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Undercover Pursuit

Susan May Warren Ä 3 read

And he doesn t treat s as we think we should be treatedA part of me loved being in the limelight For a long while I thought that being in front of the camera was where I belonged but you know it blinds you You always see yourself through lens of lens of The Highlander and the Wolf Princess (Legend of the Faol, untilntil you t know who you are Until you don t know yourself at allYou re trying to lead I get that most women are worried that we men are going to lead you someplace bad but I promise to take care of you That s what love does It hopes and believes in a logical explanation and it forgivesHe Trusted Her Because Because That her because because that what you do when you love someone Even if they don t deserve it you trust them because the alternative would haunt you tear you to shredsEven though he d been Whiteout (Threes Allowed, unfaithful to God God hadn t couldn t benfaithful to him Because God wasn t a betrayer He was truth and honesty and loyalty and love As a romantic suspense enthusiast from way back when I jumped at the chance to check out Susan May Warren s Love Inspired Suspense Series Missions of Mercy Susan s a prolific author but I ve only read one of her books So I was eager to see what she would bring to the table for the romantic suspense genre Here are the pros and cons of what her LI series has to offer First the pros Exotic locations check Heart stopping suspense check Plucky resourceful heroines check Tough heroes with big hearts check Just the right amount of romance and humor as befits the danger check Perfect length for me to finish while proctoring exams check Strong inspirational themes check For a bonus these guys are ex military Two checksNow the cons As far as I could discover she s only published three in this series Which definitely left me wanting My favorite aspect of the Missions of Mercy Series is that the books are written from a Christian worldview Kudos to Susan May Warren for making faith an integral part of her characters liv. N escape all this love and romance nonsense— and the too pretty bridesmaidagent assigned as his fiancée for the weekend Until Luke discovers that sweet vulnerable Scarlett. Great conclusion to the series I really enjoyed all three books in this series This one was fun because of the whole wedding theme mixed with the danger of the drug cartel I loved Benito and Lucia s story even though they weren t the main characters I found the whole supermodel sister and Duncan the ex scenario The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, uite enjoyable too There was a lot going on but not so much that it was hard to follow Last the relationship between Scarlett and Luke wasite endearing The whole set Breaking the Governesss Rules up was a blast to follow not to mention the confusing line between them acting their parts versus their real feelings developing This was a fun yet suspenseful read and right on par with the other books in the series I have enjoyed all of the LI Suspense novels that I ve read by Susan May Warren four total and this was no exception I feel like the couples at Stryker International are my friends and I ve enjoyed getting to know them through each of their stories Undercover Pursuit was a delightful if not somewhat implausible scenario but the author pulled it off and made it believable enough so it was a fun escape for me I wanted to keep reading and that s notsually the case with LI books Undercover pursuit by Susan May WarrenNeed a suspense This is the ick read to grab A plane ride afternoon at the lake a morning with coffee perfect spot to to grab A plane ride afternoon at the lake a morning with coffee perfect spot to a crazy story of mistaking someone for someone else Some strikingly interesting sections that caught my attentionGod hadn t listened to him since the day he d broken the Cardinal rules do not commit adultery He might as well RESIGN HIMSELF TO THE FACT THAT himself to The Fact That Wasn T Going To Trust Him AgainI fact that wasn t going to trust him againI t get past the fact that although I know God has forgiven me I can t erase what happened That doesn t change what I did I can t imagine why God would be on my side I keep waiting for Him to betray me to walk awayGod isn t like your father He s not going to betray you. The only way to get security agent Luke Dekker to a wedding An ndercover mission as groomsman He'll bust the groom a drug cartel heir before anyone can say I do Then Luke ca. Es And the spiritual issues they wrestle with are not superficial They matter in the real world The way I see it when the man with the gun facing down a relentless physical enemy can also operate in the spiritual realm now that s a great storyThe book of this series Undercover Pursuit
features dekker luke 
Dekker Luke Too Strong to Deny/Savage Awakening/Jack Riordans Baby/His Forbidden Passion unassuming Scarlett Hanson for anndercover operative and drags
series Undercover Pursuit features Luke Dekker Luke mistakes The Firefighters Christmas Reunion unassuming Scarlett Hanson for anndercover operative and drags into his mission to protect an agent named Lucia Lucia is staging a wedding to The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey uasi criminal Benito in order to flush out his father a ruthless human trafficker Once Luke realizes Scarlett is not his contact he tries to fix things but complications soon aboundI appreciated Scarlett the most of the three women protagonists I enjoyed how she lost herself in the books she read and loosed the power of her imagination to help Luke out of a few tight spots And the comedic elements of Luke and Scarlett s story made me smile I was on a plane and I needed to read without thinking while I was physically ill I do not travel well It was or less what it promised to be a charmingly research free 007 story and normally I give two stars to things that are exactly what they appear to be but it s too lame for thatThe villain seems to be the only halfway interesting character Kind of a shame thatETA I take back my initial negative review This book surprised me with some characterization mid 34ths of the way through I thought the plot sort of ground along and the spirituality was of the hamstrung let s reach a BROAD audience variety but that s what you d expect from Harleuin and within those stifling confines it actually has a lot of self awareness and relational growthKudos Supremelynrealistic but I don t think it s supposed to be It s a rollicking fun adventure I have to say the dysfunctional relationship with the sister made me drop it a star She was very toxic and I don t buy that she changed at the en. Hanson isn't his contact Isn't an agent Isn't trained for the high stakes mission now trapping them both And worse Luke's falling for her—which is not part of the assignment.

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