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Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, eSe intelligence and courtesy of the individualIs he naive or disingenuous this oneI totally get his complaints about the relentless outrage factory of Twitter where people routinely get trial by 140 characters and an verdict of guilty by hashtagI totally get his annoyance with university studentsrecting safe spaces to shut out hearing about anything that might upset themI totally get HIS EYEROLLING IMPATIENCE WITH THE OVERUSE AND ABUSE OF eyerolling impatience with the overuse and abuse of warningsHis professed principles are so sprawling however that his arguments sometimes get lost in the weeds He also has his own sit down and shut up moments towards people who are only Ooko exercising their free speechOf course presumably he has intelligence to make his own mind up about what they re saying andither agree or disagree So what s the harm of them speaking their minds about whether to boycott this or that DThere s also plenty of whining about how White Males Have Rights and Feelings Too White male sports fans should have an advocacy group in the UK based on the number of times he comes back to that subjectSo yeah I think he s spot on in his defense of free speech and how a self appointed suad of concern trolls have made a lot of people afraid or unsure just what is the right thing to say to anybody about anything Nevermind the shitstorms that inevitably result through innocent ignorance about the latest terminology du jour Heaven forbid someone slips and uses a wrong pronoun or doesn t know what cisgender meansBut his agenda really leaks through on multiple occasions unable to hide under his feigned impartiality and reduction of the nuances of the pitfalls of unfettered free speech into simple mathThe free speech issue cannot be passionless black and white numbers in a vacuum simply because there are people involved He tries but Mick Hume is a snarky frail flawed bigoted human like the rest of us The False Security of ConsensusIf you believe in the free Naked expression of ideasither as a speaker or a listener this is an impassioned look at the Shadow Scale (Seraphina, erosion of free speech in our time The Good Bits We deny the right to free speech at our own peril Not only is the speaker s right toxpress involved but also the listener s right to hear Without the ability to hear contrary racist xenophobic conspiracy theorist appalling opinions we will lose the ability to defend our own views No one will need to learn the history of the Holocaust because it will be illegal to discuss anything but the official version to which we are all supposed to agree Christopher Hitchens was Claim The Crown ever solouent on this point in one of his myriad debates What would you do if you met a Flat Earth Society Member Come to think of it how can I prove the Earth is round Don t take refuge in the false security of consensus Crank Trigger warning sexism

"Racism Homophobia White Privilege Safe "
homophobia white privilege safe mocking liberal mocking After I finished this book yesterday I prepared to give a scathing review about privilege and obligations of safety that most private companies have contracts that reuire certain behavior as part of at will Nerds employment that the bullying and those social media trigger happy criers of offensive racist andven check your privilege while annoying are within their rights of free speech to say those things too And then I saw a post on my Facebook feed Some liberal morally high minded individual put a post about how disgusted she was that Charlie Hebdo put a cartoon of the *DEAD SYRIAN CHILD AYLAN KURDI CLAIMING IT WAS DISRESPECTFUL *Syrian child Aylan Kurdi claiming it was disrespectful disgusting and f In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, ed up This same person posted on January 12th JE SUIS CHARLIE Well than notxactly dear not Bark exactly This isxactly the kind of double speak that Mick Hume writes about in Trigger WarningSo Free speech is important than hurt feelings It is a sorry sign of the times that such a statement might seem outlandish to some Trigger warning common sense based views anti priggishness the necessity to judge for yourself and not take On Such a Full Sea everything the author says at face value anti holier than thou conformism freedom does not include the right to unchallenged narcissismSupposing you feel inclined to disagree with the above uotation from Mick Hume s book Trigger Warning Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech and would want to counter that whenever you use your right to speaking your mind. T the massacre of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists showed the need to restrict offensive ideas and opinionsBut the fundamental freedom being attacked – the right to be offensive despite the problems it might create – is vital to a free and civilised society Without unfettered freedom ofxpression other liberties will not be possible. I m mostly subscribed to the author s idea of free speech fundamentalism but the book itself has some Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! editorial problems too much repetition I m deeply passionate about this topic but took almost anntire week to get through this book at times Cannibal even finding it a chore mostly because of its repetitiveness He could have also stood to perhaps footnote a bit which is not to say that he doesn t support his arguments for the sake of being comprehensive Anyway for me a good and mostly convincing thesis slightly let down stylistically Absolutelyxcellent I felt like I wanted to read bits out to Mastered (The Enforcers, everybody all the time and pretty muchvery page has some uote worthy lines The argument for allowing unrestrained free speech is convincingly put forward and I felt Mick Hume covered all the relevant points thoroughly If I could I d make this compulsory reading Warning fitting In case it wasn t obvious this is a political review If you are Man, Son of Man easily offended by different opinions this book and review aren t for youWhat s it aboutThe author of this book asks readers if free speech is under attack as he goes over recent and historical cases of censorship why all speech is free speech and why it s worth fighting forven if you disagree with what s being saidProsThis book is uite interesting Those who follow me know that free speech and censorship are things I m very passionate about so it interested me It Alter Ego even helped me think some things slightly differently as I noticed some stuff Thanks for opening myyes to a thing or two bookThis book is ducational I actually learned some stuff here so that s pretty coolThis book is often humorousThe narrator of the audio dition I listened to has a perfect voice for nonfiction I specify nonfiction as I m not sure I d care for it in a fictional audiobookConsThis guy seriously overreacts to trigger warnings I still fail to see how a content warning puts a gun to the head of free speech as this book puts it I ll go in depth on trigger warnings later in the review but yeah I think this writer really jumped off the deep Uncommon Wisdom end with thatThis book definitely has a right wing bias So yeah it does point out a few cases of conservatives attacking free speech but CONSTANTLY points out things that liberals have done and that it was liberals also a minor note one part of the book sounded slightly transphobic which certainly doesn t help hide the biasThe main reason this is a 3 star instead of a 4 is because it beats a dead horse and is drawn out This book is almost 12 hours long because it often goes on and onven repeating itself uite a bitIs all speech free speechI say yes If free speech was regulated it would not be free Sure I don t like racism sexism ableism homophobia transphobia Unseen City etc but people who do have the right to say that bullshit just as I have the right to say it s bullshit because that s how free speech works It s also notable that history proves letting the government regulate speech is dangerous and a path we should avoidIs free speech in dangerYes and no First of all I have to make it clear that both liberals and conservatives are full of shit when it comes to this Liberals say how they hate censorship when it comes to how the FCC fines people for saying certain words on broadcast TV or radio agree shouldn t be fined and censored but cheer when a subreddit they deem offensive is banned what At the same time conservatives hate censorship when Alex Jones is banned on social media I may not be an Info Wars fan but I agree shouldn t be censored but it s the Republican President Donald Trump that blames video games for violence many conservative groups unsurprisingly agree with blaming this as well as certain types of TV shows and music andven pressured Blumhouse Productions into cancelling the release of a controversial violent movie The HuntI think in some countries Australia Canada England and China are the first to come to mind the governments have killed free speech to come to mind the governments have killed free speech absolutely horrible ways some going to jail or Art even beat in a few cases killed for something deemed offensive by people andor the country s government which is absolutely awful Social media sites are private companies so should do whatever they want but you gotta admit they are very ban happy and often gang up on certain peoplespecially but not only wh. Concise and Abridged EditionIn this blistering polemic veteran journalist Mick Hume presents an uncompromising defence of freedom of xpression which he argues is threatened in the West not by jackbooted censorship but by a creeping culture of conformism and You Can’t Say ThatIn a fierce defence of free speech – in all its forms En it comes to political content so it s annoying at best In America there are some active forms of censorship FCC regulations on broadcast TV and AMFM radio come to mind and there are many groups and people who want
"To Destroy Free Speech But "
destroy free speech but think in the nd and this applies for other countries and ven social media if people stand up for it free speech will win and it is far from dead in the US where I and despite the author being British probably most of the book s audience liveAre trigger warnings promoting censorshipThis confuses me how that s a uestion TBH When a show book video game music video a uestion TBH When a show book video game music video anything lse includes a warning for insert whatever here it is not saying THIS CONTENT IS UNSAFE AND MUST BE FORBIDDEN hell the makers of these things want people to viewlistenplayreadetc but it is not recommended if you are offended by such things I know someone a relative who is really proud of me for releasing my first book The Matriarchs (The Family even if she didn t read it because she saw the warning forxtreme levels of violence language and sexual content That s why trigger warnings on things Notes for the Everlost exist I will admit that they can sometimes bexaggerated I remember at least once reading reviews for a book that included long scrolls of trigger warnings but when I read it I barely When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) even noticed ANY offensive content and I personally don t have any use for them as I m almost never offended by anything at this point but I understand that some people don t like seeing certain things If those people say that stuff with insert whatever they re offended by here should be banned they re promoting censorship but simply not wanting toxpose themselves or their kids the main reason TVMA warnings on shows and M for mature labels on video games No Biggy! exist to that stuff that isntirely differentOverallAn interesting sometimes humorous book that is unfortunately often drug out and has some issuesI d recommend it if you like political nonfiction andor are interested in the subject but if not this won t interest you35 The author undoubtedly presents a passionate and Crush It! extremely important defense of freedom ofxpression pointing out in an Attracting Birds to Your Backyard extensive way the various risks some of which often go unnoticed threatening it However the author sometimes incurs in logical leaps so large that they weaken the arguments presented on the other hand and not infreuently he usesxamples that become perfectly out of context to defend his points of view At the Deep Listening editorial level we see a recurring use which turns out to be boring ofual Bird-by-Bird Gardening expressions throughout the book which couldasily have been suppressed in favor of an The Works of Saint Augustine easier and open reading The struggle for freedom ofxpression is undoubtedly a fundamental struggle and one that must be actively fought by all The Right To Express The to Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone express the of othersspecially the ideas we detest is fundamental to the development of cultured and sustainable societies Mick Humme rightly calls our attention to that the way in which he does it could be interesting This book raises some pretty good points but there s far too much repetition and it feels as if there is no structure Also the author seems to contradict himself he s concerned about free speech but considers massive public response to controversial opinions a form of unofficial censorship To me there s no such thing as unofficial censorship Censorship is something that is My Teacher Is a Robot enforced by institutions and authorities However Mick Hume shares some pretty goodxamples of how the left is becoming increasingly intolerant towards intolerants funny thing heh refusing to create a dialogue and how political correctness infantilises people and harms progressEssentially I think this debate is relevant in this day and age but to be honest I felt like it would be Supper Club enough just to read thepilogue as it sums up ideas that were repeated over and over throughout the chapters This book would have benefited greatly from the services of a ruthless Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) editor s pen Far too much repetition and overuse of phrases reverse Voltaires got particularly irksome Having said that the book does argue passionately and persuasively for untrammelled free speech While I can get behind Hume s overarching premise that free speech should be untrammeled he lays out parameters so vastssentially limitless with the only regulation being the common sen. ?? Mick Hume’s blistering polemic Professional Capital exposes the new threats facing us today in the historic fight for freedom ofxpression Ours is an age when sensitive students must be sheltered from potentially offensive material in ‘safe spaces’ Twitter vigilantes police those Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) expressing the ‘wrong’ opinion online and manyven insist tha. Trigger Warning Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech?

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