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O receive extra nuggets of guidance and nsight from her What I appreciated The Most About The most about the Is That Certain Paragraphs Made Me is that certain paragraphs made me reading and start thinkingreflecting I lived with this book for a few months and I think that s a good way to read Publish and Perish it rather than trying to plow throught all I probably could have done without so many shared stories of the author s sessions with ndividuals n her counseling sessions those became distracting and filler Just enough Bible to give t heft 35 starsA bit unexpected for various reasonsFor one I wasn t expecting so many religious references but then again I didn t know she was a Although Perience many such Some will be exciting a new job a marriage the birth of a child Others the death of a parent an empty nest a divorce –  will be painful Either way crossing from a “room” that s comfortable and familiar Guide Through the Old Testament into one that feels uncertain and unpredictable can be terrifying  But whatf nstead of viewing these thresholds as barriers or obstacles you could see them as doorways to bigger and better opportunities If you could embrace change as a wellspring of motivation rather than a source of fear If the thought of the unknown future left you feeling empowered. ,
ThresholdsThis book found me at the right time n my life as "I am crossing a threshold and currently living n a hallway where "am crossing a threshold and currently living The Fate of the Romanovs in a hallway where expect to be for some time so I m sure I will return to portions of this book over the next few months for grounding and support when I feel like I m losing my way I thought the book was well organized and I liked the references to Torah portions about the chapter themes andn fact expected Judaic references even though the author Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, is no longer a pulpit rabbi anddentifies herself as of a spiritual counselor I had the opportunity to hear the author speak twice at Local Events While I Was events while I was LOSER it and I appreciated being able Whethert’s our cozy bedroom our toy strewn family room or our newly renovated kitchen we all have our favorite rooms Home-Ec 101 in our homes  But when do we ever think about the thresholds We spend a lot of time traversing thresholds bothn our homes and Exterminating Angel in our lives   Of course thiss not a book about how to build a house; Culture and Customs of Norway its book about how build a rich and rewarding life  When I talk about the thresholds of life I am referring to those times of transition; when we are moving from the way we were accustomed to living to a new way of thinking feeling and being   Every one of us will ex.

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Will say t was Interesting To See How to see how author nterpreted some of these religious events The contents of the book spoke about transitions through life And I think the author handled the subject beautifully I know I took away some positive advice The writing was goodOverall I think I m a slightly better person for reading this book and that s really all I can ask for I enjoyed this book It talks about how to build a rich and rewarding life The author talks about all the moments n our lives that could happen Some Of The Moments of the moments be exciting some will be happy and some will be sad These moments give our lives definition meaning and purpose. And excited nstead of paralyzed Here Sherre Hirsch draws on decades of counseling ndividuals of all faiths and religions the wisdom of ancient stories research from psychology and tales from real life to help readers summon the faith courage and confidence to embrace the exhilarating new possibilities and experiences that lie across the threshold   With her signature warmth and empathic style Hirsch like a trusted friend  wise counselor and spiritual advisor rolled nto one guides readers through the Most Challenging – And The challenging – and the blessed – transitions of their one precious li.

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