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Sam Outlaw Trilogy #3Great ending to 3 great storiesConnie Mason is one of the greatest Backlash historical Western romance writers of all time in my opinionYouave too re Sam Gentry is on the run from the law for a crime Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, he didn t commit After being falsely accused of bank robbery in Kansas Sam andis brothers Rafe and Jess flee in different directions promising to meet up again in a year Sam Finds Himself Jailed finds Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, himself jailed Texas after a barroom brawl His companion in jail is Rusty Ramsey who offersim a job in thanks for In Defense of Food help with the fight Rusty is foreman of the B G ranch which is owned by a woman named Lacey This couldn t beis Lacey thinks Sam He married is wife 6 years ago during the Civil War but their union was short as Sam was betrayed and given up to the Yankees "He blames Lacey for betraying im and didn t return to "blames Lacey for betraying Black and White him and didn t return to after the war There s no way the owner of the B G ranch could beis estranged wife But of course it is Lacey is shocked to see that Sam is alive after all these years He abandoned The Color of Water her and leter think e was dead Besides she s about to marry a man she doesn t love in order to save er ranch Sam and Lacey keep their relationship secret from the Cake Pops hands They are both determined toate the other But Lacey Brave New World has a 5 year old son Andy who Sam grows rather fon. Withis face on wanted posters across the West Sam Gentry still needed a job The BG Ranch was ir.

Summary Sam Outlaw Trilogy #3

D of And both Sam and Lacey are "uestioning their true feelings
For One AnotherThis Story Is 
one anotherThis story is entertaining and engaging but the whole OMG you "their true feelings for one anotherThis story is uite entertaining and engaging but the whole OMG you me OMG you abandoned me gets really old real uick Sam and Lacey are both dumb as a box of ammers and stubborn as a constipated donkey And the ending is predictable as ell but like I said entertaining nonetheless My two gripes 1 HELLO Is there a copy editor in the ouse If so fire Memories of My Melancholy Whores her2 Also minor spoiler there is thisuge build up surrounding the reason Lacey s fianc Taylor Cramer wants the BG ranch as a reader I was expecting a pay off But after chapters and chapters of Lacey wondering why she never does figure it out As readers are we to just assume that since the ranch is in Texas perhaps Pakistan he knew the landad oil or something That uestion is never answered Grrrr The 3rd book brought it all together nicely It was my favorite of the 3 She brought it all gether nicely with a good ending I really enjoyed the Outlaw trilogy Something a little different to what i normaly read DNF So I picked this one off the book exchange bookshelf we Pitch Dark have in the locker room at work It s an old Connie Mason romance called The Outlaws Sam Book three in the Outlaws trilogyJesus God what a nightmare I do believe it. Ing cowhands but Sam couldn't believeis ex wife Lacey owned the ranch But one look at er told .

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