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Ursed girl born under a bad moon time travel magic evil car Yes pleaseThe people of the colony ated me "Because I Was Different I "I was different I done no one arm but the people blamed for all their bad luck They called me evilAnd finally I proved them rightI murdered and I enjoyed itAnd this is why I was rooting for er and NOT William He was awful and The Camping Cookbook he can go fuckimself Catherine literally did nothing to deserve Absalom, Absalom! her fate She was just defendingerself from all the assholes in er colony Though I do admit that she may ave done a smidge too far with all the murdering for fun Lol But I do Black Stone have a theory that every person she s killed in the car she thought was Will so idk Lolview spoilerUnfortunately at the end of the book Will finally catches Catherine and destroyser He also destroys the car and basically undoes everything that appened in the books including all the death Catherine caused which meh Especially because Will s dad and brother are alive again Those assholes And poor Catherine

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a twist there at the end that made me VERY appy We end the book with Will meeting No Way Down his new baby sister who get thisas a freaking red crescent moon on Pulled Thread Embroidery her forehead like Catherine did Yes bitch How do you like Catherine now you dick Ha So because William destroyed the car and undid everythinge now English Humour for Beginners has no memory of alle went through in the last three books and therefore doesn t recognize the mark Hehehe Absolutely on Music hide spoiler Laughably bad yet so so good I m not used to disliking the main characters of Mr Stine s characters but this book made that exception The ending is fun and it is a uick rea. Girlfriend from Willthe mysterious guy she’s been seeing Just one race and Sara will beis Just one explosive raceto the death. ,
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The Deadly FireBut why is this titled The Deadly Fire There literally was no fire in the entire book Anyway the Cataluna Chronicles comes to an underwhelming end Stan Sean and Buddy are all part of a racing familytheir dad purchases the sleek Cataluna and Stan can t wait to take the ot sportscar to the purchases the sleek Cataluna and Stan can t wait to take the ot sportscar to the "But we know that the car is possessed by Catharine of the 1600 s so of course e crashes "we know that the car is possessed by Catharine of the 1600 s so of course e crashes dies but the car doesn t even ave a scratchIn order to win British Society Since 1945 his girlfriend back Buddy decides to race Will in the Cataluna Catharine is convinced Will is William Parker in disguise so makes iter mission to kill im And there is time travel and murky time travel logic as will tries to defeat catharine for good by tries to defeat Catharine for good by with the continuum Cause logic These are the last of the OG Fear Street novels I ad to read and they were probably the most disappointing of the bunch His other trilogies were at least fun This was the only book I would read as a kid I just found it under my bed today and decided to do a uick read I still enjoy it as an adult A decent end to the trilogy The time travel and Reiki And The Seven Chakras how the CatalunaCatherine were finally defeated didn t make a lot of sense but it was a fast mindless read Also there was no fire Like the title is The Deadly Firewhere was the fire Yeah definitely the worst of the trilogy Buddy and Sara are some of the worst characters from the entire Fear Street series I feel I ve read enough of them to say that Not as good as the first one I don tave a whole lot to say beside the fact that the ending did not make sense Bringing the car back to the past and destroying it. Death on wheelsThe Doom Car Turning the Tide of Battle has already destroyed racecar driver Stan McCloy butis brother Buddy still can’t seem to stay awa.

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Does not make everything that I Curse the River of Time happened because of it disappear To do that you wouldave to destroy the car in the time it came from before they appened The timey whimey detector is going ding all over this One "night after a movie double date Chuck Barbara Debbie and Eddie are taking a stroll when they "after a movie double date Chuck Barbara Debbie and Eddie are taking a stroll when they a car This car is not just a plain car just as Eddie says this car was ot It is a brand new white sports car the engine is running uietly
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no one around Tempting Court the Night (Blood Bonds, huh The caras a certain allure to it and soon they are all inside for a ride As they are cruising along they notice that the car radio is on Not wanting to attract attention Chuck tries to turn it down The music gets louder Wrong way idiot Debbie calls out from the back seat and leans forward in Greed, Seeds and Slavery her seat to turn the know the other way But the music gets louder once again They all struggle to turn the music down But soon it gets too loud that their own eardrums cant take it Ow Iturts It Demons, Deliverance, Discernment hurts so much Debbie wails A sharp stab of pain shot through Chuck sead But this isn t the end of the orrifying experiences this car will cause I would recommend this book to kids in 7th grade and up Although this wasn t the best book i ave Well Meet Again have ever read iave to say it is alright Its the ending that makes this book not great Read it and find out why i really wish e would continue with the story i love it Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookFirst of all this book is called The Deadly Fire but there is literally NO deadly fire in this entire book whatsoever Does not computeAnyway I really liked the premise of this series a Y from it There’s something about that gorgeous CatalunaSomething ancient and evil But all Buddy sees is a way to win back is.