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This ChristmasI received this as a somewhat unexpected gift for Christmas I may read the occasional Historical but the wide field of Contemporary Romance is new to me These were ublished in 2005 so they re not even that contemporary Any But That S Nitpicking And There but that s nitpicking And there no need to nitpick they re bad enough in the broad icture Three novellas all by different authors of whom one is A Star Is Born probably famous than the two others I wouldn t know They all share a lose Christmas theme and not much else Novella number one was a forgettable little number about a married couple that had fallen out of love and found love again after a separation and an overhaul of their respective selves I learned that a make over in a book reads uite unsatisfying Give me an 80s montage in a movie any day Two starsNovella number two made me angry The story was a convoluted mess about the titular second wife of Reilly finding new love for his first wive who had once upon a time found love in shape of our heroine for her husband when she wanted to marry another man from whom she s now separated Yeah The characters were grating the humourainful and well there wasn t really a story at all No stars so thereNovella number three was bliss in comparison though not much to write home about seperately either Late twenties heroine finds that Love Has Been There Has Been There Along and has a weird family Marian Keyes the writer is not but at least this story was entertaining and didn t make me want to climb into the book and set things on fire Three stars I had only read one book written by Jane Green CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition prior to this one but it didn t stop me being very excited toick this one up I really enjoyed Green s fun and relaxed style of writing in Jemima J and was Number one best seller Jane Green author of The Beach House and Spellbound and her friends bring you this enchanting trio of tales for the holiday seasonIf you had one wish this Christmas what would it beSarah wishes not to be lonely She shouldn't be not with Eddie her husband and their two children by ,

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Ven impressed with her latest release The Holiday I was also impressed with the other two short stories The Second Wife of Reilly by Jennifer Coburn and Mistletoe and Holly BY LIZ IRELANDI AM NOT USUALLY Liz IrelandI am not usually taken by short stories I refer the depth of a longer novel but I am happy to say that I enjoyed this book a lot Admittedly I enjoyed Holiday and Mistletoe and Holly substantially than The Second Wife of Reilly but it was always a Rant pleasure toick up this book for some light festive reading This is a very unchallenging book and with it s very tame content suitable for both young adults and adults alikeIn Holiday our main characters are Sarah and Eddie a couple who used to be blissfully in love but unfortunately are struggling both seem to have stopped caring for themselves as much as they used to and Sarah feels as though she s become a one Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM parent family When Eddie is offered a job away from home the couple decide on a temporary break so that they can assess both their relationship and themselves I liked the authenticity of this story it seemed the most realistic of the three and had a good amount of substance The relationship was really well explored and I also loved the extra element that the children added to the book This was a really warming festive start to the book and I couldn t wait to see what the next story broughtThe Second Wife of Reilly was the second short story in the book In this story we are introduced to Sarah wife to Reilly a nice trustworthy man the onlyroblem is that she s worried that Prudence his ex wife might try to get back with him Sarah along with a friend decides to try and find a Challenged to Win partner for Prudence byretending to be her on the internet To be hon. Er side but since Sarah waved farewell to the bright lights of the big city and moved to a Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons pictureerfect home in the country her marriage is missing its usual sparkle So when Eddie's job takes him away from home shortly before Christmas the enforced break in their relationship while tricky robably cou. ,
Est the story was very farfetched and utterly unrealistic yet it still managed to be readable I found whole thing silly yet humorous This isn t a story that you ll enjoy if you re seriously analysing or criticising it but as an unchallenging work of fiction it s decentThe final story in the book was mistletoe and story in the book was Mistletoe and Holly and her childhood friend Isaac are heading home for Christmas with one difference this year Holly is taking her new boyfriend Jason to meet her family Unfortunately Jason doesn t turn out to be as erfect as he first seems This story is very Into the Planet predictable but it is also very very sweet which definitely outweighs theredictability Though this story was a little uneven or not as solid as Holiday I did find this the most enjoyable story of the three It was Dusk (Rosales Saga, probably the most Christmassy feeling of the three too which meant it was a lovely ending to the bookI would recommend this book to those who like festive reads and to anyone who likes chick lit It s not aerfectly written book but it is George Washingtons Secret Six perfectly enjoyable I would certainly like to read books by Jane Green in the future and I m also interested in checking out of Liz Ireland s work after this book Three veryredictable yet cute short stories I enjoyed both Jane Green and Liz Ireland s story but I wasn t too keen on the one by Jennifer Coburn I wouldn t recommend reading this if you are looking for a happy Christmas read as all three stories were uite depressing even though they did end happily Though all three of the stories were retty good my favorite was the third one Mistletoe And Holly 3Individual ratings would go something like thisThe Holiday 3 StarsThe Second Wife Of Reilly 2 StarsMistletoe And Holly 45 Stars. Ldn't have come at a better timeBut will his absence make her heart grow fonder And if so for whom As seasonal cheer begins to flow Sarah discovers rather a lot can happen in one holiday especially when it's ChristmasHoliday Jane GreenThe Second Wife of Reilly Jennifer CoburnMistletoe and Holly Liz Irela. ,