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Done and the future is remarkable I loved all the characters She gave the lawyer a muscled body a sharp mind a tender side The womanintended victim was gutsy sharp pretty Loved that the detective was older but still on top of his game The G FBI man was entertaining Very good read Had a hard time putting it down Great book Great story from the very beginning to the last pageLots of action and suspensethrillsI ll be looking forward to reading from this author The title intrigued me and the story that followed it delivered big timeAs the chapters progressed Emily s plight and her tenuous hold on life grew perilous connor gallagher is a life grew perilous Connor Gallagher is a protagonist the ind of man I d want near me if my life were in danger Miles sketches Emily s character with bold strokes Emily is smart and sexy but most pleasantly the pages also reveal her compassion and strength The dialogue between her and Connor is charming and crisp Evil lurks in abundance with interesting supporting characters Miles narrative made me laugh out loud at points always a pleasant surprise and her plotting is strong and fresh I highly recommend As always had powerful feelings for Connor As they give in I highly recommend As always had powerful feelings for Connor As they give in the desire flaring between them she suddenly has the best reason of all to fight for her life. ,

The Girl Who Wouldnt Stay DeadI enjoyed reading this book So Much That I Had much that I had finish reading it before I could put it down I would recommend it to anyone I liked the twist in the story right up to the end Great book worth the read I really liked the story to begin with but the lack of a denouement of any sort and the ind I ve come to expect from this imprint felt like I was left hanging There was so much potential here because it was so well plotted Yet not nearly enough satisfaction afterwards I m honestly disappointed because all I got was a vague sense of HFN not a fully satisfying HEA What a great storyI loved every minute of it IT KEPT ME ON THE EDGE kept me on the edge my seat throughout It had really enjoyable main characters PLENTY of action and surprises and than enough bad guys or girls to fill in the suspect list Of course there were also some pretty good good guys and gals as well There is also a touch of romance as wellEmily had uite the difficult life but she had managed to make some successes in it too She Had Made Solid Friends And made solid friends and number Conner as one of them Of course although he had honored hs best friend s marriage to After than one attempt is made on her lifean old friend steps in as her protectorEmily Benton Riggs would be dead if her best friend hadnt shown up in time. Mily he still has loved her from a far for uite some time Emily s ex Jamison was someone that Conner had begun to suspect wasn t uite on the level in some of his business dealings And when Conner began to ask uestions Jamison changed lawyers it doesn t take too long after It doesn t take too long after s death to find out he had a lot of stuff going onEmily had been faithful throughout her marriage but did have a moment or two of attraction to Conner while still married Neither one of them acted on it but did become friends And that friendship does strengthen as they both try to figure out who is trying to ill Emily and why Conner proves himself on her side time and again even though a time or two he does make a minor mistake or two Emily has had to be self sufficientindependent and will not put up with being out of the loop when it comes to nowing what s going onI really appreciated the cast of characters list at the beginning of the book There is a dramatic end to the story with several additional twists Like I said what a great story The author captures your imagination and runs with it happily to the end The plot was well. Someone doesnt want her to inherit her ex husbands Aspen estate and now attorney Connor Gallagher wont let the widowed art dealer out of his sight Emily estate and now attorney Connor Gallagher wont let the widowed art dealer out of his sight Emily ,

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