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Up to This PointeHarper Scott and her best friend Kate have had a lan since they were tiny tykes just starting ballet classes They will graduate early from high school audition for the San Francisco Ballet be hired as ballerinas and share an apartment together But despite all her hard work and dedication the Predator 2 plan falls apart So Harper finagles a way to get to Antarctica for six monthsReally This story line is so ridiculous that I made myself dizzy rolling my eyes Harper is so focused on her PLAN that she can t see what is so obviously wrong But she s only a teenager It s the adults around her that I find so irresponsible From her teacher to herarents to the scientist who is her supervisor in Antarctica none of them seems to have a clue what is wrong And then there are her long conversations with the ghosts of Shackleton Amundsen and Scott On the Hook plus side Harper does mature a little over the course of the novel and while she makes some foolish mistakes she does eventually learn some important lessons and by the end seems to maybe be on theath to a happy and fulfilled adulthood Ballet novels are one of my kryptonites and I d heard good things about this one We meet seventeen year old Harper Scott in Antarctica where she has come to find herself or Zero Hour (Expeditionary Force Book, possibly just hide fromeople and events back home In alternating chapters we find out about those Magi (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Official Guidebook) people and events and follow her new life in the frozen darkness The back home is the balletart and it s set in a wonderfully well rendered San Francisco Harper is a highly likeable character in love with dance and devoted to friends and family and I really enjoyed spending time with her and the Forever people in her life and found myself rooting for her to make certain choices The world of ballet is one of such emotional complexity and this book does a wonderful job of exploring that and making the reader this reader at least feel many of those complex emotions on a visceral level too Claire Handscombefrom The Best Books We Read In January To strive to seek to find and not to yield I got hooked right from the beginning I won t forget all the wonderful characters in Up to This Pointe any time soon Kate Owen Charlotte loved her Vivian LukeI loved the friendship between Kate and Harper it felt so real view spoiler So I was genuinely surprised when she told her best friend that she was going to New York Watching them grow apart was very heartbreaking hide spoiler Theath is in front of you be brave and take it Wow this ended up being so much better than I expected I mean the weird remise isn t exactly compelling a depressed ballerina moves to Antarctica I icked this up on a hunch and I m so glad I did because it really really impressed meI cannot express how much I LOVED the narrator s voice Harper She was a sharp sarcastic funny hardworking seventeen year old She was charming in her own way while still being a totally realistic Illuminatis portrayal of a teenager She strived to fulfill her dream of becoming arofessional ballerina but when her dream was shattered she fled to Antarctica to rediscover who she wasThe author showed the brutal side of ballet how the dancers had to ice their bruises wrap their People Will Talk poor feet black and ruined and calloused from dancing spend hours each day dedicated to stretching and going over cho 45 stars Up to This Pointe is my favorite 2016 book I ve read so far And sure I haven t read too many yet but this one is massively good and I hope to find a lot books like this one Longo has managed to write one of those books that s about heavy serious life stuff in a way that is fluffy and smile making Also it s such an original and amazing idea I mean have you ever read a book about a ballerina going to AntarcticaHarper and her best friend Kate have beenlanning to be ballerinas together in their hometown of San Francisco almost since they started ballet as wee things That is The Plan and they re confident nothing will distract them from it even Harper s brother s incredibly hot friend Owen They are focused and both dancing better than ever Only instead of dancing for the San Francisco Ballet Company Harper s in Antarctica Up to This Pointe is about what brought Harper to Antarctica and what she ll do afterwardsFirst off the Antarctica setting really is so cool Demon Divine (Demon Accords pauses for groans Harper s working as the assistant to a Charlotte a black female scientist reason number two I love this book Now Harper isn t actually interested in science which she will get insulted for she got to McMurdo by havingeople call in favors ossible because she s a Scott as in Robert Falcon Scott and her mom s a big deal scientist I loved learning about and her mom s a big deal scientist I loved learning about life on McMurdo during the winter over both the dangerous boredom T3 and the amazing enguins lightsUp to This Pointe is one of those rare ish YA books that s looking forward It s on the verge of new adult because it s all about what the characters are going to do or ARE doing after high school It s also about what to do when those Healthier Together plans go up in smoke as Harper s do What do you do when your big dream turns out not to be reachable no matter how incredibly hard you ve worked toward it A truth adults often don t tell you is that yourobably can t do anything you set your mind to I love too that the book constantly checks Harper s white The Haunting of Sunshine Girl privilege but also acknowledges thatrivilege or not your struggles are still strugglesHarper feels so lost that she wants to run away to something else thus Antarctica Honestly it s not really the best Routledge Library Editions plan but it does ultimately get her where she s going The rightath was right in front of her all the time but she needed time to get Through The Stages Of Grief the stages of grief accept it I love though that she Crisis in Bethlehem puts her own spin on ideas given to her by others LOVE THIS GIRLThe characterization in this book is ON POINT Harper s got an amazing narrative voice a bit on the sarcastic side in the best way but it s all of the charactersrimary and secondary The female friendships are wonderful and of different sorts that aren t represented super often in YA Harper and Kate have been BFFs for life but are going through a seriously rough The Return of the Twelves patch with the death of The Plan and it s not resolved by magic but by work and apologies Harper and Charlotte bond right off but it s a bond that goes from mentormentee to real friendship Harper and Vivian have a slow burn hate to love kind of friendship view spoilerThe moment when they both admit they sleep better sharing a room is such feels hide spoiler Wow I was totally impressed by this young author s ability to breathe life into her characters I loved Owen and her two main settings San Francisco and Antarctica Harper Scott is intense driven consumed by her love of dance She identifies solely as a dancer has madehysical and emotional sacrifices for her art And in the end despite focusing every Dizzy Jimmy particle of her attention on being the best dancer she can be it is not enough Her confession to Aiden that she is grieving the loss of the love of her life is the main theme of this beautifully written novelAs we age life family and our own specific social village have many expectations How we measure success is influenced by all these factors Harper is told a devastating truth that causes her to believe that she as aerson has ceased to exist that her reason for being has been taken away from her I felt Harper s grief deeply We all have dreams that have died horrible deaths Many of us have nurtured A HOPE OR A BELIEF ONLY TO BE INCREDIBLY hope or a belief only to be incredibly or disillusioned Harper latched on to the isolation of Antarctica as a means of escaping the destruction of her life in San Francisco so that she could try to find what was left of herself She had no hope of salvaging her career in the dan. Harper Scott is a dancer She and her best friend Kate have one goal becoming rofessional ballerinas But while Kate is a naturally gifted dancer Harper has had to fight for every step And now it’s make it or break it time if their auditions go wrong their dreams are over Harper won’t. ,

Ce world once her dream of Grammar by Diagram performing as a ballerina was so rudely destroyed All those sacrifices all theain and suffering and disfigurements for nothing or so it seemed to herAntarctica thankfully did have something to teach Harper McMurdo station s beautiful brutal isolation the wonderous Adelie Penguins and their adorable chicks the odd assortment of scientists and support staff all conspired to force Harper to re examine everything she believed about herself Ben and Aiden taught her valuable lessons about the way the goals or belief systems that we fixate on have a way of either enriching or derailing our lives No spoilers here but that South Pole opportunity was the turning Murder Maker point in Harper s life She chose so wisely and understood that some dreams are just that and the failure to realize those dreams should not define the rest of your life There are after all other dreams toursue other choices that involve ideals and نشانی‌ها people that matter to us in the long runI highly highly highly recommend this fascinating turbulent and ultimately enlightening novel I look forward to reading this emotionally courageous author s other works A ten out of 5 stars because I always applaud real courage in the face of great heartbreak Well done Your love is evident she says But darling sometimes ballet does not love us back When I started this book I knew very little about it I d read something about ballet dancing and Antarctica which was an unusual combination but not something that instantly called to me but that was it and I d never heard of the author before So it came as uite a surprise when this book touched me very deeplyTo be honest ballet is not my thing I took some lessons as a kid and hated it I was chubby and uncomfortable in a leotard and let s be honest I d always rather be reading than doing anything else However that doesn t really matter with Up to This Pointe because while about ballet dancing the underlying story is a universal one that I think will speak to every reader whether theyersonally relate to it or not It s a story full of sadness but also ultimately full of hopeKids these days are expected to have it all figured out To know what they want to do to have mapped out their road to college and beyond Luckily for Harper that has never been a roblem There s only been one thing she has loved her whole life only one thing she has known with absolute certainty that she was born to do ballet dancing But one day her beloved teacher breaks down and tells her the truth she will never be a ballet dancer Her dream is not meant to happenI think this book is a fantastic exploration of the lows we reach sometimes and the light that is waiting at the end of the tunnel It s a sad honest tale of how sometimes no matter how badly we want something we just can t have it And that is a heavy blow to have to deal with None of it felt realThis was not The Plan The only way Harper can cope with her situation is to run away with a group of scientists to one of the coldest darkest most challenging laces to survive on Earth You guessed it Antarctica There she learns many things about herself life dreams that work out and dreams that don t The author introduces one of my favourite things many fantastic female friendships that Good Witch, Bad Witch provide hilarity angst encouragement jealousy and happiness in the darkest timesThe book manages to be both dark and depressing as well as light and uplifting While it is about facing harsh truths of reality it is also about taking all of that and running with it still doing what you love still finding your own worthI honestly found it wonderful I liked the characters I liked the messages and the array of emotions explored with them And I liked the way Harper s love of San Franciscolayed an important role in the telling of this story Thin clouds move swiftly from the ocean hazy in the bright blue sky The ocean air is clean and cold Seagulls float above the Jordan almond colored row houses blackbirds sit on the telephone wiresI love this city Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest There are so many things I found myself loving about this story that I don t know where to actually start Harper and her best friend Kate are ballet dancers and they have a The Tokyo Zodiac Murders plan They re going to graduate from high school early then try out for the San Francisco Ballet and do the thing they love the most for the rest of their lives There is no messing with thelan Harper lives and breathes ballet to Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances pretty much an obsessive level It s both amazing and heartbreaking to see the things she gives up in order toursue this dream But what happens when that dream goes off the rails Harper apparently heads to Antarctica specifically McMurdo Station where it s dark and below freezing for six straight months And she can t wait Told in dual timelines set in both San Francisco and leading the decision that has her leaving and Antarctica from her first day at the station it worked Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten perfectly for me I loved getting to know the San Francisco that Harper loves and adores and the Antarctica that she is experiencing and learning about each day I think that what I ended up loving most here though was seeing Harper s transition and growth It was so hard to see her fall into thatit of grief knowing the dream she lived and breathed for her entire life was now out of reach but it was amazing to see her find her way out of it and ultimately find something else that fit her Boneshaker (BA 43-500, perfectly I truly loved the friendships that were established as well Charlotte and Vivian were so amazing and I loved seeing the trust grow between the three of them There was definitely an interesting cast of charactersresent at the station and it was fun getting to know each of them along the way and I loved seeing how much her family was a art of her life while she was in San Francisco I know I say this every time but it s refreshing when you see a family represented in a way that isn t completely dysfunctional That said when Harper leaves San Francisco she was just getting to know her brother s friend Owen He was there for her in ways that no one else was and the "connection they were building was so sweet But when she gets to Antarctica another boy he who shall not be named " they were building was so sweet But when she gets to Antarctica another boy he who shall not be named a art of her new daily life and ultimately she forms a friendshiprelationship with him Until something happens I m not telling by the way I think that what makes Up To This Pointe so interesting is that not only is it set in a wholly uniue location but it manages to approach grief and depression without the overwhelming sadness of death of a family member to kick it off Longo s writing CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition perfectly captures the confusion of someone who isn t sure what comes next and the sadness that goes with the loss of a lifelong dream I absolutely loved this story and while this is my first Jennifer Longo book I can guarantee it won t be my last Make sure you have this on your To Readile and grab it as soon as you can Thank you to the The Ornament (Ornament, publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest thoughts This review has also beenosted on The Social Potato If you arewere obsessed with Antarctica at any oint in your life you already know you need this book Otherwise you might want to read this book because THE STRUGGLE IS REAL OKAYOne of the saddest things in the world is that in our society we expect Kids To Have Their to have their figured out by the time they are getting ready to graduate high school We expect them to know what they want to do with their lives when their minds are not even fully developed and that sucks A LOTHarper is one of those kids who has always had a lan She always knew what she was going to do she didn t have a backup Rant plan she thought the love of her life ballet lov. Let anything or anyone get in her way not even the boy she and Kate are both drawn toHarper may not be a natural but she is a Scott She’s related to Robert Falcon Scott the daring explorer who died racing to the South Pole So when Harper’s life takes an unexpected turn she finagles. Ed her back but it doesn t and she hits rock bottom because she doesn t know what to doOne of the reasons why this book resonated with me is because I am a toned down version of Harper In HS I thought I knew what I wanted I thought I was going to be a scientist I LOVED science It called to my heart in ways nothing else really did and then I realized that science wasn t it I couldn t science As much as I loved science I also struggled with all theractical stuff I Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM prefered theory EW RIGHT I hated applying my knowledge and by the time I started thinking about colleges I had NO idea what to do because I had always thought SCIENCE would be it Obviously I kind of figured my life out because I am in college now and a Lit Major I still struggle though I still wonder if I am good enough for this or smart enough or if I can even make it through my major without breaking down People around me tend to compliment me for how wellut together I am but I am not So yes I really liked Harper and I apologize for going so off topic So Harper Her life falls apart she Challenged to Win pulls a bunch of strings and flies to Antarctica Living the dream Except not really because life isn t that easy Harper has a lot of growing to do over the book as she re evaluates her entire life and figures out alace for herself in the big bad world There are some great characters in the book to help out with the journey Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons plus a really cute guy no I am not shallow you re shallowWarning for my fellow love triangle hating friends Things do get a little messy in terms of the romance and if you need specific details feel free to holler at me but I will say that the situation didn t bother me as much because given what Harper is going through and how messed up her life is it really made sense that she began to uestion everything Including a lot of her relationshipsHaving said that this book actually has some fantastic relationships It has friendships that aren t easy but also don t fall apart becauseeople say hurtful things even if it takes 6 months to recover from that hurt and beautiful family unit I LIKE IT I LIKE SUPPORTIVE FAMILIES I like families that understand that sometimes you really need spaceBut really I was in this book for Antarctica and these were all just wondorous advantages All I want now is for someone to just ay for my trip to Antarctica so that my life will finally be complete I am not joking about my obsession with Antarctica BTW I wrote an essay about Antarctica in 3rd grade and STILL HAVE it This book didn t live up to all my Antarctic dreams but the book was contemporary than survivalesue so it makes sense We did meet the enguins though and The Color of a Leader penguins are greatIf you are a fan of coming of age novels set in Antarctica you obviously need this book in your life Note that I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review What am I going to say about this book I m not that great at reviews and when one touches my heart like this one I don t want to mess it up It broke my heart and it made it soar I loved it so much and it s going into my favorites I cried a river in this book but it wasn t at the sadarts it was at all of the good things So many characters in the book I loved so much Harper being my favorite for all that she went through and all that she discovered Harper s Into the Planet parents and her brother Luke for being some of the kindesteople ever Like Harper s dad is a big crier like me And he owns a bakery and gives to different Dusk (Rosales Saga, places and donates Such wonderfuleople Owen Harper s love interest is one of the sweetest guys and is so kind to Harper even when he sees her horrific feet It s a ballerina thing Charlotte who Harper assists in Antarctica Vivian who is Charlotte s other assistant she is grumpy for a while but when she lets her guard down you will love her too And Kate Harper s best friend from her whole life Willa the little girl Harper teaches ballet she teaches a group of little kids Willa s mother Hannah who helps Harper get to Antarctica These are all wonderful wonderful George Washingtons Secret Six people Let s BeginAll Harper and Kate wanted to do since they were little kids is becomerofessional ballerina s They had no reason not to think this was ossible They were graduating early with 40 averages so they could go to the auditions to different companies Harper even talked her arents into letting her have heel surgery because her feet weren t shaped right She also worked at Simone s school to The Caretaker pay for her tuition there That is where her and Kateerformed and Harper the kid classes Harper hard at everything she did and I was so Clara After Dark - 01 proud and wishing I had that much ambition as a youngerson or old Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens, person Harper and Kate were going to live together and berofessional ballerina s But Simone wanted Harper to be a teacher She wasn t as good as Kate But she was Harper had so much talent in other things and she just didn t see it She had to make the journey to find herself and to see how wonderful she truly was and what she could do in the world Harper is a truly great character Let me ut in a little excerpt with Owen to show you how sweet she truly is Why do you do thatWhatTake all the blame
Belittle Your SaddnessBecause Other 
your saddnessBecause other she truly is Why do you do thatWhatTake all the blame Belittle your saddnessBecause other have real roblems People are sick And starving And they have terrible families I m in erfect health with a family who loves me and I m moping about ballet And not just moping I m fully agonizing I m destroyedYou see Harper is a Scott Harper Scott related to Robert Falcon Scott an explorer who died racing to the South Pole that art is in the blurb Harper grew up hearing all about this from her mom and all about Antarctica Her mom works in a lab and her dad took the Scott last name because of her mom He s sweet After so many things started going downhill for Harper she had to get away Owen begged her to stay but she had a Kenyattas Jiggers plan Alan that involved getting Hannah into going behind Harper s Coupage (Blood Nation parents backs and getting her into the McMurdo Station in Antarctica The spots for two teenagers had already been filled but Hannah new someone and she used the Scott name and the rest is history Welcome to Antarctica my dear Harper Harper is still devastated that Kate got in and Harper didn t She s sad she s grieving she literally worked her whole life for this but it just wasn t meant to be She slowly gets broken out of that shell by two wonderfuleople Charlotte is the In Search of Julien Hudson person Harper is working under along with Vivian They are working on ways to save the Adelie Penguins by researching them theiroop the water things like that Another awesome thing in the book People trying to help wildlife When Harper is in Antarctica she doesn t talk to her friends and she only emails her Raintree (Raintree, parents a little bit because Charlotte makes her Over time though Harper slowly starts to read the emails from all of her friends even little Willa Hannah wrote for her and it just about breaks her heart intoieces The things that truly get me is how much Harper finds herself in this hostile land yet beautiful land She makes two new amazing friends who help her and see her for what she is and even The Bachelor Takes A Bride / Coming Home To A Cowboy points her toward other things They see a video of her dancing and think she is amazing Harper doesn t think so she keeps telling them to look at Kate and they say yeah but there is something amazing about you and they are right Her heart may have been broken in San Fran but it was mended in Antarctica I am so glad that I found another book that touched me so emotionally Another book to add to my favorites to read again and again Not everyone thinks the same but I don t care I only care how much a certain books opens up my emotions and lets them spill over onto the floor in a very beautiful way MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading Lis. Read lies her way to the icy dark of McMurdo Stationin AntarcticaExtreme but also somehow fitting apparently she has always been in the dark dancing on ice this whole time And no one warned her Not her family not her best friend not even the boy who has somehow found a way into her heart.