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Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows eHat she would be a real wild card despite hermotional side or because of it and kept hoping she d finally see reason She didn t almost destroying the most important factor in the dynamic of the The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) entire team trust What happened to her wasn t nice but it wasn t unexpecteditherBut now having read the blurb for Black at Heart the final installment in this amazing trilogy that completely confirmed my suspicion about the shy IT and the big boss wink wink I m really looking forward to reading the last book and see what Ms Parish would come up withI can t wait Rating 45 Action 5 Emotion 45 Romance 4 Sensuous 3 Intrigue 45 Humor 9 Tears 1 Pitch Black introduces Alec Lambert as a new addition to Wyatt Blackstone s Black CATs Wyatt had angered the wrong people at the Hoover Building thus his team s future was up in the air Alec had trusted the wrong woman on his last assignment and he had suffered through being shot and losing his partner as well as being transferred to the black sheep Cyber Action Team of the FBI Alec had been on the fast track towards being a respected member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit Working with the Black CATs was his last chance to keep his job with the FBIAlec became the focal point in a new murder being handled by the Black CATs because it was believed that the killer was The Professor a serial killer Alec had been pursuing for three years His new partner is Jackie Stokes the attractive African American forensics xpert introduced in Fade To Black Book One of The Black CATs Trilogy Parrish has a wonderful way of drawing the reader in and making the people in her books seem so real and believable Like the immediate testing of loyalties between Alec and Jackie as they drive to their first interview Alec is afraid for his life because Jackie drives like she s on a NASCAR race track and can t help but comment when Jackie throws out a salvo about Wyatt being the best man she has ver worked withAlec and Jackie arrive at the home of a reclusive computer jock Samantha Dalton Sam has been on a crusade to try and A Fairly Honourable Defeat educate internet users about scams and con men since her grandmother was bilked out of her retirement by an online scam three years ago She has a regular site with a faithful following She has written a book and posts a new scamditorial very Wednesday She is reclusive because her confidence took a heavy mbarrassing blow when her cheating husband divorced her a year agoThe sensuality level between Alec and Sam began the moment they met and played prevalently throughout the book Even though they were mutually attracted they both had trust issues to fight before they succumbed to their lusts Sam was so distrustful of men that she had a sleep shirt that read Graduate of the School of All Men Suck Alec was on the job and could not get involved with a witness again because he was so aware of the catastrophe that occurred when he trusted his witness during his last assignment Even though they waited until the nd of the book the one love scene between Alec and Sam was full of spice romance and heatParrish provided nough possible serial killer suspects to keep the reader guessing provided The Man Without a Face enough possible serial killer suspects to keep the reader guessing the verynd of the book She did a great job with mis direct I got it wrong again Another tool to keep the reader on dge was the freuent visits parrish paid edge was the freuent visits Parrish paid the killer s mind throughout the book including his fforts to lure his next victim to her death The killer also started fixating on Sam and her column believing he could convert her to his way of thinking "It was because The Professor responded to Sam s weekly rant as Darwen "was because The Professor responded to Sam s weekly rant as Darwen she became closely involved with Alec in the resolution of the caseParrish has a wonderful ability to make the characters she creates realistic and human They have uirks that Gone (Gone, entertain Like having two FBI agents sitting on your couch next to your clean unfolded laundry Like having an FBI agent leave an interview to deal with a policeman who likes to write tickets for illegal parking Like having a best friend who blurts outmbarrassing sexual comments on your answering machine while company is in the room She creates such Threads Of The Shroud entertaining characters while keeping the readers suspensefullynthralled about what is going to happen next She draws the reader in from page one and doesn t let go until the last page of the bookWyatt did not make as many appearances nor was his black sheep status further developed in Pitch Black Although they made several appearances Dean Taggert Fade To Black hero Kyle Mulrooney nor Brandon Cole played predominant roles in book two Jackie however became a vivid personality Her no nonsense personality was displayed as well as an All Seated on the Ground enhancement of her maternal instinctsLily Fletcher was featured in this book Without getting Wyatt s approval Lily continued to pursue herfforts to find the pedophile lovesprettyboys introduced in book one of the trilogy An ambitious cut throat Wyatt hating supervisor of another Cyber Action Team Tom Anspaugh solicited Lily s help to Untitled. electronically trap the pedophile she obsessed about Lily s shy tortured personality was further developed and her conflicted compassionate nature tugged at the heart Lily s involvement with Tom s team gave the reader another surprise near thend of this bookLeslie Parrish has written another winner with Pitch Black the second Black CATs Novel It had all the Wiring ear marks of a great read Nail biting suspense Action filled pages Hunky handsome tortured alpha hero Tortured beautiful intelligent heroine Blatant rampant sexual tension between hero and heroine Spicy heated love scene A surprise action packed hero saves the heroinending Emotional heart tugs And of course the reuisite happily ver afterAnyone who loves a good Romantic Suspense will love Pitch Black It is worthy of finding itself on any to be re read list right beneath Fade To Black Cannot wait to read book three Black S are on his trailSamantha Dalton didn't set out to become an online vigilante until her grandmother was swindled out of verything she owned Devoting herself to xposing fraud and preventing tragedies from happening to other families Sam has gained fame and success with her website and a recently released book A hermit since her ugly divorce Sam really doesn't want the outside world intruding on her privacy Especially not when that outside world is Wow great book I just recently found this author s new paranormal romance series Extrasensory Agents which I loved so now I m going back and reading her arlier Black CATS series Couldn t put Pitch Black down stayed up late finishing it last night This book had great mystery and The DOS edge of your seat suspense Parrish writes great bad guys really creepy I ve read a lot of books about the FBI s behavioral analysis agents violent crimes field agentstc It was good to read a something different I liked her Internetcomputer team I also liked how the romance was handled the tension builds over the book and they don t immediately fall into bed together I liked the characters and am VERY interested to read the next book The setup for it was well done This second installment of the CAT Cyber Action Team series wasn t as good for me as the first one Fade To Black Not sure why but it s probably my fault for reading it in fits and starts Then again if it had been a page turner I know I would have made time for itI also found the portions dealing with Lily disruptive and though clearly to set her up for the next book Black At Heart overdone It pulled me out of the main story and that was already getting a little saggy in the middle right up to the Against All Odds endI m relieved to finally be able to put this book away in my Read shelf and will give myself a break before I pick up Wyatt s book I wanted to give PB a 3 star rating but felt it would be a little unfair since I suspect much of the lack ofnjoyment was Special Agent Alec Lambert has been on the trail of the Professor for some time Now working with the FBI s Cyber Action Team he has once again run across the Professor a serial killer who lures his victims with Internet scams Alec soon discovers that the killer has contacted scam xpert Samantha Dalton Recruiting Sam to help the FBI with this case Alec becomes attracted to her As they draw closer to discovering the Professor s identity they realize Sam may be the killer s next targetAnother great romantic suspense story in Parrish s Black CATs series I had the killer all picked out in the first half of the book Well I was totally wrong This book has nough plot twists to keep you guessing It also has an interesting sub plot that I hope they pick up in the next book The characters are well drawn The heroine could have made the usual too stupid to live choices that romance heroines make Luckily the author chose to create a smart heroine who doesn t take chances I highly recommend this book My rating 45 Stars Alec Lambert had gotten too close to a witness a few months back A serious lapse in judgment that had cost Alec a stint in the hospital his girlfriend and his dog taken by the said girlfriend not to mention the life of a fellow FBI agentAnd now ven Alec s certain promotion to Supervising Special Agent in his BAU unitActually he s been brought down a heap of notches stuck in the new CAT unit lead by Wyatt Blackstone A unit investigating Internet related murders Knowing the Black CATs reputation Alec isn t very pleased but at least he s still an FBI agent isn t heHis appreciation of his new team

"his new position "
new position his new boss s cunning comes the first day of Alec s new position A serial killer the Professor the BAU has been after for years has switched on line luring his victims using different Internet scamsJust hours before his untimely demise the Professor s latest victim had been in contact with a woman who s made her life calling to warn Internet users of such scams Samantha Dalton aka Sam the SpaminatorAlec and his new partner immediately head onto Ms Dalton s doorstep unwittingly pulling the woman into the dangerous cat and mouse game that is about to get ven perilous and deadlyThis is the second book in the Black CATs trilogy by the talented Leslie Parrish and if it s at all possible Payment Due even better than the first book Fade to BlackThe plot was as good as the first book with all its intricacies and different POW but the pacing while dragging a little at the beginning of the first book has definitely improved remaining consistent throughout the storyMs Parrish has introduced another Blackstone s CAT member to the mix someone mentioned only in passing in the first installment but that proved to be an invaluable addition to the mixed team I adored Alec with all his little contradictions the hardened FBI agents don t appear to hardened after all when the right person in involved that twinkle in hisye and the protective streak a mile wideI had some problems with Sam Dalton at the beginning the woman was a real mess I ve never been divorced myself so I wouldn t know how it felt but after a year you thought she d have moved on Well she did in the course of this story and I Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, ended up loving her just as much asvery other misfit in Wyatt s CAT groupThe suspense was Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, even gripping firmly crossing the threshold into thriller territory IMHO The serial killer was utterly twisted without having gone into stalker territory but a stalker ish serial killerTalk about creepy And yet again his identity was once again a huge surprise a nice respite from some other RS books when the villain s identity is so transparent it almost makes you cryYeah I definitely loved this book The plot was nice and twisty the pacing great the characters though some already familiar still interesting their dynamic has apparently grownven from Fade to Black "THE VILLAIN WAS A COMPLETE WACKO "villain was a complete wacko a complete surprise the suspense chilling thrilling and unrelenting the familiarity of the Internet world and its scams and the dread that something like this might happen in real life we ve all received a similar message in our inbox and that The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, extra touch of romance a bit hotter this time maybe combined in a perfect mixThe only real problem I vencountered in this book was the CAT IT specialist Lily Fletcher I knew from the start of Fade to Black After a botched investigation left him wounded and disgraced Special Agent Alec Lambert was forced to transfer onto Wyatt Blackstone's team This former profiler has lost his Turbulence edge buried by the guilt he feels over another agent's death But he'll need all his skills when he realizes he's getting another crack at a case that has haunted him A serial killer known as the Professor is now using the latest mail schemes to lure his victims and the Black CAT. ,

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