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3 to 3 1 2 stars The Lady s Tutor is a well written thought provoking sensual and well researched book however I had s Tutor is a well written thought provoking sensual and well researched book however I had difficult time staying focused and interested in the plot For some reason it just didn t capture my attention the way The Lover or Gabriel s Woman did That said the sexual tension throughout this story was superbly done I enjoyed this book but perhaps was not in the mood for its heaviness I may revisit it again when I m in a receptive mood Me reading The Lady s TutorI was recommended Robin Schone for her style of darker historical romances and uh yeah it gets historical romances and uh yeah it gets I was pleasantly surprised that Schone went there and we got to go there with her There were hints of something beneath *The Surface And I Had Guessed One *surface and I had guessed one the secrets but I didn t actually believe it would happen Oh but it did The Lady s Tutor reminded me of Mary Jo Putney s Dearly Beloved because I was simply freaking out for the ast 100 hundred pages or so which is personally a very desirable state to be in when reading romances The Lady s Tutor is a slow burn Elizabeth is the wife to the Chancellor of the Excheuer and her husband is being groomed to be the future Prime Minister who coincidentally is Elizabeth s dad Suspecting her husband of having an affair Elizabeth decides to save her marriage by earning about seduction from Ramiel one of London s best overs so that her husband no The Therapeutic Process, the Self, and Female Psychology longer has any need of a mistress Ramiel half Arabic and half English is a bastard born of an abducted English countess and a Sheikh He has been banished from Arabia for reasons we are not told until the cliffhanger and is currently residing in England where he is a black sheep popular amongst wives and widowsThe interesting part is that there is no actual seduction I for some reason thought theseessons would include physical demonstrations perhaps a practicum but no apparently I have a depraved imagination because the The Official Godzilla Compendium lady s tutor is a tutor in theiteral sense I agree with other reviewers that this part wasn t as engaging as it could be because the When Football Was Football lessons consist of Elizabeth and Ramiel going over a sex manual and their conversations simply aren t that stimulatingI didn t find The Lady s Tutor steamy but the story remained fascinating because of the story s mysterious atmosphere that kept me engrossed in finding out where we were goingIf I have one pet peeve it is the trope of disinterested husbands who check out on paper to be view spoiler homosexual and someone either the husband or the husband sover to be the villain hide spoiler The Lady s Tutor reminded me a ittle bit of Passion by Lisa Valdez in in so far as it was able to effectively combine graphic and at times wordy erotic scenes with very satisfying romance set in an historical era If you didn t ike Passion then odds are you may not Billionaire Country like this one eitherThe premise sounded interesting and unusual a Victorianady trapped in a passionless marriage but unwilling to betray her wedding vows seeks assistance from the Bastard Sheik to teach her how to pleasure a man in order that she may please and keep her husband But this synopsis did not give any indication of the far complex and confronting storyline that was to followThe initial clinical study of sex taught with the aid of a genuine 400 year old Arabic treatise on erotic ove The Perfumed Garden of Cheikh Nefzaoui A Manual of Arabian Erotology Signet Classics is surprisingly erotic when conducted with the promise of no physical contact This of course eads to some sizzling sexual tension which finally explodes about two thirds of the way inFor readers who are concerned about a married heroine fear not By the time Elizabeth and Ramiel s relationship involves any physical contact you will be pushing her into his arms Elizabeth s husband is an evil evil man and Elizabeth and Ramiel are such a sympathetic characters that you will welcome the pleasure they find togetherThere are some uncomfortable and confronting topics that you would not expect to find in an erotic romance but to say any would be to spoil the tragic and compelling mystery that unfolds skilfully in the author s handsThe only copy I could find of this book was a Forever His Bride (The Wedding Party, large print edition which I found to be very distracting and uncomfortable to read It says aot for this story that not only was I able to keep reading but I became so involved that it could have been written in 72 point Jokerman font and I still would have kept turning those pages This story was excellent It starts so slowly just barely giving you enough so that you hold your breath in hope that something will happen between Saphyre and Elizabeth making you turn those pages well past a reasonable reading hour Everything takes place around the Girl Trouble lessons in seduction that delectable Lord Saphyre gives the morally upright Elizabeth but not once in the whole first half of the story does heay a finger on her The tutoring is conducted The Trouble with Valentines like teacher and pupil and the textbook that they use is The Perfumed Garden of the Sheik Nefzaoui the Arab Kama Sutra basically There is mystery and secrets right up to the end and some secrets will do than surprise There is nothing that is tawdry or even ick worthy in the whole story When something finally does happen bet. Married young to a man hand picked by her father Elizabeth Petre is an ideal Victorianady She has borne two sons and endured sixteen years of selfless duty in a passionless marriage Craving a man's jlo Journal loving touch yetoyal to her wedding vows Elizabeth is de. ,
The Ladys Tutor The Ladys Tutor #1

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Rty dose of The Cray with your romance maybe don t bother with this one This was kind of a different romance For one thing the heroine was a married mother of two and the One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles love interest wasn t her husband For another it was steeped in certain aspects of Arabic culture that aren t usually in the genre at allet alone so interwoven in the storyAt first despite the overwhelmingly sexual nature of the plot the story was pretty clinical Elizabeth analyzes everything and takes notes on the things Ramiel teaches her all the while trying to maintain a scholarly distance and not give in to her overwhelming curiosity I One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic liked the way her personalife was set up basically giving her no choice but to be tempted by himHowever when the sex finally rolled around I was so put off The clinical teaching didn t stop and I m really not into one character giving another instruction during sex Also the way the sex was described and some of the positions used made me physically uncomfortable Ouch and ew I just didn t The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City like some of the word choices and I *REALLY didn tike when they began talking about hypothetical actation in a *didn t ike when they began talking about hypothetical British Jihadism lactation in a way Iost interest in all the sex scenes after the first oneThat said while I saw part of the twist from a mile off the book still managed to throw me a couple of curve balls However as mentioned in one review the book uses the evil gay trope so readers should take that into consideration25 stars What Was ThatOh god please stop saying vulva view spoilerThe heroine s husband the chancellor of the excheuer is having an affair with her father the prime minister who also Virgin Widow likes to dress as a woman they are also grooming her sons for that future It s also a family tradition as the heroine s father was theover of her maternal grandfather The hero was raped by his half brother whom he then murdered Towards the ending the hero s mother gives the heroine tips on how to give a good blow job so that she can seduce the hero There is also a Wife in Exchange lot of talking about sucking onactating breasts and drinking the milk The whole thing was not just weirder than the weird corners of pornhub but also weirdly racist and homophobic hide spoiler Oh I m trying deperately to put the words together for a review of how this book made me feel for something so The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, luscious and evocative I really do need to do it justice but really don t think I can I mate coming to this book and reviewers before me have given details of the plot etc so I m not going to repeat what has already been said What I will say tho is this book had a profound affect on meslightly shifted my way of thinking if you Night And Day likeThis book was perfect for me erotic and sensuous full ofuscious writting a very sensual sexual book there was nothing that I didn t Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow likeenjoyfelt deeply about on someevelI d read some of Sir Richard didn t The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid likeenjoyfelt deeply about on someevelI d read some of Sir Richard The Perfumed Garden a few years ago and the way Robin Schone has woven her story around various parts of the book shows wonderful insightI ove the way Rameilexotic mysterious and oh so very onely with a sad secret burried in his past but always at the forefront of mysterious and oh so very Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, lonely with a sad secret burried in his past but always at the forefront of mind is portrayed And Elizabeth despite having borne two childrenvirginal innocent and also so veryonely written as she was is perfect for the pairing which arises from a uniue arrangement reuested by Elizabeth in a desperate attempt to save her marriage and undertaken by Rameilout of curiosity perhapeswhich takes place over a few daysThere are parts that make you weepthey are important to the story and Rameils uiet understanding and seemingly non judgmental attitude despite the fact that you know the way these passages are written that he seeths at Elizabeths treatment are what put himfor meabove a character who would have been vocal his silence is deeply moving and erotic in its own way Rameil never ever belittles Elizabeth or her innocence either which is also deeply moving as she asks alot of uestions He is a true gentleman who deserves alot in his Life Changing Smiles life than what has been offered to himElizabeth is an innocent victim trying her best to re establish something that was sadly never established in the first place she has unknowingly been betrayed by everyone who shouldove her mislead by evil nefariouslies to cover a vile truth There are ight hearted parts to the book and Lady Devington Rameils mother is a wonderful woman whose own story and way of ife is interesting and adds so much to the storyThe plot of the storyfor me was full of Victorian intrigue and wouldn t have been out of place 100yrs ago as a novel sold in weekly magazine form from street vendors I feel it was uniue enough for the story to reach it s happy conclusion withou being forced or manipulatedRameil and Eliazbeths story is breath takingly beautiful sensuous and erotic never crude or cringeworthy and will be burnt into my mind for a Only a Whisper long time Ramiel the Bastard Sheikh sure knows how his way around aady s body and bed He was gorgeous attentive and swoony too I found Elizabeth endearing with her sexual innocence But what a Copper Lake Secrets life she had to endure with a bastard Edward for a husband What kind of husband tells his wife that he finds her repulsive while she tries to seduce him That to me was just cruel All in all it was a good read and I enjoyed Scorned by society and challenged by prim Elizabeth's reuest he undertakes her instruction in the art of sensual delight But when theessons become a temptation neither can resist Elizabeth is forced to choose between obligation and a bold forbidden passion. ,

Ween the teacher and pupil well turn up the air conditioner because it s a slow slow sloooowwwwww burn The ove story just makes you sigh OMG about a million times and the sex well if it could it would burn a hole right through the pages What makes the story uniue is that the sex was part of the Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide love story and not just sex for the sake of sexike you can often find in erotic romance So finally some erotic fiction that has an incredible story to boot a very nice surprise I ve Plain Jane The Hotshot lowered the star rating from a three to a one since I originally read it The author uses the evil gays trope making all the bad people being men who rapesexually assault other men and even boys I d tried to be fair when rating and reviewing it originally because I d enjoyed other parts of it but eff this BS Previous review Mar 1615Infidelity is pretty much the kill switch for me in romance novelsunless of course there are special or extenuating circumstances or the author can really really really convince me that the cheater has earned their forgiveness In this case I was justikego ahead girl Ohyour husband has a mistresslover and is cheating on you You do you girlyou do you Cheat on his assYou ve got my blessingThe novel had an interesting premise and I was Family of Her Dreams looking forward to seeing how it would play out but I found there was just related to sex even though nothing intimate occurs between them until view spoilerjust under two thirds of the way in hide spoiler I read this book aooooong time ago in the time before GRs when I was still in the halcyon days of my earliest romance reading Since then I ve thought of it often and have Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed long meant to reread and review it Suffice to say it s er ropier and weirder than I remember Usually if I ve read a book than once that might indicate that I would recommend that book but here I don t think can here Let s start with the good stuff the reason this book stuck with me the reason I ve thought of it in the time since I first read it the heroine Elizabeth She s just the kind of competent austere uptight heroine Iike The earlier parts of this book in which she takes herself off to a notorious somewhat outcast rake in order to get Girls Night Out lessons on how to please a man in order toure her husband back to her bed are really great Her shame in her actions mingled with her desire for the sheikh and her desperate need for some form of sexual satisfaction for herself are palpable There s also some pretty nice writing on display The heavy morning air pressed around the sour smelling hack as if it were a iving entity heart beating in time to Elizabeth s heart breathing when she breathed Loc 241The scene when she finally goes to her husband naked in the middle of the night and attempts to seduce him is a genuinely the night and attempts to seduce him is a genuinely piece of writing It s awful but in a fantastic way As is the chapter following it as she adjusts to a world in which she s never going to be able to seduce him regardless of how hard she tries and that she s stuck in her ife It also builds to a decent conflict because Elizabeth perhaps unsurprisingly when faced with the complete and utter rejection of her husband believes she cannot possibly be desirable to the heroThe Bastard Sheikh our hero is a bit nothingy compared to Elizabeth Most problematic for a romance novel aside from attraction there was never a good rationale *For Why He Came To Love Her *why he came to Into the Wild (The McGraws, love her yesove no Still if that was the sum total of this book i could round this review out there and give this 35 stars rounded up and move on Alas that s not the sum total of this book Instead it goes a smidge um crazyThe sex is pretty insane The Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, language is both purple and unintentionally hilarious The entrance to the heroine s vagina is described as a portal at one pointike it s the fucking Stargate or something The hero s penis is a og ramming into her which is just such a weird image We have a ot of cervix bumping precisely he delicately prodded the hard dimple of her cervix This is a sentence I Navy Wife (Navy literally wish I could unread instead I am inflicting it on anyone who reads this review I mean cervix bumping aside THE WORD PROD HAS NO PLACE IN A SEX SCENE There s a whole bit about a section in the womb that has to be opened up by Elizabeth positioning herself in a certain way in order to accommodate the Hero s penis It s described by the hero as a special pocket so I imagine it sike the zipped section on a suitcase which expands its size Oh and for you cervix fans it s behind the cervix Oh oh and when you finally access it it s accompanied by an internal popping sensation Look I m no sex expert but I was baffled by this whole concept please enlighten me if you are using your hidden sex pocket on the regularSo yeh Sex mental And it s the dominant feature of the second half of this bookThe plot also goes batshit We have murder attempts Poisonings With substances that also cause excessive arousal Child abuse Deranged parents A thing with a Eunuch that I can t uite explain The first half of the book has such a uiet Running Scared (Heroes for Hire, little plot but it just turns full acid trip And then it s all wrapped up in the neatest of neat bows I think I have whiplash from the experience It wasn t boring I suppose Il give it thatIn short Unless you Saving All My Lovin like a hea. Termined to seduce her coldly indifferent husband She knows of only one man who can teach her the erotic secrets ofoveThe bastard son of an English countess and an Arab sheik Ramiel Devington was reared to embrace both Western culture and Eastern pleasure.

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