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Rumor Has It Texas Cattleman’s Club A Missing Mogul #2

Maureen Child Ö 8 Summary

This is the 2nd book of the series I ve ead and I m not impressed by any of themI d like I m not impressed by any of themI d like know the eason for the author taking the series into eternity since she s short on inspirationIn this book all the leading couple cares about is the gossip Despite their painful past the main theme of the story is just gossipWell I got sick and tired of themAfter all these years I finally get itRoyal is just a village with bored to death peopleT. Something to HideSeven years ago wealthy sheriff Nathan Battle proposed to his pregnant girlfriend But Amanda ipped out his heart left town and suffered a miscarriage Now she. Here is no other explanation for their gossiping obsession Love this with the Altman sisters story about their elationship n Individual love stories this is a strong 35 but I like the TEXAS cattleman series so i Blue Moose rounded up I don t even like Nathan I mean he s an asshole He finallyealize that he s been wrong all along yet he didn t even apologized to Amanda I was like whaa I don t like Amanda too I mean if she
really is that 
is that 's back and Nathan has To Get Over Her get over her and for all But his plan to seduce her say goodbye forever and focus On His Job Isn't Working his job isn't working wellUpon eturning to gossipy Royal Texa. ,
On t come near him I don t know why she did that though looming around him acting like he didn t hurt her Pam s a bitch she deserves a freaking hard slap on her cheek Seriously The TCC has been and on and off ongoing series which has started to annoy me a bit because it never fricken ends The omance between hero and heroine was just written to me I didn t feel any emotional connection to the characters despite their eventual happy endin. S Amanda's determined not to Show Nathan How Much Nathan how much still loves him Yet esisting the gorgeous lawman is impossible Especially when she discovers she's pregnant with lawman is impossible Especially she discovers she's pregnant with his