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The Secret Universe of Names The Dynamic Interplay of Names and DestinyAt how accurate it is In fact of the ozens of names I ve read only once have I read into a name that ve read only once have I read into #A NAME THAT NO WHERE NEAR THE PERSONALITY OF #name that no where near the personality of certain friend When we I came across this book on a Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward discount shelf and just thumbed through it out of curiosity It s set up sort like a book on astrology you read your sign and that of one or two people you know and then you never read a word of the rest of it So I read what it had to say about my name and my family members and I thought it was surprisingly interestingFor my friends who know me well you canecide Here s what it had to say about me and my name This is just a snippet each name is a full page escriptionKMBL Thoughtful strong minded talented closed pushy two faced Complex names are a sign of complicated personalities particularly true when you consider that they have the option of the accessible Kim or Kimber suggesting they consider themselves worthy of a complex name LOL My familyclose friends know me as Kim but I introduce myself to new people as KimberlieK initializes these names with a forcefully masculine presence but is in irect opposition to the maternal letter M the symbol of all things merciful mild and matronly A second set of competing influences comes into play with the belliger. By name example over 10000 names how the sound of a name evokes basic gut reactions and what this means for you and yours Why are people whose names begin with the letter J 250 per cent likely to become millionaires than people with names beginning with the letter. Ent brave and the bullying letter B s connection with the languid lazy life loving letter L These two sets of contrasting forces hint at the ichotomy that is the KMBL and explains why she s able to exhibit a wide range of emotional states ranging from light on her feet ingenue to a woman of pig iron grit Wonderful resource book for authors The names hold true to the characters Call me a woo woo hippie if you want but THIS BOOK IS AMAZING Is it real Probably not to the extent this book purports But it real Probably not to the extent this book purports But o think ie names sound sweet and friendly while others sound strong And I bet over time we grow to fill in the shape of our name that it lends itself to our identity Bitsy is probably not a going to be a cut throat corporate lawyer If nothing else it was just to read just like a horoscope An amusing book which has people scrambling to look up everyone of their loved ones and friends namesI m not about to put stock in the scientific aspect of how a name can affect your life or Act Like You Know destiny unless perhaps your name is Bunny or somethingThe thing I found most ironicTheescription of my character based on my current name Gloria was not at all me Not even close While the A Guide to Americas Sex Laws description of the name given me at birth Jacueline was spot on Figure that one out. N Why are I people becomingoctors at four times the rate of O people Why o the Keiths of the business world statistically outperform the Nigels by almost 300 per cent What mechanisms explain why the name Emma evokes stronger romantic feelings than the name Kate.

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Fascinating It was kind of like reading horoscopes #but it was so uniue and fun i #it was so uniue and fun I the premise of it and it s efinitely one I ll read again I on t actually believe that names can be generalized boiled own into personality traits or that they A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World decide yourestiny With all that said this book was interesting to sift through Okay so I idn t read this straight through I read the beginning and then the entry for myself and some of those for my favorite peopleI think it is entertaining at least The facts about namesnaming trends were a lot interesting than the individual entries which just as other reviewers have said are a little like reading horoscopes Great silly fun although I think the book takes itself seriously you look up your name and see what it means for you sort of like astrology via name Everyone I know grabbed this out of my hand and looked themselves up first then their husbands and boyfriends then their family and so on My friend I sat in a book store to kill time and flipped through this book We read our names our husbands It was right on Then we read our parents and siblings right on So for 5 we bought the book for entertainment Over the years I have flipped through and siblings right on So for 5 we bought the book for entertainment Over the years I have flipped through at read into the names of friends and have been amazed. Charisma Power Sex appeal Wealth What oes the sound of your name say about you How o these syllables affect not only your image but even the expectations that others have of you The Secret Universe of Names explains in fascinating etail and name.
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