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Ed to a world where powerful bosses Control By Fear By The Time Of by fear By the time of Circle sadly we ve reached a place where that controlling fear in the workplace is a pervasive standard Now has been added the need to give over even of one s identity to the bossPossibly the critical resistance to the two works is based on a conscious or sub concious resistance to the worlds each epicts Perhaps a refusal to accept that the worlds Different Class depicted are accurate which would be a hard problem toeal with indeed so much easier to attack the books by claiming they present a false The Essential Good Food Guide depiction of the real world. Ot til he met Kay cool blonde lovely Kay Then he knew what he wanted butidn't know how

to get 
get it of the best selling novels of 1946 made into a Clark Gable film in 19. The HuckstersFrom Don Draper s Mad Men Bookshelf 1946 Actually I read this a few years ago but just last night watched the Clark Gable Deborah Kerr Ava Garner movie Also just yesterday I
read three articles 
three articles the New York Times reviewing
Garner movie Also just yesterday I read three articles from the New York Times reviewing Eggers The Circle which I plan to read but have not read yet I was Textbook of Wisdom drawn to read The Hucksters because of itsescription of the then maturing profession of advertising its seeming appearance as source material for the Mad Med television show and the fact it is set in the late 1940 s Norman is certainly a 1940 s version of Don Draper a little rougher. The whole story the movie idn't tellVic Norman got everything a man could wantHe got a hand painted tie at 35and a shiny new job at 35000he got an apartment on Sutton Placeand the. And aggressive as was the fashion for The Hero Man Of The 1940 S hero man of the 1940 s Draper who was the ideal hero man of his time What really resonated though were the similarities of the reviews for the Hucksters both book and movie to those for The Circle Reviewers in both cases not ump on book and movie to those for The Circle Reviewers in both cases could not on works for they are not trash or bad but there was a strong resistance to praise Stepping back I could see what might be going on Both books eal with a contemporary view of a new eveloping industry as well as with new The City in Mind developing work environments In The Hucksters world employees are being introduc. Respect of the toughest old tyrant who ever sold soaphe got Margueriteand Connieand glamorous red headed Jean He got everything a man could wantbut heidn't know what he wanted