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S But it is only the rabbit who provides true comfort by listening to the child s story and sitting uietly with the child as the child comes up with a solutionAn ideal story for counselors or teachers to share with students or for parents to read with their children at home A review from my 6 year old daughter I liked it No one tells you how to feel They don t know how you feel inside unless you listen to them My favorite character was the rabbit and Taylor because the rabbit listened to Taylor So Much I Love much I love because Taylor made such cool castles A simply perfect story of loss grief and mpathy Children can understand the falling of a block castle as a literal Creative Participation event or a metaphorical one The reactions of the various animals are a perfect jumping off point for discussing how to react or not react to those going through a loss Have tissues handy Bonus main character Taylor s gender is not specifiedither with pronouns in the text or coding in the illustrations This adds to the book s universality Each year my family reads all the Goodreads award nominated picture books and we have been doing this for years Everyone rates ach book and adds a comment and it may or may not affect my overall rating This is book 6 of 2018 This is rare this year in that we all agree on the rating WhoaLyra 11 4 stars You rare this year in that we all agree on the rating WhoaLyra 11 4 stars You t have to say anything to mean a lot Just listenHank 12 4 stars Hank here is not saying anything and just listening to the bookHarry 13 4 stars It shows that sometimes what a person needs most is for someone just to listenPenn family friend 45 stars I love the concept There are many options available to you when things fall apart in our lives and we get to choose what is best and most authen. Are sure they have the answer The chicken wants to talk it out but Taylor doesn't feel like chatting The bear thinks Taylor should get angry but that's not uite right ither One by one the animals try to tell Taylor how to process this loss and one by on. This is a deceptively simple book about allowing people to deal with loss in their own way As the story shows it s not in their own way As the story shows it s not to the other animals to try to fix Taylor s problem All the kid really needs is someone to listen to them and they ventually deal with the loss on their own termsThe terrible thing might not seem so terrible to adult readers but it could be devastating for a child As each of the animals tries to help Taylor they re turned of the animals tries to help Taylor they re turned Taylor doesn t want to talk or get angry or immediately fix the problem They need time to feel their feelings and that s xactly what the rabbit Personnel Management in Government eventually gives them The illustrations are so cute at that point with the rabbit snuggling up to the kid letting them know that they re not alone And then the rabbit listens because Taylor is finally ready toxpress themselves You ll notice that I m not using gendered pronouns Taylor s gender isn t specified and the way they re drawn it could be Out of This World either way making the book relatable for boys and girls orven non binary kidsThis book is simple yet deep with adorable illustrations and a great message about just being there for someone ven if all you re doing is sitting beside them and listening uietly It far surpasses some of I found this book profoundly moving The action of coming alongside and being still and surpasses some of I found this book profoundly moving The action of coming alongside and being still and offering reassurance by being present is beautifully illustrated An original take on coping with something bad happening a nice blend of realism and not Inspires readers to be like the rabbit and to listen A child builds an amazing structure out of blocks only to have it destroyed by a group of birds Many different animals come to offer comfort and they all give suggestions as to how to fix thing. A universal deeply moving xploration of grief and mpathyWith its spare poignant text and irresistibly sweet illustrations The Rabbit Listened is a tender meditation on lossWhen something terrible happens Taylor doesn't know where to turn All the animals. .

Tic for us ven though others may offer solutionsresponses that are useful for them Listening in this book seems actually like a secondary ideaTara 4 stars Don t push kids to feel a certain way or to just get over it but let them work it out on their own A good messageDave 4 stars Asserts The Importance Of Listening To importance of listening to which reminds me of a seventies book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus which gives the same advice to a man to try not solve a problem that a woman shares with him try not solve a problem that a woman shares with him up and just
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sometimes man m trying to learn this Sometimes hugs say than words adorn the back cover of the book This book is about grief Several animals tried to help the child and the child didn t need that at the time As the title says the rabbit listened which is what the child needed most The rabbit was willing to stay in that place of grief with the child I loved this book and it is powerful with a great message It really is It is talking about how to deal with Childrens Phantasies emotions that are painfulThe nephew liked all the animals that showed upspecially the snake This was so darn cuteThe illustrations are wonderful and there is just nough text on ach page to The Soviet Union explain without overxplaining the storyThere are lots of adorable animals making funny little faces and I was all smiles and gigglesExactly the perfect length for most tiny human s bedtime storyNot as dark or heavy as I Gods and Heroes expected and a wonderful way to helpxplain how all feelings are valid Lest we forget the only reason that children s books were invented in the first place was to teach small human lessons That is in fact the very backbone of the book business for youth today Instruction Guidance Morally uplifting texts that will mold the lit. E they fail Then the rabbit arrives All the rabbit does is listen which is just what Taylor needsWhether read in the wake of tragedy or as a primer for comforting others this is a deeply moving and unforgettable story sure to soothe heartache of all sizes.

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