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He s brave intelligent resourceful and beautiful what could ou want in a heroine Caleb is attracted as soon as he sees herI won t go beyond what is above in my description of the story because it would surely spoil Pisco significa pajaro. your read Just know that it is full of twists and turns andou rarely know what is going to happen next I just can t wait for the next one Really closer to 35 but 3 isn t enough The tension in the slaving compound and the mining stratagems delaying tactics brought the tension level up and counterbalanced the author s writing style the tension level up and counterbalanced the author s writing style the cliffhanger was really expected since the 4th and final mission is in the last book Geez this was a loooong asssss storyI feel it kept talking about he same issues concerns and problems over and over again It was never ending regarding the mine the risks etcBut fuck I have to read the last one to sort all this shot out I am glad I started picking up historic romances they actually have plot outside of romance So far most of the contemporary romances are just about the romance which is ok if ou like that In this one the fight to free the captives continues with is ok if ou like that In this one the fight to free the captives continues with oungest brother who is headstrong and brazen but looking to gain the respect and trust of his older brothersI rather like Caleb he is rather funnyKate is strong in a different way from the other two women for the older two brothersShe is a nice foil for Caleb a responsible mature woman but she still has the adventurous spirit to match hisIt will be interesting to see how she interacts with the much headstrong Edwinna and AillenThere was actually a good bit of action in this one from the capture of the men to the mine collapse I love how Kate and Caleb are both so good with children as well as that acknowledges what a lot of romances don t babies usually follow So far the first book has shown this as well with the second not really touching on So far the first book has shown this as well with the second not really touching on This is the third book in the series and my favorite so far At the end of the previous book A Buccaneer at Heart Caleb has stolen Robert s journal and departed for Freetown to take up the next leg of the investigation He is the oungest of the bro I don t know if it s because of middle book syndrome or what but this was the worst book in this uartet so far If there were half star ratings it d get 15 I finished it in 5 hours because I skimmed and flipped through most of it going don t care don t care There s a difference between adding details for world building and bludgeoning our readers with them And the character I was the most interested in was the plot moppet a small child who has no purpose or development except to drive the plot forward SBTB. Y captain who runs the mine has other ideas but Caleb's true strength lies in extracting advantage from adversity and through the clashes that follow he matures into the leader of men he was always destined to be The sort of man Katherine can trust with her body with her life With her loveThe first voyage is one of exploration the second one of discovery The third journey brings maturity while the fourth is a voyage of second chances Continue the journey and follow the adventure the mystery and the romances to the dramatic

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N the Adventurers uartet series the whole series is just WOW I Love Stephanie Laurens I love Stephanie Laurens she has absolutely outdone herself with this series This book is just out and I can t wait for the next one You really really need to read this series in order because each book builds on the last You could certainly read and enjoy this book as a stand alone but ou would be missing such a rich background for the bookIn this series the four Frobisher brothers each undertake a successive leg of a mission for the crown People are going missing in Free Town and nobody is taking it seriously or even looking for them A deep rooted conspiracy is suspected and therefore the crown can t use its normal channels for investigation because they don t know who might be involved The crown has even sent an undercover agent to investigate and he disappeared So the crown enlists the Frobishers to carry out the mission The first mission is to find out basically what is going on and as much about who is involved as possible then get right back to England to report that The next mission is to try to locate the slave camp and identify any people who are involved then get right back to England and report that The next mission the one covered in this book is to locate the mine the missing people have been kidnapped to operate and the fourth book will be the rescue and final wrap up The whole series is suspenseful dangerous and of course has a wonderful love story between a wonderful hero and heroineCaptain Caleb Frobisher is the oungest of the four Frobisher brothers and the one who is deemed reckless and not grown up et Caleb wants to prove he can be responsible so he steals his brother Robert s notebook from his leg of the mission and sets out on his own to take up the third leg of the mission that is the responsible non reckless thing to do rightCaleb along with his good friend Captain Phillipe Lascelle and his crew find the slave traders and decide to take them out so they can t kidnap and hurt any others Then they set out to find the mine and learn what they can Once they find the mine they happen across a oung boy named Diccon Diccon cannot work the mine because of severe allergies and is therefore allowed to roam the forest to pick fruits and nuts for the prisoners to eat Diccon provides them with much information and tells them of the people within the campKatherine Fortescue was kidnapped from Freetown because with much information and tells them of the people within the campKatherine Fortescue was kidnapped from Freetown because is a governess and can manage the children who have been kidnapped Katherine is a formidable advocate for those children and is the reason Diccon was allowed to collect fruit and nuts rather than being put to death As fled the life of poverty her wastrel father had beueathed her and come to Freetown as a governess only to be kidnapped and put to work overseeing a child workforce at a mine She and the other captured adults understand that their lives are limited by the life of the mine Guarded by well armed and well trained mercenaries the captives have been searching for some means of escape but in vain Then Katherine meets a handsome man a captain in the jungle and he and his crew bring the sweet promise of rescueThe sadistic mercenar. Didn t like being left hanging But there ou are Now have to wait for the final of the Adventurers uartet to see everything come together big disappointment the story was so highly detailed that The Art of Acquiring you couldn t help but wonder if this was a retelling of something that actually happened details and details and detailsou are set up from the beginning of the book to expect a rescue the book was very suspenseful and ou just kept waiting for that rescue and the big fight i expected that the next book in the series would track down all the bad guys who set this up in the first place and speaking of which it would easily be just as economical to hire people to work in a mine as it is to pay mercenaries to guard them pay a big time mercenary to oversee the compound to pay people to kidnap people to be slaves really just as economical to just hire people no real love story here just a romance on the side and ou wait for that rescue and it never comes A Menagerie of Heroes you are just left hanging at the end no satisfaction just frustration i feel like i wasted my time reading this book Very good continuation in the mystery that is this series Caleboungest of the 4 Frobisher brothers stole his older brother s notebook and has sailed to Africa to discover what has happened to the missing people Along with his friend Captain Phillipe Lascelle they find the slaver s camp and mine in the jungle After sending his ship home with detailed maps he has to wait for help before being able to free the prisonersThey meet a oung boy Diccon who is allowed out of the camp to pick fruit and nuts He tells them how the camp is run and who is there then one of and who is there Then one of women
kate is allowed 
is allowed to help Diccon But Dubois who runs the camp becomes suspicious and finds the sailors Caleb allows them to be taken as he can learn inside the camp He is also very attracted to Kate and wants to help her The prisoners work the mine and clean the diamonds knowing that when the mysterious backers have enough they will be killed Their goal is to drag out the mining until help comes from England The story does slow some as they wait for help That allows time for Caleb and Kate to fall in love There is a lot going on but I hate to ruin the story I am looking forward to the final book in this series Stephanie Laurens writes wonderful books I hope in the future she writes one for Captain Lascelle He is very interesting this is what I would call the bridge book in most series it s usually the 2nd bookbut in this series it s the 3rd bookand it drove me most series it s usually the 2nd bookbut in this series it s the 3rd bookand it drove me little crazy as there was no conclusion type of thing because the real conclusion would be in book 4 This is book 3 Captain Caleb Frobisher hedonistic oungest son of a seafaring dynasty wants to be taken seriously by his family and understands he has to prove himself sufficiently reformed When opportunity strikes he seizes the next leg of the covert mission his brothers have been pursuing and sails to Freetown His actions are decisive and he completes the mission's next stage but responsibility once exercised has taken root and he remains in the jungle to guard the captives whose rescue is the mission's ultimate goalKatherine Fortescue ,
The Daredevil Snared