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This was the very first Danielle Steele book I readI could not put the book own Hencenew addiction DANIELLE STEELE NOVELS I ve read the book At the Italians Command down Hencenew addiction DANIELLE STEELE NOVELS I ve read every book that Danielle Steel has written This though is my absolute favorite I re read this every 2 or 3 years Family history spans over a couple generations Just fabulous I really liked this book It took place in the late 1800 s early 1900 s This book really made you love the character of Jeremiah and you were sad to see himie The one thing that was hard to believe was how Sabrina lost both mines and ended up broke I knew Camille would show up eventually but I m surprised Sabrina s son Jonathon turned out like he Oh Baby! did Really good book though I can t remember how many times I have reread this book Every second everyetail is just fantastic This was my first novel I ever read many many years ago It was this book that got me hooked on reading I laughed cried even got angry only to laugh out loud again Thinking I might read it again I had read this years ago and needed something else to read A nice story and probably one of D Steel s better books I on t usually make a habit of reading this writers books "as they always seem to be the same story just ifferent locale and names If you are looking for a book "they always seem to be the same story just The Maid of Lorne different locale and names If you are looking for a book TRULY takes you on a journey this is the one in true Danielle Steel fashion she takes you through generations of turmoil heartbreak and PAIN but you cannot put itown its wonderfully written and worth the time to push through it I read it in one weekend while in Napa Valley where the book is based and it was both awesome and epressing but in a good way Highly Recommend As the book begins Jeremiah Thurston is the richest man in California having made a fortune with the land and mines in Napa Valley he inherited from his father Jeremiah had planned to marry when he was younger but she ied and a close friend finally convinces him it s time for a wife and an heir He meets a very young southern belle How to Become a Virgin during a business trip andespite the huge gap in their ages it seems to be a love match Or at least Jeremiah s Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, dumb enough to think it is and he builds her a huge mansion in San Francisco and brings his young bride home home should be Napa Valley but Camille s having none of that Well just as uick as you can guess where this part of the storyline is going view spoilerCamille is bored with her husband and wants to be the bell of society takes a lover who unbeknownst to her is poor and leaves poor Jeremiah high andry with just a The Bosss Baby Surprise daughter behind toote on hide spoiler This is my um teenth DS novel I ve read to ate some I ve likedsome I ve hated This one I liked Really liked This may be a front runner for one of my favorites of her novels Thurston House is the story of Jeremiah Thurston the legacy that he built It s ivided into 3 Command Performance different books I m a sucker for a good epic Historical fiction novel this one fit the bill At over 500pages it ll take you awhile to get through but it will hold your interest Book 1 introduces you to Jeremiah Thurston Napa Valley CA 1860 She opens the novel with layingown the foundation that the rest of the epic is built upon Thurston is a small time owner of a uicksilver mine beginning his life with his young bride A lost battle with influenza takes the life of his bride he spends the next several Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, decades in bachelorom building up his mining empire Alone with his housekeeper Hannah she becomes the mother figure he never had she in turn becomes a pivotal character in the novel On a cross country train ride to Atlanta middle aged Thurston meets Amelia falls immediately in love however its not reciprocated a strong friendship is built that also transpires throughout the rest of the novel Once in Atlanta he meets the very young 17year old Camilia Beauchamp she uickly becomes his wife Now I LOVE a good villain in a novellove them I have a weakness for nastiness ebauchery bitchiness arrogance vile great villain characters no surprise my favorite movie characters are Wicked Witch of weakness for nastiness ebauchery bitchiness arrogance vile great villain characters no surprise my favorite movie characters are Wicked Witch of West the Evil ueen in Snow White Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians They just make things interesting insert maniacal wa ha ha laugh Camille efinitely falls under the category of villain Evil Right from the beginning she weaseled her way into Jeremiah s heart as only a young girl can o to a middle aged man he s beyond loaded with money she is the uintessential gold Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss digger He even had clues prior to the wedding that she had ulterior motives but chose to ignore them Being so Ambientada a finalesel siglo pasado en California ésta es la apasionante historia e un amor poco meno. ,

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Minutes of meeting them and he meets them within a week of one another I mean come on Even if everyone else in the novel had been rawn with the precision of the characters in say a Don DeLillo novel and perfect consistency Jeremiah s antics at the beginning would have been enough to cause aspersions to be cast Well let me clarify It s not just Jeremiah s antics it s the motives that Steel ascribes to them I ve read than enough good books where a randy main character goes rutting with multiple women in to them I ve read than enough good books where a randy main character goes rutting with multiple Women In Few Pages Those in few pages Those though Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, don t offer the hope that said randy main character willrop everything and marry whichever one says yes first Life just Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm doesn t work that way To be fair Steel lets us know she realizes this Camille remember her says of her father that he has a mistress in New Orleans and everyone including her mother knows this She mentions this while asking Jeremiah if he s going to be that way He of course says no and sticks to itespite shabby treatment from Camille And of course everyone we meet especially in the supporting roles is so beautiful it hurts "to look at themIt was at about this point in my ruminations ed note originally typed "look at themIt was at about this point in my ruminations ed note originally typed ruinations Indeed that it Whispers Of The Heart dawned on me what it is that Danielle Steel has that soeeply affects tens of millions of fans and causes them to buy hundreds of millions of novels A few paragraphs back I mentioned that good old Victorian erotica You know the type Men get simultaneously scandalized and titillated by the flash of a bare ankle and the closest anyone gets to sex is that time honored sport of struggling with her corset While no one would accuse Ms Steel of being Victorian in her writing style thankfully the morality in her books has a The Dukes Gamble distinct air of nineteenth century ueen about it We never see anyone having sex unless they re a married or b getting married Sex between the unmarried is only hinted at in the most obliue terms Those who have been married before who are generally good folk and ripe to get married again are either widowedwidowers or were those who were left not those whoid the leaving This is an hypothesis on my part Jeremiah is the only one in this book with a main part who gets left and he s too married to his work to find a new wife Those who Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, do the leaving are vile creatures worthy of contempt by the reader there s never a situation in which someone could have a good reason for leaving a spouse Men are perfectly beastly to women at times and rape is even hinted at but always with an eye towards plot advancement No one in the book has a character that is any shade of grey everyone is either good or evil Parties can switch sides if necessary to advance plot Besides every romance novel needs a pair who are originally at each other s throats before falling madly in love And most assuredly and one would think most offensively to female readers is that while the heroine may prove herself to be a self sufficient and capable career woman in a maleominated society over the objections of all around her surmounting insurmountable odds in order to Let Go do so the career woman is only a career woman as long as is necessary The purpose of the woman in the romance novel is to marry and beget childrenOnce you ve got your head around the particular form of escapism that takes 1900 era morals into account everything falls into place Steel is read for the same reasons other romance authors are but her formula contains a particular set of rules that are stricter than most I started out wanting to learn why so many people read Danielle Steel I seem to haveone so The idea that so many millions of people could wholeheartedly embrace such strictures as actual ideals for the way the world should be is cause for intense painful Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition despair That s not the fault of the book itself however Itoes what it sets out to Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh do It creates its own fantasy world consistent one assumes with that of the other fifty two mega bestsellers that have flowed from Ms Steel s pen populates it and gives the reader a story within it that conforms to its rules It is safe and predictable It would be better were some uppity editor to curtail Steel s overwhelming use of ellipses and adverbs but must be given some grudging respect for its readability Still as much as I try not to fault the book itself for its moral structure I can t help letting some of that creep in I ve tried Danielle Steel now I ll stick with Barbara Michaels Dean Deanna Dwyer Koontz Janis Flores and other liberated romance novelist. Joven hermosa consentida egoísta e impulsiva El uiere tener hijos pero ella no estáispuesta a hipotec.

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Thurston HouseOung he knew she never be happy living in the very esolate country lifestyle that was Napa Valley at the turn of the century so he built the very esolate country lifestyle that was Napa Valley at the turn of the century so he built a grand house Thurston House in San Francisco at the time it was marveled as being the grandest house in the country comparable to the Castles of Europe After the wedding she made his life miserable as well as the life of his staff friends Even though Danielle Steele emphasizes what a victim Thurston is to Camille my sympathies were limited towards him There was moments of abuse he raped her which resulted in her pregnancy something she was adamantly against But he thought she grow out of that mindset eventually she cheated left him to move to Paris He never How to Disappear divorced her so you knew she was going to show up later in the novel with malicious intent raised hisaughter Sabrina to believe sh Danielle Steel Thurston House Dell 1983Over the past uarter century or so Danielle Steel has sold novels than there are people in America Fifty three books with sales at present according to Steel s website of than four hundred sixty three million She s one of a handful of novelists who have not had a single book go out of print in ecades Remember those old Slim Whitman late night TV ads talking about how he sold albums than Elvis and The Beatles old Slim Whitman late night TV ads talking about how he A Guide to Americas Sex Laws d sold albums than Elvis and The Beatles Danielle Steel really HAS She s the Slim Whitman of the book business So what is it I asked myself for years that makes people read Danielle Steel so obsessively What is it about her books that makes them so all fired popular I must have known I would eventually want to know the answer because some years back I picked up a worn outog eared copy of Thurston House And thus my education in mass market romance beginsTo start with every bad thing I ve ever heard about Danielle Steel novels is absolutely the case Whoever Agewise does her editing needs to be boiled in oil The grammar is atrocious Ellipses scurry about the pages like ants on a rich man s corpse Sentences like The sun sank slowly into the hills framing the lush green splendor of the Napa Valley are endemic That s the opening sentence of this five hundred page epic The book itself is so overwritten as to make a Presidential speech sound spare and to the point Keeping my cynicism in check Iecided that couldn t be the reason for hundreds of millions of books sold and that her fans were reading in spite of not because of these things And so I ug a bit eeperHypothesis number two sex Romance novels have sex right Well they contain sex Though most used bookstore owners will swear up and own they have no idea how so many of them got on the shelves so Everyone s familiar with the clich of the Fabio fronted bodice ripper Maybe so but not in Danielle Steel s novels Five hundred pages and two sex scenes that are less explicit than anything to be found in Victorian erotica Ever read Victorian erotica Nuns read Victorian erotica when they want to take their minds off lustful thoughts So okay it s not the explicit sexual content Deeper we goCould it be erm plot This one centers as should be obvious from the title around Thurston House a mansion #Built In San Francisco After #in San Francisco after Civil War by Jeremiah Thurston He builds it for his young Georgia wife Camille It turns out to be the only thing about being married to Jeremiah that Camille really likes so she ends up absconding to France with a penniless Count and leaving Jeremiah with the house and a aughter Sabrina Sabrina is actually the main character of the book one remembers wistfully Mervyn Peake s words about wanting to write an epic novel wherein the main character is only a few months old after many thousands of pages and wonders when Steel read those words and grows up to be that rarest of things a career woman at the turn of the century Complications etc As far as plots go it s actually not all that bad The book may be overwritten but Steel Anthropology as Cultural Critique does know how to keep the pages turning and while everything that happens therein is predictable she at least keeps the reader s ire in check by making sure itoesn t become too predictable until a few pages before whatever large event is coming up happens While Americans have given up steak tartare for Big Macs even the most jaded McFreak needs a Whopper once in a while There has to be something than thatCharacters Oh please Jeremiah Thurston falls in love with three Anyone different women in the book s first twenty five pages well okay he s been seeing one of them for six years but he falls in love with the other two within five. S ue imposible Jeremiah es un hombre a carta cabal honesto trabajador abnegado y ambicioso Amelia es una.