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A wonderful comic story for a new and young reader or anyone who enjoys comics and superheros Dan weaves a nice ittle story out of the genreI don t think there are any seuels which is sad This was well done I really ike this book I would share this book with many people and a specially the people who read sister and smile I got scared because of the part when they thought that fluffy was died and the eft the building but then that fluffy was invincible and would not die My Favorite Part Is favorite part is they scared the elephant and the hippo Hope whoever read this ikes it I really Liked This A Fun Graphic this A fun graphic with a good story action y comic book y with a nice twist The aging superhero who ives in a regular house was great fu I thought this comic book was exciting This book is very imaginative Superheroes pets friends The Day We Meet Again loyal to the end and illustrations with enough POW to knock your socks off it s a winning combination for the new graphic novel Sidekicks by Dan Santat I predict that young kids are going to beg their parents to read this aloud to them and older ones are going to read it again and again relishing in the action the exciting story and the multiayered details If you have a child who Powder Room loves superheroes or comic books definitely check this outRoscoe the Dog and Fluffy the Hamster might seemike ordinary pets but don t John Dollar let appearances deceive you They re theoyal pets of Captain Amazing protector of Metro City hero far and wide But Captain Amazing is having trouble these days and needs to bring in a new sidekick He s determined not to have his own pets serve as a sidekick because of a painful experience years back and now he just wants to spend time at home He s even bought a new pet a chameleon he names Shifty But these pets are just as determined to prove their own worth and become Captain Amazing s new sidekick So they set out to fight crime throughout the city and Rebooting India learn how to use their own superpowersWith exciting writing and dramatic illustrations Dan Santat has created a graphic novel that will have kids hooked from beginning to end reading it again and again This story will appeal to both girls and boys because it s got just the right blend of action adventure friendship humor all with just the rightevel of fighting to make the story exciting but not too violent One child told me it s an edge of the page sort of book with cliff hangers that hook you in and make you want to keep readingThis is graphic novel writing at its best with interesting details in the illustrations snappy dialog and compelling characters a story kids will want to read many times discovering new story elements each time they read the story It will pull Kids In With Bold in with bold and humor but it will immerse them in a well developed superhero fantasy with detailed setting compelling plot and characters that you care about This will make a great read aloud for younger kids or perfect independent read for middle grade readers YESS I REMEMBER LOVING THIS IT WAS MY FIRST GRAPHIC NOVEL Really glad to see this book added to the 2016 IL Bluestem Choice nominations It will be an easy book to book talk. Archvillain Dr Havoc returns to town and suddenly the Captain's in serious trouble Can the warring pets put their suabbles aside Or is it curtains for the CaptainIt's stay sit and save the world in this romp of a graphic novel. ,

That serves them well but have a hard time transferring their illustration style to the graphic novel format Panels alone can confound even the most accomplished artist Santat s advantage here may or may not be that he has worked in the world of animation at east a ittle Visual storytelling is a difficult art to master but storyboarding your own plots can help What it can t do is teach someone how to shake up points of view panel sizes and Mr Santat handles such visual games view panel sizes and Mr Santat handles such visual games aplomb He even works in a couple ittle instances of mild manga related techniues for spice As a result the book on a visual The Cost of the Forbidden (Irresistible Russian Tycoons leveleaves a Her Unforgettable Royal Lover lot of its competitors in the dirt The book is oddlyacking in one staple of the superhero genre though The origin story Generally speaking folks ike to know why a person or critter has a power The interesting thing about Sidekicks is that at no point do we hear where any of these powers came from This causes the reader to wonder how common superpowers are in this world Does everyone have them Just a few folks When Captain Amazing has auditions for a sidekick does everyone who comes have powers It s probably due to the imitations of space in a graphic novel that we don t have answers to these uestions So it is that we only know by the end of the book how two of the pets discovered their powers The rest of the world is a mystery This title is being released at the same time as a different book with the same name Sidekicks by Jack Ferraiolo Of course Ferraiolo s story is a middle grade chapter book about a good sidekick and an apparently evil sidekick It s interesting in that ight to apparently evil sidekick It s interesting in that ight to why Santat didn t indulge in an evil sidekick or two of his own Or at Catacomb least ONE female character though Shifty could easily be a nah That said Sidekicks does stand apart from the usual superhero genre Kids get tired of seeing the same old same old all the time The fact that super pets have never been turned into a CGI animated feature before is probably a matter of time than anything else A suggestion Hollywood Why not go with Sidekicks Fun a bit of visual splendor with enough honestly funny moments and angry hamsters to satisfy even the toughest of fans The sole regret That when this book hits myibrary shelves I Queen Esther the Second Graders of Doom ll have to find a way to answer all those kids who immediately demand of me Where are the other comics by Dan Santat Patience kids Let s take one good thing at a time And this is above and beyond anything else a very good thingFor ages 8 12 A very fun and sweet book about a team of animal sidekicks to Captain Amazing and how they work together to save the day It makes me want to read By this author This slowly sets the table for a series that apparently will never be written Fun at times but I m never a big fan of the slow moving Super Hero backdrop stories Hope S Superhero PetsAn aging superhero neglects his pets They all want to be his super sidekick and they work together as a team to prove their worth The art is vibrant and colorful The characters are great fun Iike Fluffy and Shift I think my nephew could handle this story I l see if I can read it to him This is. He announces that he needs a sidekick his dog hamster and chameleon each decide to audition But with each pet determined to win the sidekick position the biggest battle in Metro City might just be at the Captain's house Then.

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When I was a kid I got to read comics that I had no business Putting My Grubby Little Hands my grubby A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue little hands You see my grandmother had carefullyeft all my dad s old Superman Superboy Metal Men X Men etc comics intact so that when we went to visit I d root through them and read em until there was Jazz Funeral littleeft but a pile of yellowed pulp The result of this research during my early childhood is that I m one of the rare grown women you might meet with a working knowledge of The Doctors Pregnancy Surprise late 50searly 60s comic books characters culled directly from the source So I know my superheroes Oh yeah And what s I know my superhero pets I know my Krypto the Super Dog from my Gleek You bet This isucky since 2011 appears to be the year of the super pet First off you have the aunch of the DC Super Pets books taking this old characters and giving them a visual update not too far off from what you might find on The Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jo Jo not included In tandem with this release comes a new graphic novel from Dan Santat Sidekicks not to be confused with the Jack Ferraiolo title of the same name follows the adventures of some supercharged pets as they set out to prove their worth to their similarly spandexed master It s one pets as they set out to prove their worth to their similarly spandexed master It s one those books that you just feel good reading from start to finish Gorgeous stuff Captain Amazing is the defender of Metro City Nuff said Yet in recent years he s been feeling the weight of his age It s time for the Captain to ook for a new sidekick He hasn t had one really since his cat Manny ran away from home As of now that When Valentines Collide leaves Roscoe the dog Fluffy the hamster and Shifty the chameleon Both Roscoe and Fluffy are determined to get the job and Fluffy recruits old Manny to help him train Yet even if he does manage to make an impression that may have to take a backseat to an old villain who is back in town with sinister plans And when Captain Amazing fails to be up to the job of defeating the baddie it falls to his pets instead to save the day Iike how tight the plotting of this book is For example at one point during the tale Fluffy is handed a peanut so that he His Temporary Cinderella ll remember something important Later the plot demands that he use that same peanut to save the day See that Santat sets em up and knocks em down There s a really enjoyable order to the way this story falls out One person I spoke to felt that the flashback scene to when Manny the cat was a member of the household should have gone at the beginning of the book but I disagree Iike how Santat doles out his information piece by piece The the characters The Middle Ages (The Story of the World learn the youearn I also Booties And The Beast like how one character s surprising discovery that he has powers is telegraphed throughout the book though this being a comic it s not something kids are necessarily going to spot Of course it s the art that s amazing It s not difficult to see why this book took a whopping seven years to write when you note the care and attention Santat hasavished on each and every panel Kids do ove and prefer full color GN offerings and in this Santat does not disappoint Vibrant is probably the best way to go about describing his style Some folks have a basic familiarity with a pen. INTRODUCING METAL MUTT STATIC CAT AND FLUFFYCaptain Amazing hero of Metro City is so busy catching criminals that he rarely has time for his pets at home He doesn't even notice when they develop superpowers of their ownSo when. Sidekicks