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Emerging Markets eNot realize why the author is throwing spotlight on different characters at different times through the chapters in the book It is towards thend of the book that the reader will realize the reason for the piece meal story style This of course is a way of taking the reader s attention to the new level Lots of aspects are put into the novel The focus is on the Aryans their history their societal structure and the race the social order and the geography of India ie The central India Relationships feelings incidences facts fiction and a lot are added to th First of all I would like to thank the Author for sending me a free copy in A Home of Another Kind exchange for an honet review I have a mixed feeling about this book It was good it was great at times infact but thending could have been improved a bitTalking about the positives of the book Shatvari Her character was well written It was a really nice description of a high class woman in the ancient times who had a diverse opinion from the others The way she did things because she wanted to and not because she was forced to was nice to read about Her character in the second half of the book is a live The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy example of how much people can change Neel and Dhananjay These two men were amazing characters They have got to be my favourite It is a little difficult to talk about one without the other for me Their friendship was greatThe way Dhananjay jokes around Neel and how they work together was heartwarming But the way Dhananjay got formal around Neel was a nice touch to show is how the king and kingdom and it s people come first before family and friends It would ve been nice to know a little about them And if it wasn t obvious I like Dhananjay than Neel UdayanUdayan was a much needed break in that self obsessed kingdom He put people in their right place and it was great to read his conversations with the king Shatrughan This boy undoubtedly has to be the smartest person in the whole book I mean if it was up to him he would ve solved all the problems of the kingdom within the first 50 pages or so Gunjan Amodini Vaishaliand all the other characters that played a really big role in the way the story shapes outThe characters were well written and didn t for a secon seem out of placeNow coming to the negatives of the book Shatvari Yes I have a problem with her I agree that incidents change people but at a point her change in character seemed way too drastic A little over the top Yes that treatment would result in crazy obsession for revenge but her character at thend of the book seemed a bit conflicted to how she was shaped throughout the story The African Successes, Volume I ending Like I saidarlier the Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, ending seemed a little unreal I know it is fiction but it was kind of hard to believe It seemed a bit rushed too But I understand that thending had to be written the way it was but it could ve been a little longOn the whole this book is a great read and I would say I couldn t put it down The starting was really nice sweet and all xcept for the first chapter I was a little confused by the way the book started and it gradually turns dark This story covers the ancient ways of living the caste systems back then with a pinch of love a little friendship a little open mindedness and a lot of fun I would definitely recommend it to people who are interested in reading books set in the ancient times that actually deal with the issues of those times I received a free copy of this book in xchange for an honest review the courier service delivered the book on 16th May my birthday this book in Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. exchange for an honest review Whats the courier service delivered the book on 16th May my birthday made meven delighted to get the *BOOKNOW COMING TO THE REVIEW OF *coming to the review of book this is a historical fiction The time period is post Vedic Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes era A rough sketch map of India is also given at the last page of the book for reference purpose The story is veryngaging right from the beginning Two parallel stories go on from the beginning and at the Marketing Excellence 3 end the author beautifully merges the two There s the strong female protagonist of the story Shatvari who dares to defy the societal norms of her time and go by her own decision Readers are bound to fall in love with the character of Shatvari Then there is Mekal king Neel a brave warrior who won the hands of the beautiful princess Pallavi but then refused to marry her This character with his bravery honesty and intelligence will surelytch a mark in the readers mind The novel being a historical fiction clearly shows the meticulous research done by the author on the socio political conditions customs rituals YARN Essentials etc of that time All the characters are described vividly Like when the author describes the scene when princess Pallavimerges from the boat the description is so vivid that it seems to be happening right in front of my Wild Wicked Scot (Highland Grooms, eyes in a giant movie screen The description of the scenes of war has also been done with remarkable clarity The story is fast paced and captures readers attention from the very beginning Though it s a novel of 238 pages the twists and turns of the plot sustain the curiosity of the readers till the last page It was a thoroughlynjoyable reading Black on Blonde experience for me The story is songrossing that it drifted me away to an The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece era bygone anra when kings princes princesses sages and warriors inhabited our countryLastly I would like to share some uotes from the book which I found worth rememberingEven gods can t foretell anybody s future You yourself write your future by your present karma Whatever you sow in the wide arable land of American Nietzsche events today you will have to reap their harvest tomorrowThe Vedic philosophy believes the universe as a manifestation of Brahma They are one and the same Hence the universe is as joyful andcstatic as the Brahma Life is like an Art, Culture, and Cuisine eternal festivalone has to fill his inner void himself More we try to fill it with the help of someonelse the bigger it becomes because Berlioz and His Century everyone of us is carrying the same void within We need to fulfil ourselves by finding our purpose in life and accomplishing it by our own deedsFor reviews go Nshis' nemeses the Raghuvanshis gear up tonter the fray as well What heavenly powers lie within the Yantra and what curse stays the hands of those who would unleash them Can Shatvari survive that curse and harness those powers Will the Yadvanshis' other Aristotles Rhetoric enemies help Shatvari seek her vengeance Or will the storynd in an all out war. ,
The circle completes ShatvariIt always does Cast in the post vedic Blood Runs Green era The Dawn at Dusk is a heart wrenching tale of hate combed with a false belief of justice that sometimes clouds the minds of the best of humansThe situation worsensven further if this hatred is fueled by personal grievances and gets the arsenal of will power Those who fuel the fire of revenge withinShall knowThat like charityHatred too begins at your very home Shatvari as righteous as a woman could be is a wife of honor She lives a simplistic and austere life where she dutifully does all for her husband Only that is not reciprocated by him who goes on awry ways to self destructImplode perhaps is the right way that to describe the collapse of such families Collapsing within with forces inside your own consciousnessVery well researched and deftly dealing with the Charting an Empire evils of the Aryan civilization the author is almost as fearless as one might be in penning down such a risky subject Blending social ostracization into the characters of Shatvari and a character named Gunjan who you can t place in the relations defined by the societyHow do you define the bond between that of a married woman and a friend who happens to be male They are loyal to their respective feelings but still could do anything for the anotherI can t put my finger to that word because such a relation neverxisted Or if it did we failed to name itBlinded by an absolute rage and steel hard determination to the wrongs that were committed against her being cheated on with a courtesan by her husband the allegations over her purity and uestions on her status were Colored Property enough to kindle a volcano that would over throw the mightiest of reignsPlot Sharp and crisply written You never saw what was coming on the next corner Character Drawing With so numerous a beings involved it wasasy to get meddled up The fact is Mr Sandeep Nayyar avoids that And with class All the traits are well chiseledThree kingdoms and their respective rulers their armies and all their royal prowess The lines between friends and foes that change with the clock The complex workings of a neglected and plotting human mindThis book had it all for meLastly the author does not take sides And that just that made me ooze out an Desire and Truth extra star A powerful starThe husband overlaps his feelings of lust and love He still hoards feelings for the two women till the verynd We are defined by the choices that we make Shatvari chose Damodar over Gunjan Did Damodar feign his love for Shatvari to satiate his love of conuering Nope Did the courtesan regard Damodar as just another client Nope So how do you define the complex web of The Exiles Gallery emotionsWhat was correctOr rather who was correct Or is thereven a word called correct for human Dislocating China emotionsA translated version of the original Samarsiddha you got to jump your reading ueue and get this one straight out Verdict Never let me breath Thrilling to the core The Dawn at DuskBy Sandeep NayyarReview By Ila GargThe Dawn at Dusk a novel by Sandeep Nayyar is published by Ocean Paperbacks a division of Ocean Books Pvt Ltd The cover shows a warrior woman The backdrop of a dusty ground looks like a battle field scene Let s see what the book is about because the cover is uite intriguingSandeep Nayyar is a mechanicalngineer by ualification an IT consultant by profession and a writer by choice Born in 1969 Sandeep has had a great flair and passion for writing since his Childerley early childhood Despite ualifying as anngineer he has also worked as a journalist and has written regular columns for various newspapers and magazines Sandeep now lives in the UK with his wife and two children and The Dawn at Dusk is his debut novelRead the complete review here I got this book from the author in xchange for honest reviewI was REALLY EXCITED TO READ THIS BOOK excited to read this book i have read the hindi version of the book now i re read the book in EnglishBut i must say the English version is interestingTalking about the book the story revolves around the protagonist ShavtvariAs it is clear from the blurb this novel belongs to historical fiction i love reading itEach very page is beautifully writtenThe book is set in 8th century BC Love hatred and revengeall Cruelty and Laughter elements are thereThe upper caste used toxploit the lower casteLower caste are considered as untouchableSh I received a free copy of this book from the authorAlthough this story was kind of good the book didn t really have me dying to know what was going to happen next The telling was lackluster and a bit boring and dragging at times I really loved the beginning The characters were great and I really wanted to know how the story would progress but the second half didn t really live up to my Cop Knowledge expectations A lot of the story relied heavily on coincidence and somevents were a bit implausible Also the grammar in uite a few places *was off So overall this book wasn t that great a read Set in 8th *off So overall this book wasn t that great a read Set in 8th in post Vedic India a powerful story mainly themed around the caste system The Dawn at Dusk was originally published in Hindi as Samarsiddha Shatvari is young Brahmin upper caste girl who is indignant about the caste system and doesn t think it fair She tries very hard to give a proper social status to Gunjan a Shudralower caste but is unsuccessful and Gunjan is killed To avenge his death Shatvari decides to live like a lower caste in a cemetery along with her son when she left her husband Damodar after he indulged in Cultural Aesthetics extra marital affair She hunts for anlusive Yantra which is said to contain spiritual powers In pursuit of abolishing the caste system Shatvari Class and Conformity employsxtremist measures and decides to go for an all out war with all the upper castesMeanwhile Nishaad King Neel and his friend Dhanajay are busy trying to xtend friendly relations to neighboring kingdoms and help them out So when King Rudrasen s daughter and son are kidnapped by Shatvari for a sacrifice Neel and Dhananjay are also drawn into it and Shatvari s now grown up son Shatrugan s true loyalt. A Society wounded by power struggles and divided along caste lines is slipping into an all pervasive decay The religious scriptures are being interpreted according to their convenience Resentment is brewing in depressed classes In this backdrop the king of the Yaduvanshis and his scheming priests turn a beautiful Brahmin lady Shatvari. .
Ies are xposed to be not on his mother s blood thirsty ways but on a peace loving side This leads to a battle of loyalties between mother and son This incident also uncovers King Rudrasen s single minded pursuit of High Tide at Midnight expanding his kingdom rather than well being of his citizens which is soon going to culminate into an uprising if not checkedShatvari s army has a powerful chemical weapon which can kill anyone in its way and King Rudrasen has a huge army of dedicated soldiers willing to sacrifice their lives for their country So when Shatvari attacks though they are taken by surprise the fighting is fierce and had it not been for the chemical weapon the Chandaal warriors headed by Shatvari would be wiped out Shatrugan goes to Neel and Rudrasen and says that he is going to test a mother s love He gets hit by the chemical and Shatvari and Neel and a few soldiers take him to a secret spot where the chemical antidote is kept and a soldiers from her army prevent her from taking unknown people to the hiding spot Will Shatrugan get the antidote Will he succeed in showing his mother the folly of her ways Will the fight stop Or will it blow out into an all out war Will the Chandaal warriors succeed in abolishing the caste systemThis book is beautifully written and the author knows a lot about the Aryan civilization and the post Vedic period This book s relevance is spot on for our times when there are multiple clashes of races and sexes Martin Luther Jr once said Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that The author reiterates this in the form of this book Worth a readhttpslovereaddreamwordpresscom2 Last Diwali I started taking review reuest in Hindi language but I was not getting up to the mark book in Hindi I have review 3 4 books ins last 5 months but Samar Siddha was the only book in Hindi which has providednough fuel to my reader s Education and Equality engine The books I read till now were lacking interest portion or seriousness portion Samar Siddha was able to touch them And I am happy with the readingxperienceSamar Siddha started with two different stories One is about a Brahmin girl Shatvari and another about Nishad King Neel Shatrvari was the daughter of a well Deceptive Beauties educated well respected Acharya Her upbringing was done with proper value systemducation She learned from her father that anyone with the hunger for knowledge should be given chance irrespective of hisher cast She Dangerous Work encouraged her ox cart driver a low cast guy to get knowledge of Vedas from her father and musical training from herself Her life was changed after her marriage Neel recently accepted kingship after his the death of his father His kingdom was freuently attacked by neighboring kingdom of Dakshini Kaushala He went to the capital ofnemies in disguise to learn about them but he was caught by soldiers his army chief who was handling kingdom in his absence got the message from Uttara Kaushala about Neel s kidnapping They agreed with Uttara Kaushala s strategy to get Neel backI like the way the author has maintained pace interest storyline I didn t feel bored ven for a minute while reading Some of *The Lines Were Worth Uoting *lines were worth uoting The author has used burning issue of ancient and modern India and showed a wonderful drama around the same Author has maintained tempo throughout the story I personally liked the character of Shatvari NeelDetailed review link Shatvari plays many roles in her life She is a beautiful pious Brahmin girl who believes in the holy Vedas She is also a practitioner of classical music She is married and is mindful of her duties Yet none of it nough to keep her husband from straying As xpected the society doesn t fail to bring out its lashing tongue against her In her moments of weakness she is manipulated and turned into a completely different person She takes on a mission to find a magical Yantra that is rumoured to have great powers She channels the rage she feels towards xtracting revenge from all who she deems have wronged her Lines are blurred to as whether she is the victim or not Would come out of this whole Forgery, Replica, Fiction experience aliveThe plot of the story is partly uniue with its varied characters and various concepts From Shatvari to Shatrughan to Rudrasenach character in the book has an important role to play and none of them is there merely as a filler The author has paid attention to building them up all separately As such their personalities hardly overlap and ach brings in their own flavor into the story The story

of shatvari is 
Shatvari is a story of many common women ven if the situations are different The world the book is set in is very familiar There are various boundaries within the society and caste or gender biases are very similar to what we see in our reality The class disparity is clearly defined as are the gender roles It wasn t surprising to see that a man gets away with being unfaithful while a friendship between a man and a woman is frowned upon and sets up the woman s character for Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life everyone to judgeThere are few things that I did not like so much For instance certain situations were never reallyxplained and as such felt completely far fetched ven for a fantasy novel Maybe a little information about the world and the backdrop would have helped The drastic change in Shatvari is hard to digest without any prior indication that she had it in her The language used in the narrative also seemed to falter at places All in all this one should interest the historical fiction lovers but picked up with caution If you love history and love to wrap a story around an ra that captures your attention then this book The Dawn At Dusk by Sandeep Nayyar a UK based Indian Author makes up for a very The Empty Chair engrossing readThe political social culturalconomic geographical and so many inter related aspects cover this story that throws spotlight on the post vedic period It is made xtremely relatable through these connections in the storyInitially one may. Into a bloodthirsty Chandaal warrior Exploited and shattered Shatvari hunts a magical Yantra and the spiritual powers it contains But in her single minded pursuit of revenge she falls victim to the curse lurking within the very same miraculous powers Elsewhere the young Nishaad King Neel courtesans Amodini and Vaishali and the Yaduva. .

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