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Ho is in need of someone to love him and show him how to reconnect with the people around himAidan is the middle child in a large family the Caines from Hope s Crossing but has always been the different one The family is big and outgoing where Aidan was always the uiet focused bookish one After he graduated from college and started his business he found himself working long days and pushing his relationship with his family into the background In the last few years he has seen them only a few times during the year After a recent health scare he has realized that he wants to be part of the family again but he s not sure how to accomplish it With the purchase of his huge home he came up with the idea of having them all visit for Christmas but now he s beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea Though he offered the job to Eliza out of guilt he uickly comes to see her as far I loved seeing Eliza and Aidan together The attraction between them is strong but both are wary about getting involved Eliza s initial dislike of Aidan is uickly overcome as she sees how nice a guy he really is Once she learns about his medical issues she starts to understand his motivation for his holiday plans I loved seeing her fuss over him but also not pull any punches when she doesn t agree with something he does One of the things that really softens her attitude toward him is seeing how wonderful he is with her daughter She starts to fall for him but doesn t see any possibility for a future between themAidan sometimes seems like a bundle of contradictions He really is a nice guy but his people skills are sometimes a little lacking He is much comfortable with computers than with trying to figure out emotions He really wants to reconnect with his family after his health scare but he also doesn t want to tell them about it He s not really happy when Eliza tells him that he s an idiot for shutting them out Though he had hired Eliza out of guilt and wanting to help her the he s around her the he discovers that he needs her That need sometimes scares him into pushing her away but he can t maintain the distance for long He has a hard time expressing his feelings but with her help he gets better at it I loved the way he went about trying to show her how he felt His Christmas surprise for her was terrificAs always with RaeAnne Thayne s books family is a central theme Aidan s love for his family is obvious in everything he says and does as he tries to get his house ready for their visit I loved hearing him tell Eliza all about them Their love for him is just as obvious both in their treatment of him but also the teasing among them all I loved the way his sister and sisters in law all noticed the changes in him and tried to get Eliza to say something about it I loved seeing them all together for Christmas and how Aidan finally saw the truth of what Eliza had been telling him about confessing to his familyI m really looking forward to reading about the town and people of Haven Point I liked the way that they so uickly made Eliza part of the community Her acceptance also started to pave the way "For Aidan Most Of The People Weren "Aidan Most of the people weren very nice to him at all as they waited to see what he was going to do with all the property he now owns I liked the way that Eliza used what she learned to explain to Aidan what was happening with the town I expect the stories for the people of Haven Point are going to

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just as wonderful as about Hope s Crossing 4 Stars A lovely readA charming story with some familiar characters in a new setting and while the story takes place around the holiday season it can be read any time of year My heart went out to Aidan Caine and the circumstances that had him rethinking about the important things in life What a good ind sweet man and I hated how the residents of Haven Point misjudged him and held him responsible for near collapse of their town He had so much to deal with and they just added to his misery I was glad that he had Eliza and "her adorable daughter Maddie who came unexpectedly into his life but I wish "adorable daughter Maddie who came unexpectedly into his life but I wish had gone to bat for him sooner I did feel bad for her she was dealing with a lot herself but I didn t like how she was so critical of Aidan He opened up his home to her and did everything to make up for what happened earlier in the story when it clearly wasn t his fault When she finally understood the enormity of what he was dealing with his own scary life changing circumstances she did come around and gave him the support he needed and was so deserving of These were two people who clearly needed each other and their romantic journey was a sweet oneOh my the Caines from the Hope s Crossing series come for a visit and what a delight it was to catch up with them most especially my man Dylan He was my absolute favorite in that series along with his new wife Gen I didn t realize they would play a role here and it was a pleasant surprise to connect with them again I was a little disappointed with the ending and while it was satisfying it came on suddenly and I never really got to enjoy Aidan and Eliza as a couple I m hoping as the series moves forward that we ll see them again along with that cutie Maddie I have no doubt we will since the next book focuses on Aidan s best friend Ben and the town mayor McKenzie who befriended ElizaThere is sexual tension but this is a clean romance Frankly these stories really reuire nothing than some smooching and thoughts and expressions about the desire the main characters have for each other It s enough the story itself had plenty of impactThe author does a wonderful job endearing the reader to the characters and their plight engaging emotions and bringing the hometown feel and sense of community into the story A pleasant thought provoking book about family and friends finding true love and grabbing a hold of life before it passes you by. Is lakeside guest lodge in Eliza's hands assuages his guilt until he sees how uickly he could fall for her Having focused solely on his business for years he never new that what his life was missing was Eliza and her little girl But is he willing to risk hoping for a yuletide romance that could lead to forev. .
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Snow Angel Cove35 stars I love this book It was hard for me to think of leaving the fictional town of Hope s Crossing from the former series created by RaeAnne Thayne I had grown so attached to the characters especially the Caine family I new she was going to start a new series of books and I was a little curious to see how the first book would be I shouldn t have worried It was wonderful To bridge the gap the first book is about Aiden Caine who is from Hope s Crossing We have met him a couple times in RaeAnne s previous books He is a tech genius and the multimillionaire owner of his own company Because he s lived in Calif he s only popped in the other books here and there plus he s very uiet In this book he s bought a large guest lodge in Idaho as a place where his huge extended family can come for the holidays and where he can relax when he s not working in Calif Unfortunately he happens to hit Eliza with a rental car after skidding on a piece of ice Eliza and her little girl Maddie have come to Lake Haven to begin a new job but they arrive to find out the job managing a hotel has gone up in smoke it is burning down as she arrives She has no idea what she will do now and it s at that moment that Aiden hits her as she Maddie are crossing the streetAiden feels terrible about hitting Eliza and finds out she has no place to go so he invents a job for her at his guest job since his family is coming and he needs help getting it ready anyway I so much enjoyed all the characters in the book Sue Jim the caretakers of the lodge were wonderful people I especially enjoyed RaeAnne having all the Caines come for Christmas to the lodge What fun to catch up with them and get to interact with them again And I loved Eliza s little girl Maddie What a sweet sweet girl she was The relationship between Aiden and Eliza was very believable also Both of them were so reluctant because of their pasts but they had a lot to give each other I would highly recommend this book I started this earlier apparently in February but got diverted when I realized that there were obviously some characters from another series involved I hate reading things out of order For some reason this hit my radar again and I just went with it There is a lot missing from prior books but I was swept up so much into Aiden and Eliza that I just didn t careI was pulled into Eliza by the disaster she faces in the beginning of this book She arrives at her new job as a hotel manager only to find the place burned to the ground So much for the job Worse crossing the street with her daughter she s then hit by an SUV that hit a patch of black ice Nothing serious but enough to bring her to the attention of the driver Aiden Caine Surprisingly this didn t feel contrived at all Thayne does an excellent job making it all seem plausible and at least part of that is in drawing us to Eliza and experiencing the events with herAs important to the story is Eliza s daughter Maddie Again Thayne delivers a good deal of drama and makes it real through her extremely well drawn characters You can see Eliza s care and courage her strength and determination and her vulnerability and need all wrapped up in her daughter s welfare You d have to be made of stone not to want to help her and Aiden is not thatAiden is his own level of engaging A "driven tech geek he s successful and smart but is also recovering from his own setback and need for "tech geek he s successful and smart but is also recovering from his own setback and need for You can see his strength and vulnerability as well and it was a pure delight watching as he s drawn to both Maddie and Eliza at first for their plight but very uickly in their own right as well I loved watching him fall in love with Maddie nearly as much as with her motherMy only hesitation on the five stars is that Maddie is a little too perfect as the five year old with medical issues I ve nown children as good natured as she is but never any so consistently so It s a small detraction in the overall excellence of the book though so in the end it didn t affect my rating This was an incredible story and I look forward to delving into some of Thayne s backlog soon Small town romances can go in two very different directions for me I usually either REALLY love them or REALLY hate them Since they are typically low angst and less steamy I really need to be able to bond not only with the hero and heroine but also with the community and secondary characters If I can find myself immersed into the everyday life of the community and get a real feel for what would be like to live there and fit in then i m likely going to enjoy the story m likely going to enjoy the story s a hard thing to accomplish so I am always thrilled when I find a new author who can do this for me Snow Angel Cove is my first read by RaeAnne Thayne and it won t be my last I really enjoyed reading about down on her luck Eliza Hayward and her adorable daughter Maddie The hero of the story Aiden Caine uite literally rescued Eliza but not after almost illing her by accident of course I loved the natural progression of their feelings for one another and than that I loved reading about Snow Angel CoveThis is the first book in a spin off series and I will definitely be checking out by this authorGreat read I absolutely LOVED Snow Angel Cove I cannot wait for books in this new series I think I will reread it again tonight I was a This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Eliza Hayward came to Haven Point to start fresh and with a new job and Christmas coming up she never thought that anything could go wrong but she was mistaken The hotel she was going to manage burned down so she is out of a job And then with her daughter while crossing the street she gets run over by a truck sliding on black ice and she meets the infamous Aidan Caine She nows of him and his reputation as being cold and a successful businessman and never expected to find him in Haven Point But when he offers New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne welcomes you to a small town full of big surprises that are both merry and brightNothing short of a miracle can restore Eliza Hayward's Christmas cheer The job she pinned her dreams on has gone up in smoke literally and now she's stuck in an unfamiliar if breat. Er a job she can t refuse especially with her being out of a job she nows she doesn t have a choice Aidan is charmed by Eliza and her daughter Maggie But he learns that he needs her and with his family joining them for Christmas love is in the season for Aidan and Eliza The Hero Aidan Caine is a hero that has set himself apart from everyone else Aidan is a nerd he likes computers and running a business and solving problems and can forget about his surroundings when becoming immersed in his work Aidan has recently suffered from a medical trauma and Speer keeps it from his family He doesn t confide in many people but Eliza is one of those select few he does confide in I truly gravitated toward Aidan he was simply a wonderful yet flawed hero He likes things his own way he is stubborn and prideful but he is also great withids Ultralearning kind and considerate The Heroine Eliza Hayward is a widow and had to pick up the pieces of her life to be theind of mother her daughter Maddie deserved Eliza needs to be able to The Ring Of The Dove keep positive even when life seems to go crazy she never gives up hope that something good is right around the corner Eliza may be an optimist but she is also a realist With her daughters heart condition shenows how important it is to The Lost Literature of Medieval England keep a job even if she has to work for a man she doesn t trust Eliza is a heroine that I admired from the beginning She has this inner strength and the type of character you could see yourself being best friends with I love how devoted she is to her daughter how she can be positive even when life goes bad and has a personality that is sweet Plot and Story Line Snow Angel Cove is the first book in Thayne s latest series of Haven Point And I was completely blown away by this one This was my first time reading this author and I can tell you all right now it won t be my last I fell in love with this book in every way and honestly I don t think there was anything I didn t like about it Snow Angel Cove is a story and the series is based on a small uaint charming town with a closenit community But Haven Point is struggling as a town and some of them aren t very happy with the new owner of the major properties And Our lovely hero Aidan has to deal with the fall out that his friend Ben created who is the hero of book 2 I found the way this author set the story up with this town and the people uite perfect and set the right tone for a charming Christmas romance The side characters of the story just added the right touch I especially liked Maddie oh my goodness she was the sweetest little girl and I liked how she could make everyone smile Then we have the caretakers of Aidan s home Then we have Aidan s family and they were a hoot and accepted Eliza and Maddie instantly into their family The romance that builds between Aidan and Eliza is slow but steady They have a couple of misunderstandings but I found the way they connected uite enchanting The chemistry is tender yet powerful between them And the author handled the various aspects of their relationship uite well I was drawn to this couple from the beginning and the easy way they are with each other This is by far one of the best Christmas romances I have ever read and it will have you baking sugar cookies and wanting to sing Christmas songs all day long The Cover What a coverI love how picturesue and some gorgeous scenery here I love the wintery scene with the tree and the barn Overall View Snow Angel Cove is a witty and Christmas themed romance that will melt your heartWELL WRITTEN AND CAPTIVATING Click To Buy On foogallery id24907 So I mean I specifically picked this book up to get over a massive overdose of feely feels from my last read I wanted a fluffy simple experience in order to reset my brain And I guess this did the job It s a uick read harmless sweet with some sad sorta tragic back why hello Christmas book Snow Angel Cove was just a random ass book that I found to read for a certain challenge I had zero expectations for this because I just wanted to get it done and over with Not going to lie it was cute and I was definitely in the holiday mood In it you will meet Eliza and Aiden The romance was really cute between them and it made me happy Other than that the pacing was actually a surprise to me Everything flowed pretty well throughout the book and it ept me wanting from the characters and the story itself Might even look into getting the next book of this series but probably wont be until the new year MaybeDefinitely enjoyed this one Wonderful start to the new series Eliza has come to Haven Point to start a new job as a hotel manager only to learn that the hotel has just burned to the ground With no job and no home she s not sure what she s going to do As she and her daughter are crossing the street she is hit by a car that hit a patch of black ice Aidan is horrified by what happened and how much worse it could have been As he takes Eliza and her daughter back to his home for the night he wonders what he can do to help With his family coming to visit for the holidays he hits on the idea of asking Eliza to help get his huge new home ready for his familyEliza isn t too sure about accepting the job She s very wary of Aidan Unknown to him her husband had died possibly intentionally after unsuccessfully trying to sell a software idea to Aidan s company Her husband had been obsessed with trying to make as much money as possible but took so many risks he ended up leaving Eliza in poor financial shape She is now wary of anyone she thinks is interested in money "than people But she is desperate for employment that will give her "people But she is desperate for employment that will give her she needs to Support Her Daughter As her daughter as has learned that she can only depend on herself for what she needs The time she spends with Aidan the she discovers that he is very different from the man she thought he was She s attracted to him but even than that she sees a man Htaking small town Precariously close to being destitute Eliza needs a helping handfor her sick young daughter's sake as well as her own But she's not expecting her holiday hero to almost run her down with his car Rescuing Eliza is pure instinct for tech genius Aidan Caine At first putting the renovation of

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