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Empt to spy on a couple having sex in a Slum That Itself Is Bizarre That She Did It She that itself is bizarre that she did it she the uality of copulation in slums is bad and couldn t fathom why they ven bother Though in once place she does propagate same Ghulam Nabi Azad uote that it s probably because they have no distractions such as TV Please don t ask for data It is not that kind of book In another place she seemed shocked that a modern day fop probably from the slums again had dared to ask 4000 as salary for some domestic Chores She Was Affronted She was affronted the fact this was the salary she had Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows earned asditor decades ago The irony of that someone privileged as she feels affronted by this in a book where it is about unstoppable India Unstoppable India better not The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) expect her to shell out than minimum wages There were a few other disturbing things but these stand out in memory my Google Keep notes lost in sketchy network on train Most chapters meandered into topics that really had no connection to the title of the chapter However conversational magazine style of writing somehow holds the rambling togetherShe is right about a few things though when she presents her opinions no data again but we see One being our collectively lost cultures Forxample just as she can no longer celebrate Diwali as her mother as those recipes of homemade savories are lost forever neither can I recreate the gourmet delights and festivities like my Ma always has My children if there ver are any will never know these customs What a sad thoughtIf you come across this book do yourself a favor and skip There is no takeaway Move onto next interesting book I am halfway and going to drop it in Yamuna while going back home Blah blah blah and blah all in the negative light I suppose she wrote it for the NRI audience but to be very honest I am disappointed Her TOI posts are kind of cynical witty and matter of fact but this book is horrible Depressing to be precise She has ripped apart Indian male and literally lynched him Yes some aspects are true about India but hey its not bad I love my Country And This Book and this book me feel bad about it The beginning was uite imposing and catchy only to take you to a ride downwards into the reality of our country which are substantial to some xtend but there is something called presentation of criticism Which she missed out badly Unlike other writers who present there thorough views maturely she just bombarded her ruthless A Fairly Honourable Defeat emotions all over This personal story had strong facts but has been weakly and meekly authored somewhere she gave positive vibes may be for It is good to have an opinion but ruthlessly lashing it out is unacceptable Sorry Shobha De fans But I just cannot be a hypocrite with my views This book will take to a reality check about almostverything in india Shobha de s Superstar India is a very personalpassionate account of the India that we xperienceShe s been faithful to herdisarmingly defensive about its folliesjust like you would defend your own motherI have nothing against Shobha DeShe s compiled a lot of immaturepredictablecommonplace drawing room discussions which make a scintillatingspicy high teas into a couple of spikey books but hwtf I think I can forgive her for thatShe seems to have a good head over her shoulders and at the nd of the dayI like herSuperstar India is a very human account of the India that all of us upwardly mobileeducatedupper middlemiddle class brigade here know If you consider yourself an intellectualobviously you re a snobyou ll find this book pretty boring and bourgeoise in approac. Cussion verything from Mayawati's success the global conomic recession and terrorism to the Rakhi Sawant phenomenon she debunks many accepted conclusions about her country with humorous argumentativeness to finally convince us that India is already a superstarWitty passionate and gloriously opinionated Superstar India celebrates the spirit of a nation that is certainly not about to lost its glo. The Book starts with infectious nergy and xcitement from the author I actually found myself having goosebumps at times with her positivity about India and all things Indian Then just when I started doubting her for going over the top In Supporting Her Country I Realise The supporting her country I realise the and xcitement of her depiction of India slows down a little Then you get a look at the sides where the grass isn

"t greener she "
greener She almost Gone (Gone, every aspect of India from urban to rural cricket to Bollywood th Is India a superpowerIs it ready to plunge itself into the world and take lead In this book Shobhaa Dexplores these and many other aspects of India Starting with the dirt streets of Agra Threads Of The Shroud en route to the Taj Mahal she takes us across Indiaxplores the similarities with China goes to Mayawati and Rakhi Sawant cricket and religion sex and social pretension men women you name it It s all India De discusses All Seated on the Ground every issue that makes India what it is today young India jawan India our IndiaThere isn t anything new that you learn from the book We know all the things mentioned in it Sometimes it takes a reminder to get over the cynicism and negativity surrounding India to celebrate its success that itarned over its 60 independent years De takes Untitled. each issue with passion and brings out both the negative and positive aspects surrounding it Forxample The trouble is Indians aren t used to being prosperous We are comfortable dealing with poverty after all poverty is a stable here and has been for centuries Pg 29Soon after she points out that from being dependent on food we achieved self sufficiency not just in the agricultural area but also that we now use plastic money Money is flowing Rightly put We all use ATM cards and credit cards now It s platinum and titanium that rules And plastic of course Pt 32Taking Wiring each issue with this view she proves that India has indeed made itself into a superpower Don t fool yourselves though This book is a highly opinionated blog of De s It is true that ALL of De s predictions Mayawati s coming to power Rahul Gandhi s fiasco cricket s futuretc have turned out true However we must not forget that there are two sides to Against All Odds every coin Moreover when opinion is concernedveryone has his or hers Especially in IndiaWhat is great about the book is De s belief in India s strengths and her undying faith in our people There are signs of progress real progress at all levels It depends on a person s perspective If anybody wishes to remain focused on the downside poverty disease lack of Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage education corruption well India hasnough horror stories to keep pessimists happy The mood of the nation however is anything but downcast despite some daunting prospects If one focuses on the upside The DOS even something small as Mumbai and Hyderabad s new airport terminals causes spirit to soar along with all those countless national and international flights taking off skywards Pg 408The book s pace isxtremely interesting Every chapter s placement is apt It would be difficult to lose interest in it once you begin The flow is beautiful However the writing style is understandably inarticulate But that does not stop me from giving it full four stars For once Against All Odds even I can overlook literary issues The reason is we are like that only winkPersonally I found the book very captivating I stuck countless notes here and there in the book which cannot be shared here All that will go in my blog I can safely say this though read it if younjoy India You don t have to love it to understand it You have to live it That for me ualifies as a must read. Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here‘This is a story about India My India It is a very personal story You see I’m xactly as old as India is’It all began when viewing the breathless preparations for independent India’s 60th birthday celebrations and poised then on her own sixth decade Shobhaa Dé was struck by the thought ‘Surely my life has taken the same trajectory as the .
This wasn t worth the read I found it annoying and scattered I hoped to gain some insight into India from it and was disappointed It may be because I don t identify with India the way Indian citizens do but it
"felt like a "
like a overly westernized inauthentic depiction of India I wasn t xpecting a story of old timey India or Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils even a Bollywood version it just didn t seem to reflect the Indian culture This book started with a positivenergy in the introduction which unfortunately Payment Due ended right thereI am still confused what the author is trying to do in this book glorify the nation or insult it to noxtent simultaneously showing off her lifestyle What a struggle to read this book I was constantly asking myself what she is trying to convey Waste of time there is null takeaway from this book Sad What a waste One of the Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, early lessons one learns in one s career as a feature writer is that no amount of style can compensate for substance Clearly there s no rule there as De proves week after week in her saucy Sunday column for a leading newspaper That she s a frisky personality with a penchant for fame throwing and interesting phrase making careeristic bitch that s what she said in reference to Preity Zinta s role in KANK not to forget an incorrigible contrarian streak make her a uick fix masala writerNow that s perfectly fine when she restricts herself to themes about backbiting friends in a kitty club Starry Nights or catty advice on how men should be handled Surviving Men but writing a book on any aspect of India needs to be done with understanding and insightDe s new book draws a co relation between the author and the country s age 60 and how India isvolving into a superpower The book s title is ominously similar to BJP s 2004 Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, election campaign Shining India and we know how misplaced that idea turned out to be Similarly Shobhaa De s notion of linking the country s prosperity with the spending patters of a miniscule population Bentley cars Fendi bags isually that of naive The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, exuberance De seems to be taking a view onverything from the prism of her own affluent lifestyle and that of her inner circle of friends and acuaintances trips abroad living in posh star hotels visiting spas shopping in Milan and ParisNow what I found funny was that De takes great pains to Turbulence emphasize her own credentials as one from the upper crust The Ambanis live in their palatial residence not far from where I stay or talking about her globe trotting with specific attention on the place of stayither a five star or Tropical Bioproductivity expensive clubs There s also an awful lot of reference to various highnd brands verything from Cartier watches to Fendi bags to Gucci stuff that is clearly out of reach for 99 per cent of India s population To use this as a Barometer For Any Kind Of Progress Is In Itself Very for any kind of progress is in itself very can see the full review on my blog I have no idea how I came to be in the possession of this book But since I did have it in my library I felt duty bound to read it before I gave it away Written in usual breezy style it is a book asy to read but has nothing meaningful to offer any discerning reader Moreover it makes statements and arguments that are affront to one s intelligence and humanity Former because she won t provide any data and research to back any of her statements and conclusions there is one place where she says she doesn t like datanumber but there is another anecdote where she claims to have convinced someone of something with data very contradictory and latter because of her privilege Based on her one voyeuristic att. Ountry’s’ In an intimate confession to her readers she answers that uestion and many Does India really deserve to congratulate itself Has it lived up to the arly promises it made to its people Does the author believe in India herselfIn Superstar India an intimate confession to her readers De answers these uestions and discovers a jawan young India ready to find its place in today's world Dis.

Shobhaa Dé ☆ 9 SUMMARY

Superstar India From Incredible to Unstoppable

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