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The Duke s Redemption was an intriguing book about a duke falling in love with a Colonial Girl They Both Have girl They both have book about a duke falling in love with a colonial girl They both have secrets could ruin their relationship I was interested to see if and how they would get past the major obstacles in their relationship The end did throw me for a loop for a few minutes I had to check to see how many pages were left and if she could really end the book that way It was a fun read Oh my goodness I LOVED this book Had all the elements I ust adore believable characters intrigue Romance And My Favorite Time Period In and my favorite time period in I could feel the varying range of emotions and this book sucked me in from page one Okay from the cover I have often admitted to udging a book by the cover so the title alone was enough for me to want to read it Let alone the tagline of which is stronger love or vengeance Ahhh I read the authors note of taking 8 years to complete her goal of writing Drake Amberly Duke of Hawk Haven came to the colonies for revenge to unmask the spy who killed his brother Yet he ,

His historical novel and I have to say it was well worth the wait I stayed up way too late wanting to find out what was going to happen next I won this on a Goodreads first read I am a fan of happen next I won this on a Goodreads first read I am a fan of romance and this was so cute At first I thought that it wouldn t be exactly to my taste but was pleasantly surprised The story itself was interesting Elise is a spy for colonial America in the middle of the war for independence She claims a slave for a sister which doesn t sit well with others at the time and well with others at the time and t have much other family that she wants to associate withDrake is a Duke of Hawk manor in England and is a loyal patriot He is very close to his sister and younger brother who happens to have gone into spying for the English in the colonies and has a bad past with women in generalThe setting was excellently executed And the plot was all predictable I had fun wondering how they were going to. Ind himself distracted from his mission by the beautiful and spirited Elise Cooper But as Drake's pursuit of The Fo. ,

Summary The Duke's Redemption

A March to Remember (Hattie Davish Mystery, Bound by Secrets (Cauld Ane,
The Duke's RedemptionOvercome their personal problems And Get Out Of get out of colonies at the end I m glad I could be introduced to a new author in a genre I don t read all that often and otherwise may never have read any of her books Way to go Carla Action intrigue romance history Couldn t put it down Sure hope you re writing your next one Yea Loved Carla Capshaw s second book Totally fell in love with the Duke myself Amberly is a dark brooding man who has been hurt in the past by women and his brother s murder His uest for revenge of his brother s murder seems to overtake him Little does he know that when he meets the woman of his dreams she would have a secret that might affect him Elise is a spy for the Patriots but only because she must protect her sister Her spunk and intelligence is what draws her to the Duke but she tries to hide behind a facade of a ditz It s only through forgiveness that they both find their way. X brings forgiveness that they both find their way. X brings dangerously close to Elise's secrets she #Must Prove To Him That #prove to him that and forgiveness are all they need. .