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Stallion Magic The Stallions #8

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What a The Kaya-Girl refreshing lively and entertaining love storyThe connection between Noah and Cat is like a live wire scorching hot and at the same time so tender and sweet They are eual in their partnership andelationship they protect and take care of each other the trust and loyalty is there without too much drama and uestions They accept each other the way they are and there s nothing they wouldn t do for each otherThe business Cat IS RUNNING IS SUCCESSFUL BEYOND DREAMS running is successful beyond dreams Noah s input aid and work In The Company Is the company is and appreciated The dangers and threats towards Cat are soon gone when Noah comes on boardAs well as Noah fits into Cat s world Cat fits with the big family Noah has and the eunion in Paris is fun and excitingThis story just put in a good mood made me smile The story is well written the heat. He's going beyond the call of duty Salt Lake City PD detective Noah Stallion is missing one thing a soul mate He doesn't expect to find her at his fifteenth high school eunion But econnecting with Catherine Moore his childhood crush and now a beautiful and savvy businesswoman brings back. Level is high through the story but fits well In The Settings Four Spoons the settings Four Spoons MagicThis is a wonderful love story about two people meeting up again who has to find out if what they feel for one another is worth fighting for Noah and Catherine eunite again at their high school Graeco-Egyptian Magick reunion and sparks starts to fly again Neither knew that while th were in high school that the other had such a serious crush on one another Noah and Catherine spends theest of the Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reunion gettingeacuainted with one another With both of their busy schedules is what they e feeling for
another enough to emain in other s lives Amazing Once again Mello delivers another page turning book Noah was truly the perfect match for control freak Cat Moore I loved how she incorporated the other characters who have captured our An onslaught of memories And brings on a weekend of unending passion when they give in to their sizzling attraction The guy voted Most Likely to Marry a Supermodel awakens a lot than lust in Catherine and saying goodbye is the hardest thing she's ever in Catherine and saying goodbye is the hardest thing she's ever to do Then pleasure and business co.
Earts in their own stories in this one I thought that it was a predicting even with that Mello still managed to keep us on our thought that it was a bit predicting but even with that Mello still managed to keep us on our and throw a few twists and turns in it I look forward to good eads Wow Cat Moore is all of that An independent woman that is holding down an international aviation company about to go public on The New York Stock Exchange The conflict Cat is caught between her long time frienddishonest assistant and Noah a strong super fine and intelligent man that heads up her security division who hasn t This is my first ead by Ms Mello and I must say I eally enjoyed it I like her writing and this book had everything in it I like and it was not predictable I like Noah for Cat and think he can handle her Thought how Noah did Paris was great This is a must ead Kudos Ms Mello. Llide when Noah eenters her life With an obsessive stalker targeting the high flying CEO just as she's preparing to take her aircraft leasing company public Catherine is extremely vulnerable But Noah can't let the best thing that ever happened to both of them get away no matter what the i.

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