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Under the Harvest MoonChes werewolves vampires soul mates magic and creepy dreams With her second publication Robin Hale proves she is not a ne hit wonder Under The harvest Moon is full f magic and wonder and Hale s writing is really imaginative loved the characters and the alternate between Laurel and Rhea worked really wellThe nly thing was that brooding heroine Rhea really got The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy on my tits after a while I know she got a lotf was that brooding heroine Rhea really got Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite on my tits after a while I know she got a lotf stuff happening to her 15 winters ago but my patience just ran Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) out Sorry Rheaff sloooooooow burnThemes Cincinnati Book Wyrm you re a witch like your mom vampires shifters soul mates I m with Lov2laf I liked Silhoutte better as well4 Stars This book is a romance between witches and the author s tag blurb basically sums it up Under the Harvest Moon is a complete FF romance with grumpy gardeners curious bookshop clerks magic and kisses in the moonlightTr 375I have always had a bitf a lovehate relationship when it comes to lesfic books that are either Urban Fantasy UF r Paranormal Romance PNR I absolutely adore these genres and I bviously read a lot When a Man Loves a Woman of lesfic As a result I can t seem to resist picking up a book that blends them but I tend to have higher expectations andften end up grumpily disappointed I m happy to say that with Under the Harvest Moon Robin Hale delivers a fun and engaging light paranormal romanceThe romance part works particularly well the narrative is first person POV from both Laurel and Rhea s perspective so you devel Great funny humorous book about two witches who find themselves and each ther Book got a hold f me and baring a few moments here and there was riveting from begining to endRating 48 something Keep From Falling or 5August 13 2019. Nes the gruff hot gardener with the intriguing scars is the key to understanding allf itCan Laurel convince Rhea to take a chance Catalogue the Insanity on her and findut what’s pulling them together Under the Harvest Moon is a complete FF romance with grumpy gardeners curious bookshop clerks magic and kisses in the moonlight76000 words. ,

Interesting journey into the magical world f star borns witches shape shifters vampires etc Laurel is a Nebraska girl GO BIG RED that has never felt like she belonged She throws a dart n a "map and ends up trying to find a community in Cincinnati OH She seems to be drawn "and ends up trying to find a community in Cincinnati OH She seems to be drawn people there and begins to discover parts Shrek of herself she didn t know existed This was a good book about finding your people and place in the world I liked Laurel She was no nonsense She had a goal and nobody was going to stop her Despite thether worldly things causing concern She was a flawed character too A bit clumsy and definitely bad at timing when announcing her presence to thersShe was instantly enad with Rhea a hot butch gardenerwitch n probation In a normal romance I would have been screaming at Laurel to run away from Rhea because she was aloof and aggressive and rude You could see her baggage from a mile away But when you throw in the mystical idea Look Alikes Jr. of soul mates then all bets areff and you can t be critical f unreasonable attraction and crushesHale did a good job f describing magic Especially bringing to life the Harvest Moon festival That was a special moment Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin of half bondage No no Not that kindf bondage Get your head Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution outf the gutter There were some dream seuences that were confusing and didn t uite come together for me like I think they were intended to Overall I liked this It lacked the special
Silhouette had But maybe it just that this genre isn t something I m normally into Regardless it was for sure worth reading for a different kind He Remembers the Barren of lesbian romanceI recommend this to those who like to read about romance findingneself hot butch women new age book shops wit. AlBut Laurel can’t shake the feeling that there’s going The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf on The bookshop sells silver amulets and dried herbs alongside their truly impressive poetry section and that gorgeous woman crackles with secrets And the bookclub It might be a covenThere’s something coming Something changing And Laurel would swear that Rhea Bar.