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N man s love and passion blending it with a journalist s surgical brilliance and an MBA graduate s all connecting logical ability His articles on Sourav and Jayasuriya made me moist his article on Sardesai and Solkar stole my heart A very good read for any cricket enthusiast and much than that I can tell you that the time span of these articles were 2005 2008 and than 70% of his predictions stand correct today Combination of prose and cricket somehow is a potent mix in our country Few people have captured the cricket writing mindspace as Harsha Bhogle has Rohit Brijnath Siddarth Vaidyanathan so for prose This collection of his column in Indian Express makes you re live cricket from your growing up yearsIt not an analyst account The articles come from The Love The Game And It love for the game and it players Some articles deserve multiple reads of course And you remember certain pieces that are not part of the bookMaybe The Grouping Of The Sections Could Have Been Better But grouping of the sections could have been better But is just if you are reading all articles and trying to decide seuence One for the eeps Harsha Bhogle One of the finest cricket commentators and an astute writer he has been the voice of Indian cricket for almost a decade now Out of the Box brings the best of Harsha s writings and covers wide aspects of Indian cricket a treat for any cricket lover His nowledge and love for the game of cricket is clearly visible in all his writing style which in turn makes this one a sure shot read One can imagine Harsha Bhogle speaking the words written in this book This in itself should be reason enough for this book to be readI ve always been an admirer of Harsha Bhogle s story telling ability and so after reading this bookRead this for Indian cricket and for the voice of Indian cricket Harsha Bhogle. G and the incomparable TendulkarAs he follows India’s fortunes on the cricket field at home and overseas Harsha asks the uestion can India really be no1 in all three forms of the game The answer lies in our history and in the pages of Out of the T Out of the Box Watching the Game we Love Harsha Bhogle Revised Edition Harsha Bhogle has been writing a popular column in Indian Express about Harsha Bhogle has been writing a popular column in Indian Express about from 2005 to 2011 In this book his columns have been classified in Chapters T20s ODIs Tests Cricketing greats Rules regulation and infrastructure The column contains suggestions for betterment of International cricket and other current match series I was charmed by obituary on the death of Dilip Sardesai The books reminds of the best tradition of cricket that one generation delivers to the coming generation How cricket brings happiness to lives of common viewer 2 Harsha Bhogle has witnessed cricket and he is capable of writing an anthology on limited over cricket in India and round the world That
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will be for readers uite apart from being ruled by the presiding deity of our times money English Football and Indian Cricket have much in common An irrational following that euates sports to a daily soap a ravenous media immature might even be the right adjective that sometimes seen disinclined to shift the irrelevant from the truly sensational obeisance to the individual superstar and as a conseuence of these three complete surrender to hype Reading Out of the Box was like reading a book by Nostradamus Prophetic judgmental incisive humorous passionate nowledgeable perfectly analytical are some of the adjectives That Can Be Used can be used describe Harsha Bhogle s collection of columns on The Indian Express but the one that would do greatest justice is probably honest He did not shrug a collar because he is in an uniue professional he did not unjustifiably defend any of his favorite greats and his opinions are deeply embedded in common sense A great compilation that speaks of the game with a commo. Frank and witty and with a sense of drama comparable to that of cricket itself Harsha brings the nation’s cricketing ethos inimitably to life And he is at his best when paying tribute to some cricketing greats Lara Inzamam Jayasuriya Ganguly Sehwa. Tale of great Renaissance idea s that came challenging up normal conventional idiot norms Be it advertising journalism or sports success is not guaranteed and norms haunt in your back to get money returns Come this fresh anecdotes from great change makers who dared to come forward and eep faith in methods rather than run of mill works This book helps you get out of your box of idea s and perceptions and give things a run on Read this book on 2020 and the things which Harsha has written 14 15 years ago seem relevant even today The evolution of T20 into A
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Changing Format changing format he predicted in 2006 is so perfect He deservedly sings the laurels of the Indian greats Tendulkar Dravid Kumble GangulyIt Would Be Great If Harsha Would Write The Refreshed would be great if Harsha would write the refreshed in 2020 Harsha Bhogle always has brought novel experiences either to the commentary box or to the newspaper This book is a collection of such magical articles which he had written in the golden decade of 2000s for Team India His ideas and insights are valuable Although he is a marketing professional of cricket he does sound honest all the time Loved it Nice and fun read its a collection of articles penned by Harsha Bhoglr over the past 2 decades since the time he got into broadcasting and journalism I personally like to hear Harsha Bhogles comments and opinion on the game as he gives varied perspective First and foremost Harsha is well read not only in the game of cricket but other subjects viz economy business movies etc This book is no different and his articles are no different either Nice book to catch up during your transit time Many of his opinions are well analysed But of course I too had some different opinions to some of it he has written This is even without the power of hindsigh. Harsha Bhogle in his weekly column in the Indian Express has captured the entire gamut of Indian cricket Out of the Box brings together the very best of Harsha’s writings in a book that will be a veritable delight for any cricket fanKnowledgeable.

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