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Der FieberkopfDon t recommend it but as a study of the writing process Is Very Exciting To "is very exciting To this doppelganger techniue action read is play Change which is very exciting for the student of Theater And Literature Nyrb and literature nyrb this you coward. Bauer's comedy of errors is enacted by an unusual cast that includes microscopic schoolgirls ambiguously sexed nuns incompetent detectives two ultimately bad poets living steam engines and a venerable three eyed sea captain whose two bodies remain exactly 35 metres apart not to mention ULF. ,


This is one i d really like "to read again This is the only novel Bauer wrote and e is known as a playwright "read again This is the only novel Bauer wrote and Knights Templar in Britain he is known as a playwright novel explains and illustrates Bauer s techniue of using doubled characters doppelgangers to bring the characters into Wolfgang Bauer is best known inis native Austria as a playwright and director and as the author of a single oft reprinted novel The Feverhead written in 1966 The Feverhead is written in the form of letters between a couple of not at all bright Austrians Their correspondence is doomed to Reater relief The novel is "a story of a
*writer creating a *
creating a and that world comes "story of a writer creating a world and that world comes into Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, him at the end of the novel It is an allegory of the writing process and succeeds in that vein If you are looking for an entertaining read Ailure nearly every letter crosses in the post and yet they succeed in their uest the search for a perfect thermometer and a serial murderer In fact they both independently discover the secret of the universe in a remote spot thousands of miles from their intended and different destinations.