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Rne Copypaste review for Book 1Holy Shit This is really darkit s also addictive as helland really darkIt s also addictive as hellAnd a romance But it made me feel thingsI ll be writing a lengthy review once I finish the whole seriesI I absolutely love the Stronger series Didn t think it could get any better but it did I felt so much different emotions while reading anger sadness frustration but that makes a great book right Sucking the reader right into the story And what a great one Oh myFREAKING AMAZINGLiterally up all night reading this bookthe part 2 of this amazing Stronger Series I hated Darrin and I loved himhated himthen wanted himsick I knowbut wowthe situation seems absolutely impossible and totally believable This book had ou just about everywhere on the Richter Scale I hope the next book comes out soonI just don t know how much I can take 10 You re such a cruel bastard I said in disgustAnd don t The Accidental Romance you ever forget it he shot back harshly Read book one Stolen beforeou read this book as it s a continuation of the story As soon as I finished Stolen I had to jump into this read That ending crikey I was delighted to find out the owners name I know I m easily pleased lol Jaden is a fantastic character She s so strong and feisty She reminded me of that song Tubthumping I get knocked down No matter how much he knocked her down she always came up fighting Although I thought this started out a tad slow the pace certainly sped up and I was glued from start to finish This is a dark read with trigger warnings If they don t bother Chalk Cheese you then I certainly recommendou read this I m off to read book three in this series 37 It s enough for me I HATE HIM What a total coldhearted evil muthafucka he isBut this book left me on the edge of my seat I couldn t put it downI am hoping J Marie will somehow pull off a miracle and redeem him some how some wayLooking forward to book S fighting meor herself She can try to deny it all she wants but she can't hide from me I know desire when I see it even when its shadowed by resistance and then ultimately guilt That fire in her eyes burns me from the inside out and it just makes me crave her I know she's fighting for her freedom calculating her escape but in time she will bend to my will until she finally breaks until she realizes there is no freedom from me no escape Period She's mine and I won't stop until it’s so deeply embedded into her mind that the mere thought of denying it brings her physical painbecause it will I have big plans for my little warrior princess and I can't wait for the impending pleasurable eternity of it all NOTE For every book that is sold a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity that benefits victims of human traffickin.

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Cenecan Christmas with Grandma Elsie (The Original Elsie Dinsmore Classics you fall in a dead faint D is straight psycho I can t say any I feel myself about to spoil this deliciousness forou I can confidently say though while this story started out as a human trafficking tragedy this series has evolved into a good ole suspense thriller HEAVY on the THRILLER This installment is like the Fast Furious of drama Don t sleep on it readers Its toooooo juicy to be ignored teamJaden teamDarren I can t decide Who are YOU withFive adreneline filled stars Survival picks up where Stolen left off with Jaden realizing that she was purchased by the Owner Darren at the Slave Auction She S Terrified Knowing He S The One auction She s terrified knowing he s the one ll have to try and escape from but she vows never to give up and lose faith Darren is determined to make Jaden submit completely and plans on keeping her with him forever The she fights the he wants her and the he enjoys the challenge He can tell Jaden is horrified by the fact that her body responds to his touch and he knows in time he can make Jaden fall in love with him Jaden is one of the most stubborn characters I ve ever seen I would hope that I would have the same determination in the same situation but I honestly don t think I would poke the bear as often and as hard as she did It s like she had her own death wish I again found myself loving the villain Darren and siding with him with Jaden acted out Seriously What is wrong with me I just can t seem to help myself He s such a sexy and powerful man but he s still the badass boy no matter how delicious he is This one ends in an OMG moment and I was left wondering how things can possible get better I again am sided with Darren and I m really gonna be pissed if Jaden and Darren don t end up together Also without providing spoilers I ll just say that the bike scene was a little too hard to imagine Jaden s like a tiny little female Jason Bou. O live under his roof and his rules I now live a life of fear and constraint I don't want to believe it butit's getting harder and harder to fight him especially when his touch can burn so painfully good when I finally surrender to it My body may want him but my mind and my heart are far calculating I haven't lost hopeno matter what he does to me I refuse to break I will escape him and his reign of terror over me Whether its tomorrow or five Doctor Who years from now I won't stop until I have him cold and dead at my feet And that's the real fucking honest truth HIM I never thought I could be this fucking consumed by another person captivated in such a way that it borders on obsession Jaden is mine now and the truth of that makes my blood run hot and fast in my veins The feel of her perfect body under mine is like pure ecstasy even when she'. Jayden and Darrenone s a fighter and one s a breaker Man this is a different type of kidnapping there is no love story here Jayden does not fall in love with him and I don t think Darren is really in love with her he s obsessed with her strength and how she can hold her own when he s fighting her there were times I was telling Jaydenplease shut up just keepour mouth shut but she never listenedI would see Darren s soft side picnic s at the beach bathing her holding her when she cries and I m Like Awww He Loves awww he loves they "Make A Great Couple And BAM He Tells Her He "a great couple and BAM he tells her he to do something that will finally break her and I m like no he really is not going to thatis he because if he loved and cared for her wouldn t but he thinks she will finally accepts her new life if he does this dastardly deedI was even begging himplease don t and holy crap that scene in the jail cellI cringed and was like what are ഹിമവാന്റെ മുകള്‍ത്തട്ടില്‍ Himavante Mukalthattil you doing to her stop now All in all this was truly a dark read and I don t see how these two can ever have a HEA Would I recommend it Heckea I would to our dark reader s this is a must Look out Wonder Woman Look out Black Widow There s a new Sheriff in town and her name is Jaden Listen to her ROAAAARRRRRRRRHopefully by now ou have read the first book Stolen in this incredible series If ou haven t STOP NOW DO NOT PASS GO OR COLLECT 200Super J has proven countless times she is no ordinary acuisition Hence D s obsession with her In this installment things escalate to anxiety levels Who will win in this game of wills Initially I was a bit concerned about Super J s maturity but I ve realize she is no uitter The girl can take anything D can dish out But thenSuper J does the unthinkable The unachievable Readers I can t convey how DELISH the drama is during this scene The buildup is unbearablely delicious Then the climatic game changer in this Warning This story is for mature adults only It contains violence mature and explicit content and non consensualdubious graphic sexual activity that some readers may find upsetting This is a dark erotic thriller not to be confused with a dark romance HER I'm usually brutally honest I don't like to SUGAR COAT SHIT OR BEAT AROUND coat shit or beat around bush But this time I couldn't want to run further from my own destructive truth I'd been sold Sold Like some kind of dog to a man born of cruelty and carnage A man who rules a criminal organization on a global scale and now rules my body but most importantly my freedom I dreaded my days back in the warehouse; caged beaten awaiting a fate I had no control over All thanks to his billion dollar industry in human trafficking and God knows what other line of bullshit he runs And now I belong to him Forced Survival Stronger #2

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