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S that though the book is a good attempt in capturing the stories that every single Indian must know the writing has a number of flaws the CONTENT STRUCTURE IS HAPHAZARDPHRASES WORDS HAVE structure is haphazardphrases words have repeated ideas have been re re reintroduced in the chapters despite the flaws my heart takes over and I recommend everyone to read it and feel proud of the people who live and die for our nation I read the book The Brave Paramvir Chakra of the people who live and die for our nation I read the book The Brave Paramvir Chakra by Rachna Bisht Rawat The book covers a brief story by Rachna Bisht Rawat The book covers a brief story history about the war which India had with its neighbours and the 21 Param Vir Chakra awardees After reading I was ust in awe with the courage and leadership displayed by these soldiers in different war and battles Every soldier had a different personality but the common trait about them was the love for the country The I read about each of them the I felt proud of our defence forces who safeguard our Indian borders with all hardships Hats off to them I urge everyone to read this book Truly remarkable scarification of life stories of brave Indian Solders I salute them for their bravery Must read for all Please steal some moments from your life and must read The Brave by Rachna Bisht This book is all about those superheroes who sacrificed their lives The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs just to make our life secure It needs guts to read these heart shocking stories of soldiers without pauses pauses filled with goosebumps I felt prideInto my heart when I turning pages One by one Iust Fell in love with their determinationSo inspiring Even in his death Vikram Batra had kept the promise he had made to a friend casually over a cup of tea at Neugal Caf in Palampur on his last visit home When his friend had cautioned him to be careful in the war Batra had replied Either I will hoist the Tricolour in victory or I ll come back wrapped in it Highly Recommended The Param Vir Chakra India s Greatest Military honour Soldiers don t die when bullets pierce their hearts and heads through their olive green shirts and woolen balaclavas They don t die when they fall before an enemy onslaught or even when they get buried in trenches staining the earth with their war crimson blood It is only when we forget their acts of bravery that soldiers die UnknownThe Brave Param Vir Chakra stories is the bone chilling tales of those 21 bravest of the brave soldiers of India who showed the extreme courage leadership and valour against the enemy and died on the battlefield for the sake of their motherlandFor the detailed review you can also visit. Ing Chinese How did a villager from Uttar Pradesh become a specialist in destroying tanks Both gripping and inspiring The Brave is the ultimate book on the Param Vir ChakraNote This book is in the Hindi language and has been made available for the Kindle Kindle Fire HD Kindle Paperwhite iPhone and iPad and for iOS Windows Phone and Android devic. Lete with anecdotesThe book reinforces the ordinariness of these men s lives even in extraordinary times and keeps the reader engrossed beyond the fight till the last bullet the last man and long after the last page I ust borrowed this phrase from an event of 1962 Major Shaitan Singh and his men grossly outnumbered were brutally massacred by the Chinese and died following the orders You will fight till the last man and the last bullet The current book in uestion fills in my humble opinion a major gap in our literature a mainstream book on the recipients of the Paramvir Chakra their deeds their bravery and their life story this is bravery and their life story This is stunning but completely true fact at least insofar as my experience in concerned that we do not know much beyond the names of a few of these awesome brave men who did the impossible or rather who made the impossible possible This book is about them about their lives and their deeds Who was Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon What exactly did he do Who was Captain Vikram Batra Just what did he do that was so awesome Who was Lieutenant Manoj Pandey What were his precise actions his exact deeds that led To His PVC How his PVC How he do it Who was Major Somnath Sharma Lieutenant Colonel Tarapore 2nd Lieutenant Arun Khetrapal Naik Jadunath Singh Subedar Joginder Singh Havaldar Abdul Hamid Lance Naik Albert EkkaRead about how one man led 90 against a 900 strong enemy and won Read about how one man defeated 35 enemy soldiers Read about how a brave soldier stomach ripped open kept fighting Read about how a single unit without artillery support armed with Rifles held off an enemy armed with Machine Guns Artillery and Mortar Read about how a young man refused to be evacuated from a burning tank faced certain death but did not flinch from his duty Read all this and and realise that what these people not ust the PVC winners but also the entire Indian Armed Forces did and have done in every war every exchange of fire was something special something extraordinary something superhuman something that has no logical explanation There can be no other explanation for some of the absolutely unbelievable stories that leap out of the book it is simply beyond human comprehension these weren t aren t normal they are special Men India needed alive but Men who by choice laid their lives for our India writing this review would be a battle betwre the head and the heart your heart cannot believe the superhuman stories of courage displayed by these army men the head think. Id portrait of these men and their extraordinary deeds How hard is it to fight at 20000 feet in sub zero temperatures Why did Captain Vikram Batra say ‘Yeh dil maange ’ How do wives and girlfriends of soldiers who don’t return cope What happens when the enemy is someone that you have trained How did the Charlie Company push back the maraud. I find it ironical that there are
So Books On These 
few books on these who have made the nation proud on so many occasions by leaving their essence forever This book will make one pensive on than one occasion Even after having Grounding Grounded Theory just completed the book I find it a little surreal as to how can someone be so selfless and committed towards their duty even in the face of impending death A recommended read for every Indian I loved the stories of valor grit patriotism and determination What s not to love about such strong ualities The stories are real The lives lost are real The difficulties and obstacles endured by our soldiers are genuine The knowledge that there are such brave souls out there who die in such terrible circumstances will make your heart bleed but I promise knowing them and their valor will strengthen your soul The book isn t a very crisp read The editor could have done a much betterob because the author tends to repeat her thoughts and words through the stories Also each chapter could have been aligned better I believe an editorial error and that would have made the brave stories a crisp and much better read I chose to concentrate on the stories which were real and had a lot of heart hence regardless of the small errors made by the author and her editor I choose to give this book a 4 star rating Had the book been a crisp read I have no doubt I would have given it a 5 star rating We tend to take our freedom for granted We complaining about silly stuff like potholes traffic ams about standing in line to pay our property taxes all the while when there are valiant souls guarding us at the wall who sometimes in remote areas lack ration and adeuate clothing Do read this one It s a must read for all Indians A must read for every indian soldier and civilian alike I got this gift from one of my friend and must thank him for this wonderful book The book paints a vivid portrait of 21 courageous soldiers and awardees of the Param Vir Chakra PVC the nation s highest award for gallantry a medal that even the Chief of Army Staff gets up to salute even if it hangs on the shirtfront of a foot soldier Apart from narrating valiant tales from the battlefield the book also traces the lives of these extraordinary men which really makes it very touching Divided into sections like the Indo which really makes it very touching Divided into sections like the Indo war 1947 48 Congo 1961 the Sino Indian war 1962 the second and third Indo Pak wars 1965 1971 Siachen 1987 Operation Pawan 1987 90 and the Kargil war 1999 the book is an inspiring read rep. 21 riveting stories from the battlefield about how India’s highest military honour was won The Brave takes you to the hearts and minds of India’s bravest soldiers all of whom won the Param Vir Chakra India’s greatest military honour With access to the Army families and comrades in arms of the soldiers Rachna Bisht Rawat paints the most viv. ,


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