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Undercover Sheik

Dana Marton ´ 9 characters

S Safety This is the Second Book As The First book as the first to introduce ueen Dara and King Saeed Nasir is King Saeed s brother This is Nasir s story I really enjoyed this romantic suspense story This story set in the dessert Carlyle Marney had a lot of action a little romance a bit of mystery and exotic locations There were Sheik s and bandits and a lot of good and bad guys in between Iad to keep reading to find out what appened next I m Looking Forward To Reading Of forward to reading of author s work I really enjoyed this one I ve read many books by Dana Marton but this one IMHOsurpassed them al. Ill wanted er dead The sheik insisted on keeping er close or Sadie would become another bandit's bargaining chip But could this sexy and indomitable man really be as good as e seem. Ope that somehow manages to not
Be Just Another Harleuin Sheik 
just another Harleuin sheik Marton created contemporary characters that broke from the archetypes they were sketched from lending de Just as good as the other bookThis is brother Nasir who saved Sadie from deathShe is captered by terrorists when she works for nurseNasir is in the kamp for Sacred Landscapes his nephew whoad murderd is fatherSadie loves the land loves Dara and Saeedand loves Nasirbut is there a future for them a little slow moving for me and I think it was a Little Too Long Seems too long Seems be the companion book with The Sheikh. Die Kaufman ad little choice but to followBefore long the sheik's promises of protection played a vital role For once they arrived at is palace it seemed someone beyond the walls st. Yeah romance novels really aren t my thing not a bad book or story by any means but I don t know if I could read a lot of these and be satisfied as a reader Still I really like reading reviews about them I might ave another few of them iding somewhere on my shelves though so don t be surprised if you see of these in the near future I love a good love story with a little mystery On page 150 Finished the book tonight Not A Bad Book a bad book the ending seemed rather rushed A very surprising step above anything that I expected when I picked this up A Harleuin sheik tr. She'd been stranded in the desert and eld captive BY A BAND OF KIDNAPPERS THEN SHEIK NASIR IBN a band of kidnappers Then Sheik Nasir ibn one of the most menacing men she'd ever seen promised to lead Hunted her to safety Dr Sa.