was a literary book where the way things were said was as important if not important than the story itself All the same there was an intriguing mystery at the core and the book managed to keep my interest until the end Rob Fossick at one a very successful photographer has become agoraphobic following the eath of his wife in a fire in a nightclub while they are on holiday there Then his aged mother passes away after suffering increasingly from Alzheimers When clearing his mother s effect he finds a parcel addressed to a Mr Satoshi the residential home where his mother lived seemed a very swish place with than one room and even a storage area in the lost He finds out that Mr Satoshi a nickname was his mother s boyfriend at the end of WW2 and although they kept up a lengthy correspondence when he went to work in Japan they never married Initially Rob Woman Much Missed doesn t want too anything about the parcel but is finally forced into travelling to Japan at the behest is finally forced into travelling to Japan at the behest his agent The book then eals with his experiences in that country in seeking for Mr Satoshi although he has no real idea whether he is still alive and if he is where he lives He is helped in his researches by a Japanese girl Chiyoko The book is said to be compellingly funny I have to say I idn t find a lot of humour in it although it Citizen Cain deals with Rob s problems very sensitivelyThere is something of a twist at the end and we are left wondering if Rob stays in Japan and if heoes Trail of Secrets does he stay with Chiyoko Different and thoroughly interesting I am uite surprised that this has not received for media attention but m guess is that itoesn t uite fit the bill that is reuired Very enjoyable In the end I really liked this book and read the second part in a couple of How to Train a Cowboy days Found the first part hard going but then it just seemed to flow and so pleased I stuck with it Loved that it was part set in Japan Surprised when I read it was Jonathan Leesebut novel would One Special Moment definitely read his next one I read the paperback edition that just came out encouraged by it s Desmond Elliott Prize nomination and mention on the Culture Show and thought it was great Literary fiction that isn t ashamed to be accessible Thought there was a lot of wryark humour in the book which some of the other reviewers overlooked Also like the fact that the book oesn t pander to what s expected "of literary fiction it evokes war time without going for cheap sentimentality it chooses to tell the story of a " literary fiction it evokes war time without going for cheap sentimentality it chooses to tell the story of a odd loner rather than the easier task of focussing on a lead character with hero like ualities One of the best books I ve read in ages and makes me want to go to Tokyo I feel like I am giving out far too many 4 star reviews lately but what can I say I am reading many books I highly enjoy Who is Mr Satoshi by Jonathan Lee is no exception It is a tale abo. On the ay his mother ies reclusive photographer Rob Fossick forty one and already in the twilight of his career finds among her belongings an unexpected package addressed to a 'Mr Satoshi'So begins a uest that will propel Rob anxious and unprepared into the urban maelstrom of Tokyo With th.

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S of facts regarding Japan and its people From food to fashion it s all thereAnd while all this is interesting to a point it felt a little contrived at times As the novel progresses with the aid of colourful characters some less colourful than others I have to say I almost saw the joins in the novel at this point It was not seamless writing in my opinion It was as if Lee by hook or by crook was going to impart this knowledge regardless Sometimes less is And some of his characters work better than others For example the rather forward twentysomething female Japanese student came across relatively well but at times the actions of her character The Mommy Makeover did appear a little stilted Obviously I won t spoil the story but this Mr Satoshi is not what he seems and that particular uest of Rob s to try and find out about him is interestingRob appears to be a very patient man Here he is with this package It s not even his for goodness sake and will anyone know or even care if he puts it in the bin Or he could simply rip it open andiscover its contents It The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives does seem ultra risky and a bit silly to be travelling thousands of miles at great expense of both time and money for what exactly But then that s the whole story It works up to a point Will Rob s journey be worth itPersonally I would have shortened the book s title to the punchier sounding Mr Satoshi but that s just my own opinion Essentially this novel centres on the secretive Mr Satoshi and of his links or otherwise to the central character and his recentlyeceased mother Enjoyable but only just This was brilliant Very little in this book is uite what it first seems Jonathon Lee starts by writing what appears to be a simple scenario and the carefully issects it and shows you how your assumptions made you misread the scene in some important ways Thtoughout the book your understanding Of The Characters Grow the characters grow Lee has concocted an intruiging mystery and peopled it with a range of uirky or ownright eccentric characters but this isn t overdone He uses THE CHARACTERS TO ILLUSTRATE HIS THEME characters to illustrate his theme things are generally not as simple as they initially seem They are also used to add some humour and stop the novel becoming too emotionally charged which could have easily happened Overall I am amazed that this is a First Blood debut novel It reads like it is written by an confident experienced author who knows exactly how to create the subtle effects he reuires He s currently working on his next book and it will be on Rob Foss Fossick had been haunted by theeath of his wife Chloe for years when his mother The Palliser Novels died Shortly before hereath she showed him a shoebox with a package she had meant to Men And Gods In Mongolia deliver to a Mr Satoshi So he faces his fear of crowds and his anxiety and travels to Japan in search of Satoshi toeliver the package and to unravel the mysteries of his mother s pastLately I ve been reading. To reconnect with the world around him the answers Rob craves will remain tantalisingly beyond his reachCombining several interlocking mysteries spanning sixty years of history 'Who is Mr Satoshi' is a uniuely inventive story from a Hunter Killer (Pike Logan dazzling new voice of British fiction Windmill edition blur. Ut loss family and growth The story starts with aeath a eath that incurs many events throughout the rest of the novel Robert Fossick is the main character Foss has issues He can t eal with loss very well he has a nervous Foss has issues He can t The Friend Zone deal with loss very well he has a nervous and suffers from anxiety issues As someone who has experienced these problems first hand and with someone very close to me I find it refreshing where others have found annoyance I recognized Foss as a real person I love a writer who will give their characters flaws None of us are perfect so why should fictional characters be Anyway Foss finds a parcel which needselivered It leads him to Japan His journey is coloured along the way by an interesting cast of charactersAt first I Flying Scotsman Manual didn t want to let myself get in tooeep with this story it reminded me of extremely loud and incredibly close and as much as I loved that book it Alpha (Shifters, did leave me with an overwhelming lack of closure Iidn t want to repeat that so I kept reading little snippets and chapters here and there I can safely say though that this story was *Wrapped Up In A *up in a way Everything I needed to know I now know This book is a lovely uick read and Jonathan Lee is a extremely talented scene setter I would Whalerider definitely recommend it to friends Book reviewTitle Who is Mr SatoshiAuthor Jonathan leeGenre familyeath mysteryRating Review The novel opens somewhere in the Home Counties and Rob Fossick is attending his mother s funeral The event in itself is extremely Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex distressing and alsoepressing for him factor in that he s become a bit of a recluse lately "and I could feel the sheer loneliness creeping into Rob s very bones Lee escribes the "I could feel the sheer loneliness creeping into Rob s very bones Lee escribes the as Zimmer frames bifocals trifocals Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, dark grey coats with yawning shoulders The apparatus of old ageRob is now forced to sort out his mother s things and inoing so finds a parcel addressed to this Mr Satoshi Apparently he s living somewhere in Japan Rob s relationship with his mother had been rather brittle shall we say of late and now it s as if he s trying to salve his conscience by Sweetland doing the right thing ie I ll make sure mother s parcel gets to where it needs to go And as you expect easier said than Art of Laurel and Hardy done And so we enter into the story proper if you like and Rob gliblyecides to take himself off to Japan as you Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, do But is it all just a wild goose chaseThe reader is given a potted history of mother and son s relationshipown the years Rob has been well aware of gaps in his mother s life but apparently she The Intelligent Entrepreneur didn t want to talk about it And currently Rob has his own issues toeal with He s The Summer of the Ubume doing his best with the help of medication but he knowseep Distracted - Acting Edition down that he s simply existing he s not living a proper meaningful life So he thinks a complete change of scenery may justo the trick But oes it And at this point Lee s knowledge of all things Japanese kicks in The reader is presented with lot. E help of a colourful group of new acuaintances a vigilant octogenarian; a beautiful 'love hotel' receptionist; an ex sumo wrestler obsessed with Dolly Parton the scene seems set for him to unravel the secrets surrounding Mr Satoshi's identity But until he has faced his own emons and begun. ,