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The Initiation of Ms Holly The Mount #1The Initiation of Ms Holly by KD Grace was a book that surprised me This book is 95% sex and 5% connective storyline I m not even sure what the actual Utopia plot of the book ismaybe it was About a couple who met on a train ride About finding out the truth about arestigious hip and trendy club and exposing it About advancing one journalistic career This was a really hot as hell book The book starts off with two eople having sex on a train it was the most erotic encounter Rita Holly has ever had Rita went from having sex with a stranger to wanting to be

part of an 
of an sex group This book was hot this was my first time reading this I have just finished this book for the second time it is totally amazing Every chapter delivers a new erotic hit top drawer sexy escapism with a touch of romance tucked in in the most unexpected wayIf you haven t read KD s top novel you re missing something a bit special Whilst on the Eurostar during a ower failure Rita Holly has a crazy sexy encounter with the mysterious Edward in complete darkness From this very first deliciously described scene I knew I was going to love this book and I didOnce home Rita becomes obsessed with finding Edward again It doesn t take long he s keen to "find her too Once again it is a blind sexy adventure in the mysterious Mount I shan "her too Once again it is a blind sexy adventure in the mysterious Mount I shan spoil any of the The Wedding Day plot here because that would be unforgivable The story moves on at a greatace a total indulgence for fans of erotic scenes They re kinky hot enough to burn off the Firefight (The Reckoners, page and Rita laps it up that is aun but you ll have to read the bookBEST BITS The ZooThe novel way of drinking champagne With that the woman turned on you could only afford to fuck me in your dreams stilettoes and retreated back through the maze of rooms Motorbike sex Mmm novel and dangerous might have to try itVERDICT This is a wild journey following not just a woman s sexual discovery but also travelling with her as she finds her lace in the world amongst family friends and lovers At first as a reader you feel you know what is going on but uickly become immersed in a world of intrigue and secrecy The sex is off the scale hot and I loved the fact that I was trying to second guess the lot There were times when I thought of The Story of O and others the Voluturi in The Twilight Saga A thoroughly enjoyable erotic read which ticks all the boxes and leaves the reader feeling satisfied with their choice of fiction or is it fiction I can t wait to see what this talented author comes up with next Definitely erotica this one NOT fluffy romance Well there is a romance between the MCs Rita and Edward but you kinda need to strongly hold on to that thought and just I will robably end up dropping this rating down after I have read of this genre and realise that this is not erotica at its best but for now this novel gets 5 stars because it astounded me When erusing goodreads and book depository for erotic romance after being introduced to it largely by Sylvia Day and of course Fif. Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club Sophisticated and deviant rituals await Rita as do the endless intrigues and ower struggles deep within the. Ty Shades I often found myself wondering How can an erotic novel by dubbed a romance when there is menagegroup sexsharing I couldn t undertstand how love can be told between two eople when the male or female is so willing able and even eager to share their Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 285 partner with other lovers and even watch Call it one last shred of conservatism that I have been hanging onto in this genre The intiation of Ms Holly destroyed this shred and finally made me realise that an author and a story can have all of that and still be a beautiful love story Don t get me wrong this novel is still largely about sex Vanilla Kinky Dirty Fetishy is that a word sex However it s also all about a woman Rita Holly finally finding herself It s almost a coming of age novel but for a 20 30 something I don t think I uite caught her age Except in this book Rita embraces her sexuality It makes you uestion as a woman how much you might enjoy the situations that Rita is envitablyut in It even made me wish I was in her osition at times and that the Mount actually existed so that I could complete my own intiation I loved Rita as a character although at first I couldn t uite fathom how she could uickly jump at a sex on a train and then sex with Alex and go full blown into this world There was some uestioning but I think there could have been or erhaps Grace needed to create a history of Rita enjoying sex and having less scruples than say your average female journalist working in London However that said Sorry guys this is going to sound contradictory I did like for once to see a character that was so willing and eager to access her sexuality without any of those odd feelings about social norms and dicorum It is refreshing for a woman just to be able to enjoy all kinds of sex that would otherwise be deemed slutty or inappropriate by average society I enjoyed this book the characters all delighted me well except for Vivienne I loved Alex and his carefree nature Edward and his obvious care concern and "love for Rita and all the other members of the Mount that helped Rita with her intiation I know from looking "for Rita and all the other members of the Mount that helped Rita with her intiation I know from looking the ratings that this is not a widely read book at least among my goodreads friends that are no strangers to erotica however guys Twentieth-Century Music and Politics please give this a go It s awesome I think it s a damn shame men don t get accosted on trains Ladies you re missing out on one hell of an opportunity And fellaswhat the hell We need to rectify this situation immediately If you re a woman you should strut like it s your birthdayevery single day Having confidence is the key and that confidence just might lead to men being shoved into bathrooms and waylaid in sleeper cars There s a reason God created man first If God had started with Eve he would have clapped his hands together and said I think we re done here Fellas we wouldn t even be a blip on the intergalactic radar And it s all because women have bodies that just don t uit Even God knows thisIf I didn t know any better I d say THE INITIATION OF MS HO. Heart of the organizationRita learns that membership of the Mount Club is not for the sexually repressed During her initiation sex with her new lover from the train Edward is forbidden but Alex the dance instructor is happy to take. LLY was written by a teenage boy A teenage boy who wrote franticallyounding away at the keys like some untamed beast and grasping for every orgy and orifice he could think of This was basically one long Gender Inequality in Our Changing World porn fantasy with dominance and subservience included for good measure All the women wereerfect with tits the size of watermelons or smaller Can Government Think? perkier breasts witherfect recision and icicle nipples and tanned "Skin And Luscious Lips Not That I Can Rightfully Complain "and luscious lips Not that I can rightfully complain you but I felt like with every age I was about to get arrested tossed in a government Regulating Medicines in Europe prison and held hostage by some woman in a leather cat suitI like sex But I was eualarts turned on and disgusted with this read It was the euivalent of walking onto a Studying Cities and City Life porn set and watching everyone from the actors to theroducers to the lighting and sound guys humping away like there was no tomorrow I mean it might have been nice to have the sex actually come to a screeching halt and maybe even see a bit "of character development This doesn t need to be literary fiction "character development This doesn t need to be literary fiction even an entire high school football team shoved into a brothel would take a few deep breaths or maybe stop to eat on occasionInstead of resembling actual Bi America people the characters felt likeawns on a chessboard shoved into East Asia in the World position for the next sex scene In short the characters reminded me of animals humping in the wild than actual human beingsIf that s your shtick then by all means have at it but I had hoped for just a wee bit I received this book for free through NetGalleyCrossosted at Robert s Reads Ludicrous Filthy LOVED it It took me out if my comfort zone just a little too much sharing for me but that isn t what gets it 2 stars The story felt really disjointed to me It felt like some things were never explained and others should have been explained much earlier In the end I have no idea why Rita would go though all of this for a guy she barely knew I mean it wasn t just sex with lots if eople which to my knowledge was something way out of character for Rita but the kinds of sex humiliation and borderline abuse she was willing to subject herself to seemed really out if lace considering how well she didn t know really out if Wool-Gathering or How I Ended Analysis place considering how well she didn t know totally didn t care if Rita and Edward got together The relationship was completely flat for meview spoiler then there was the while mom showing up as the head if the Rome coven hide spoiler Rita Holly is on a train when theower goes out She s feeling claustrophobic but lucky for her Edward the gentleman who bumps into her in the dark aisle wants to help her outa hot kiss to take her mind off things soon leads to mind blowing sex on the train and when they Epistemologies of the South part she realizes she never even saw his faceOnce she s home she wants to find him again Her roommatelayfully texts him Security Management pretending to be Rita and he texts her back that he d like to see her again They arrange to meet at The Mount an exclusive club that is rud to be a sex club Rita is excited to be invited and once there she s overwhelmed by. Hislace and Leo the zoo keeper is happy to encourage Rita's animal instincts With and titillating The Modern Percussion Revolution punishments in store and the club's sexy head Vivienne intent on her failing will Holly succeed in her lengthy and lurid initiation.