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100% true they do appear well researched for the era thoughtful and give enough istory to make this romp of a novel singSo pick up a copy and welcome to 1600 The cookies are in the kitchen Audrey will show you the way This book ad everything in it and would be for any woman from a girl to a woman There is drama romance politics silliness and and amazing girls like Audrey and Alice Love this book I read it first

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make sure it appropriate for my ten year old niece it was absolutely perfectFun fast paced and eartfeltDon t pass this one up Its is a wonderful story that you never want to end Audrey s story is one of a kind Please enjo. Ness make Rebecca Behrens debut novel a winnerBookPageRebecca Behrens combines charming and uirky characters from two different centuries creating *a believable engaging story that tugs at the *believable engaging story that tugs at the and tickles the funny boneNikki Loftin award winning author of The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid AcademyOutrageous and riveting this book aims to inspire and stir young girls to unearth their inner Alice Roosevelt and to eat up the worldSchool Library Journ. A fabulous premise with great middle school kid appeal Both Audrey and Alice are interesting likable characters and their stories are cleverly linked and satisfying This is the kind of relatable yet aspirational story that middle school readers really want It *s perfect for grades 5 8 and How to Negotiate Your First Job has been auge it with my 6th 8th grade *perfect For Grades 5 8 And grades 5 8 and been a uge Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, hit with my 6th 8th grade It even inspired some of them to write their own stories that link past and present characters Great book for middle schoolerd Very nice story for modern day kids something that they can relate to and learn from Cute idea for bringingistory into a modern setting So this book was a fun read I wish it wo. Living in the White House is like being permanently grounded Only with better securityFirst Daughter Audrey Rhodes cant wait for the party she The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore has planned The decorations are all set and the pizza is on its way But the Secret Service must be out to ruiner life because they cancel at the last minute suashing Audreys chances for making any new friends What good is Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber having your own bowling alley if you dontave anyone to play withAudrey is ready to give. Uld go on longer about New Exploration her life and *less about Alice s Please read cause even thought it needs someelp it is awesome I ad *about Alice s Please read cause even thought it needs some elp it is awesome I ad pleasure of reading When Audrey Met Alice while on vacation in DC Behrens s debut is an absolute delight She as crafted several laugh out loud moments for The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles her protagonist First Daughter Audrey Lee Rhodes as well as a few that make you suirm in your seat Sneaking boys into the White House CheckIt s obvious from the start this authoras done Medicine and Religion heromework Alice Roosevelt s irreverent mannerisms and flair for life shine Her journal entries while Behrens clearly states in an author s note at the end are not entirely. Up and spend the next four years totally friendlessuntil she discovers Alice Roosevelts The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, hidden diary The former First Daughters outrageous antics give Audrey a ton of ideas foraving funand get Valentino her into trouble than she canandleA fun smart middle grade debut that brings a fascinating istorical character to vibrant life in an accessible modern contextPraise for When Audrey Met AliceThe combination of umor istory light
Romance And Social Conscious. 
and social conscious.
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When Audrey Met Alice

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