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Sigh I should have DNF at 30% but I already DNF d two other books on my COYER reading list and didn t want to start a trendNorma Rose Nightingale was an unlikeable heroine cold unforgiving mean She wasn t that great of a business woman ven though the reader is told over and over again how the resort turned in massive profits due to her work She was a caricature of the hard dame type of woman of the Jazz Although she was smart and had opinions about Prohibition failing which turned true she was pretty dumb when it came people Tyler Bradshaw wasn t much better he had a single mission that gave him all the motivation for verything he did Both had tragic back stories that rang false Norma Rose doesn t want to nurse anyone if they are sick because she had to take care of her dead mother and brother during the Spanish flu outbreak Tyler had his family massacred by the mobster he is searching for at the resortThe plotline and scenes Were Really Disjointed The Author really disjointed the author not to understand the balance of suspense and romance Plot threads were brought up and drop with freuency The whole point of the plot was for Tyler to bring Ray Bodine to justiceand the reader got one paragraph about how Tyler took him done after the fact This was the major plot line the whole reason for Tyler to be there at the resort in the first place and it was resolved away from the resort and with no details The nding was very abrupt and unsatisfying Extremely Art enjoyable So glad I picked it up I gave up on this story on page 76 Chapter 5 It is of a history lesson on Prohibition than a romance between two people who mightven be the slightest bit attracted to God Is in the Crowd each other I did a term paper in high school on Prohibition so I don t need the history lesson Ty Bradshaw at first claims to be a lawyer for Norma Rose s uncle Dave who is vomiting all over the place Then he tells her that he s a private investigator Norma Rose helps her father with a resort in White Bear Lake Minnesota She is a stand offish cold fish towards Ty No chemistry by this point The story is going absolutely nowhere fast 35 starsThe Bootlegger s Daughter is an historical romance set during the American prohibition 1925 in MinnesotaTy Bradshaw is an undercover agent who is searching for a notorious gangster The trail has led him to a bootlegger s resort Norma Rose Nightingale oversees the running of her father s resort and she distrusts the handsome Ty She knows he s lying but she can t help feeling attracted to himInjoyed the ra and the setting This is a light read with a low level of romantic heat I wasn t always convinced by some of the minor details which is why it dropped half a star instead of being a solid 4 star I believe this is the first book I ve read written by Lauri Robinson The Bootlegger s Daughter was published in 2015 It s a Harleuin Historical which was the first in a series of four booksThis book is set in 1925 during Prohibition America in Minnesota Apparently there was a well known illegal whiskey made in that part of the US and mobsters were keen on getting into the racket thereNorma Rose Nightingale who I kept referring to as Norma Rae or Norma Jean in my head is the oldest daughter of a man who owns a resort near a lake in Minnesota The family started out very poor inheriting basically cabins a party room and a camp ground from Norma Rose s grandfather and built it into a high class resort with tricked out for their time cabins hotel rooms a ballroom the best music and illegal hooch Although her father is in charge Norma runs the day to day operations of the resort ordering her three younger sisters about Her sisters are resentful and would love freedom leading to much acting out In fact the youngest sister runs away following a musician who was working at the resort to Chicago But that s the least of Norma Rose s and her father Roger s concern A man has come into town attempting to take down a murderous gangster who is trying to move in on this Minnesota whiskey business This man is a federal agent who has a tragic past with the gangster that has filled him with a desire for revenge Norma Rose is suspicious of Ty Bradshaw who says he is an attorney When Norma s uncle is poisoned while off trying to drum up business in town Ty butts in and uses that vent as an opening to put himself in the service of the Nightingale family Despite Norma Rose s best The Matriarchs (The Family efforts to shake him Ty trav. Of all the speakeasies in all the worldMysterious city slicker Ty Bradshaw might have won her father's trust butveryone knows Norma Rose is the true boss of Night. Els back to Nightingale s resort and before long he is ingratiating himself into her father s circle and bothering Norma Rose in a way she s not been used to in a while But Ty can t afford to romance Norma Rose Notes for the Everlost even though he can t stop himself He s on a mission to take down a gangster and possibly destroy Norma and her family s life in the process After all despite Prohibitions shaky future prospects Nightingale s is breaking the lawI have mixed feelings about this story It clearly has the period down pat with the clothes the slang the dances and music and the activities In fact it s a little too on point as the overuse of the slang almost lends itself to parody However the author does dial it back over time or maybe I was just getting used to it But what really bothered me was the choppiness of the plot First we re trying to solve the case of who poisoned Uncle Dave then we re trying to find out what happened to Ginger Norma Rose s youngest sister which is clearly a set up for a future book But instead of only covering that in a few pages wend up spending 25% of the action on that Then we re back to Uncle Dave which leads to the uncovering of other nefarious characters in town let alone the anticipated gangsters And then we have Norma Rose s remaining sisters who have their own beefs Seriously there was just a lot going on and although I don t usually mind that it was just presented in a very convoluted manner Considering all of this it did surprise me that one major player in this story was never seen on the page Since it s a spoiler I won t mention who but it was a let down as one would xpect to meet a character who Is Being Anxiously Anticipated being anxiously anticipated the hero for a classic showdown Oh well I d give this book a B because I did njoy the period and would love to read romances set in this time I loved the research that Robinson did for the book The dialog and the history used make a much interesting and believable story I also liked the different take on bootlegging Showing it as a way for people to No Biggy! earn a living instead of just presenting it as a crime was a refreshing way to make the characters much appealingWhile the history was great this is also a love story between two characters on different sides of the law It helped that Ty was after one man and not trying to shut down the Nightingale Resort and that Norma Rose s father was making the whiskey while she just running the resortBoth characters were strongnough to support the story line Ty had to do some very creative thinking to get he and Norma Rose a HEA but he was up to the jobI have been a fan of Lauri Robinson from before she became a Harleuin author It is great to see her doing new things now Before her historical romances were set in the 1800 s Moving to the roaring twenties was a very good choiceThe Bootlegger s Daughter is part of a series but does well as a stand alone Norma Rose does have three sisters so there are characters ready for their HEA s 35 stars Loved the unusual setting both time place really liked the supporting cast Alas the MCs were rather meh Norma Rose annoyed me like woah her martyr superiority kink was just beyond I don t blame the other sisters for rebelling Ty was your basic alpha mimbo with very little brain That being said Twyla Josie both their men seem much interesting the overall Bootlegger Feudshady villain arc is good so I m continuing with the series Norma Rose Nightingale runs Nightingales for her father The speakeasy gets around prohibition by giving their guests drinks after charging an Crush It! exorbitant fee to get in When Ty Bradshaw comes to town it is obvious to Norma Rose he s working for the government and she fears he will shut down her club Ty is after a notorious murderous gangster who happens to be after Nightingales Now Ty has two reasons to take the man down for revenge and to protect the beautiful Norma Rose This is a terrific book that perfectly captures the period The author weaved her history so seamlessly into the story that it didn t take away from the tale but completelynhanced it The characters are wonderful people whose HEA was sweet and believable There was a good mix of action and down time so that the hh had the time needed to fall in love I Attracting Birds to Your Backyard enjoyed thisnough that I bought the first book in the series and plan to buy the others as they come out See my full review at Fantastic book With the popularity of Regency medieval and. Ingale's resort And it'll take than that charming smile to shake the feeling that Ty is not all he seems He walks into hersTy is a federal agent on a personal missi. ,
The Bootleggers Daughter Daughters of the Roaring Twenties #2