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Writing Matters! - Student Book gAileen was one of my MFA students at Seton Hill University I only worked with her for one semester but she impressed me with her willingness to take advice and feedback and run with it She wrote the first 50 or so pages of OFF PLANET when I was her mentor and after she finished the book she asked me to read it for a potential uote The beginning was so much stronger and this story really sucked me in I love seeing my students improve and keep writing after theyraduate Aileen also has a publishing company called Ink Monster love that name This book will be available March 19 and I m oing to do a A and iveaway with her on my blogIf you like SF with a touch of romance this is your kind of book Here s the uote I send her In this bleak world one spark of hope soon turns into an inferno And just like a fireball once this story is ignited it just doesn t stop UPDATEHappy Book Birthday Off PlanetIf you haven t heard of this book Murder Shoots the Bull (Southern Sisters, go read the blurb and my review If you feel like this book is calling for you then what are you waiting for Go order it I received an e ARC from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I m a di Aetes I won t uit Not ever Where do I even start This book was beyond my expectation I thought I det an intergalactic war with the MC leading in the front row with her superpower No I didn t Hudson Valley Mediterranean get that Iot a lot A LOT MORE THAN THAT SpaceTech is a space colonialist they invade and steal other s planet sources Mait Martinez the daughter of half Earther and half Aunare man an alien race that SpaceTech sees as a threat to their dominion is hiding and trying to survive on Earth with her mom They were struggling lived on the streets and Doing Democracy in Indigenen Gemeinschaften gone hungry For over ten years they have stayed hidden But one night an accidentot her into trouble SpaceTech is on her heels and not long she was arrested and forced into dangerous work detail on a volcano planet Mait waits for SpaceTech to make a move against Aunare and if she can t prevent it she knows there will be an interstellar war big enough to end all life in the universe Off Planet kicked off with Mait s life on Earth then it turned uickly to an accident that changed her life and threatened her safety The pace was perfect it didn t take long before I was knee deep in the story There was no time for me to take a break every chapter filled with action and suspense I engaged to the story from the very beginning because the writing was enjoyable raw and honest Erin laid bare every emotion and I was wondering how could a book punch me with its words Being saved by someone was nice but being able to save myself that was a rush The world building was The Secrets of Boys great Yes I do have uestions about how some things in the book work but they re no crucial part so I couldo on and still enjoyed the story Different from what I expected the world was easy to imagine Maybe because the Sci Fi Stop Whining--and Start Winning genre made me doubt myself I d like the book But as soon as I read it any doubt was evaporated One thing though the Aunare reminded me a bit of Faeries with their slightly pointed ears remarkable beauty and amazing strength But other than that they are a new species I d love to know This book is nothing without its powerful plot From what I caught there were no important plot holes that affected the story Everything was smooth and jaw dropping I still remember myselfritted my teeth muttered silent prayers suealed and Charlie and the Christmas Kitty giggled like a 4 year old through it all This book was so much fun and by fun I mean it also came with pain Where s the fun if a book doesn t torture you when you read it I was feeling too much and that was dangerous I had to keep it in All of it That s how I d stayed alive all these years I hid everything Now let set into the characterization Let me tell you every character in this book was mostly loveable so it s Il sale della vita going to be long because I just need to explain how each of them managed toet my attention Mait she was strong My Favorite Things generous a fighter and a badass She s my favorite and practically my spirit animal I found a lot of similarities between us and even though it helped me understand her story better it also made me feel like I was reading my own heart being poured into the pages She destined to bereat but all she wanted was to be free She has a tough life but she keeps fighting and not for her own sake but for everyone I loved her so much she keeps fighting and not for her own sake but for everyone I loved her so much finally found another female character that I ll hold close to my heart after Adelina Amouteru I like my privacy Remember that or I ll be forced to remind you Roan HE WAS THE BEST That S It Out Of All Others s it Out of all others favored him the most after Mait of course He was kind funny understanding and would support and fight for Mait no matter what I wish I could have a best friend like him You turn her in and I ll kill you I d never heard Roan s voice so deep and dark He meant every word Roan was the best Declan sweet and thoughtful I wearied when he first appeared but he was actually nice I just wish he wasn t so hard to himself I truly want to know about him No I don t have a crush on Declan that s silly I barely know him You stay alive I don t care what it fucking takes You do what you have to do but you make sure you stay alive Ahiga MY BROTHER He was strong willed and a reat friend He might be a little too stiff but he was soft at the heart I just I can t sit by and watch you die The I ve thought about it the I realized I should ve called already I made a mistake Tyler a funny loving friend His easy oing made me The Nine of Us glad for his presence in the book But don t mistake it as a weakness because when he turned to serious mode he can be very scary Especially if his friends are on the line You re notiving up You re a oddamned fighter We can fix all of this Audrey brave sweet and kind She s the type of a perfect irlfriend everyone could ask for Basically she s my sister in every way and she deserves all the love in the entire universe You focus "on me Focus on my words On my hand in yours She sueezed it but I couldn t "me Focus on my words On my hand in yours She sueezed it but I couldn t the energy to sueeze back I Hiding in the Bathroom got you into this and I m not leaving your side until it s done Lorne a powerful male That kinda sums it up He was mysterious the type of person who hides their feelings and demanding Hmm you can tell that I don t really like him but that s because in this book he wasn t being described other than beautiful strong intense and beautiful Well I really hope I canet along with him in the seuel I m Aunare I love seeing your skin The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, glow I want to see the patterns on your skin I want to read yourlyphs Overall Off Planet was a spectacular read I m not exaggerating anything this book is truly amazing It wasn t only about a The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories girl trying to save the universeIt is about struggling to survive with trauma and terrorIt is about the stubbornness to keep fighting even when you re only a breath away fromiving upIt is about making a hard decision doing something dangerous for your loved ones even though your own life was on the stakeIt is about trying to find your freedom only to realize a massive and difficult duty on your shoulderIf you like a strong MC with flaws the fight against people in power a bunch of Becca and the Prisoners Cross (The Copernicus Legacy great character fast paced and amazing story I recommend you to read Off Planet Set in a future whereiant corporation SpaceTech pretty much controls all of the human colonies across the universe this is the story of Mait a half human half aunare young woman who is just trying to live her life in peace SpaceTech have been trying to start a war with the aunare race for years starting 10 years ago with the massacre of all aunare people living on planets they controlled now they ll stop at Maité Martinez has always yearned for than waitressing in a The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, greasy diner especially when most people have left the polluted ruins of Earth behind for a better life on other planets It’s not just working at the diner that’s making life hard for her Being a half human half alienirl has never been trickier With the corporate Dare Mighty Things government hunting down the last of her father’s alien Auanare race living on Earth hiding herrowing special abilities has become a full time job on its ownEvery. ,

Off Planet Aunare Chronicles #1Wasn t readingThe book took a few chapters to really The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife getoing but when it did I was so invested in Mait and her story The plot doesn t stop there are so many twists and turns and every time you think that something can t Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback get worse what happens is even worse than you were imagining I was on the edge of my seat for the entire book because there s so much that happens I thought this book was way longer than it actually was because it s so packed with action Mait spends the whole book fighting against SpaceTech on the planet Abbadon even though she s trapped on a hell planet where everyone wants to kill herI loved Mait It s been a while since I ve seen a charactero through this much and fight every second to survive I was not expecting how absolutely brutal some parts of Off Planet is What Mait Eternal Quest goes through in the book is horrifying the planet she spends most of the book on is basically literally called Hell and she s there because people want her to die in the cruelest and most painful way possible I felt so much for her because Erin s writing is so raw and real All of Mait s pain and fear throughout the book is described in excruciating detail and Erin didn t skimp on discussing the trauma it caused Mait eitherThe secondary characters were also all fairly fleshed out Mait is surrounded by so many sympathetic characters to make up for all the nasty ones in the book I also liked theeneral lack of romance during Off Planet There s hints at a romance with one of the Aunare Lorne and maybe a possible love triangle with a SpaceTech defector Declan But it definitely wasn t a focus just offhand comments on how attractive these boys were which okay but it didn t interfere with my enjoyment This story is Mait s story and about her survival which was something I really likedThe worldbuilding was strong and there was a lot to figure out but I didn t find myself particularly confused There s SpaceTech an evil interstellar corporation that basically has authoritarian control over their territory and the Aunare an alien race that was wiped off of Earth I thought the Aunare were uite interesting especially with their uniue physiology and how they interact with humans especially SpaceTech I did have a lot of uestions that I d like to see answered in the next book however There s not a whole lot about the Aunare and its culture because Mait is kept in the dark for most of the bookReaders should be aware that there s a fairly The Widows Little Secret graphic scene of sexual assault early on in the book and Mait shows symptoms of PTSDOff Planet was such an engaging and engrossing read and I honestly enjoyed every second of it even if some pats had meritting my teeth in sympathy If you like sci fi you ll probably like this book and even if you re not a sci fi but you re a fan of amazing female characters who never stop fighting you might like Off PlanetBLOG TWITTER INSTAGRAM Source PublisherGenre Young Adult Science FictionRating 40ThoughtsOff Planet by author Aileen Erin is the first installment in the authors Aunare Chronicles 19 year old Mait Martinez lives in a reality that makes her very existence the daughter of a Human mother and an Aunare Man who is second in line to the Aunare King dangerous to her health In fact it could Resurrection Year get her killed on sight if the truth everets out But what s even worse is that if she is caught it could lead to a war between Earth and Aunare that will likely see no victors when all is said and doneFull Review Gizmos Reviews Kind of space opera kind of not Off Planet intrigues me because it s kind of about interstellar war or at least the tricksy politics that can lead to an interstellar war yet its main characters aren t with a few exceptions soldiers or politicians The protagonist is literally just trying to live her life mind her own business but others can t have that Aileen Erin crafts some fairly interesting and intense situations and brings a fair amount of creativity to the worlds she shows us here Thanks to NetGalley and INscribe Digital for the eARCMait Martinez is half human half Aunare This is dangerous while she Still Lives On Earth Which lives on Earth which essentially ruled by a single corporation SpaceTech Back when Mait was a kid SpaceTech massacred Aunare who lived on its planets and halfers are not welcome So she hides who she is biding her time until she can The Fire Within (Rockford Fire Department get herself and her mother off this planet But when people from her past show up looking for her because she happens to be the daughter of the second most powerful Aunare Mait s fragile little life falls apart Exiled to Abaddon SpaceTech sruelling mining labour
camp mait barely 
Mait barely while she and her allies try to figure out if there is any way she can escape that place that doesn t mean interstellar warOff Planet takes a little to et oing Even though Erin sets up the main conflict fairly early the first act still feels somewhat long to me Honestly though This is a rare instance where I m comfortable saying you should hang in there the climax is worth it at least in my opinion I was tearing up while Mait screamed Do it Jump and was having flashbacks to Battlestar Galactica and Starbuck screaming WE RE GOING THE WRONG WAY Chills down my spine the moment was just so intense So well done there Erin you create a sense of urgency and tension as we wonder who if anyone will survive the final battle While the book kind of ends on a cliffhanger it resolves enough loose ends to leave me satisfiedI m rather disappointed with the antagonists We don t actually meet too many of them We briefly encounter Jason Murtagh in the most uncomfortable way of course Beyond that all we really know about them comes from voices and proxies and what Mait s friends tell us about them They are the bad Tame an Older Man (Harlequin American Romance, guys They hate aliensAunare and just want to make war and money It s a fairly one dimensional motivation and while I find the idea of an interstellar corporate feudal hierarchy as compelling and believable as the next person living in the 21st century would I need my villains to be a bit fleshed out hereThe same could be said for Mait s allies to be honest There aren t that many shades ofrey here we Treacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, get a few characters like Matthew and Carl who seem fairly neutral But it seems like most of the people we encounter are either in Murtagh s pocket or totally on Mait s side and deduce fairly uickly her terribly kept secret Don tet me wrong I m not complaining that she has so many people who want to help her I just wish we could see characters who are A Miracle, A Universe grappling with the tension between helping her and being punished or characters who start off well disposed to her but then betray her for some reasonPeople are complex is what I m saying For the most part though the characters of Off Planet are not Mait herself is probably a notable exception thankfully I like how Erin manages to endow Mait with sufficient agency despite her role as a pawn in this interstellar chessame Mait displays an incredible amount a pawn in this interstellar chess ame Mait displays an incredible amount dignity and strength though I m annoyed by how often Declan and Lorne tell her this and Declan sharing those videos without her consent crosses a line Most importantly I like that she is always looking for a solution instead of listening to those who are telling her to wait around until Declan or someone else can extract her That s my kind of protagonistOff Planet had some highs and lows for me I d rather a book that s up and down in uality however than something that is just aggressively mediocre and I can safely say that Off Planet isn t that Will I read the next book Definitely maybe Absolutely amazing Definitely one of the best books of 2019 so far Can t wait to film my review. Adon than Space Tech has let on As she makes unlikely allies Maité uncovers Space Tech’s plot to nuke the Aunare homeworld The firepower stored in Abbadon’s warehouses is than enough to do the job ten times over As the clock ticks Maité knows that if she can’t find a way to stop Space Tech there will be an interstellar war big enough to end all life in the universe There’s only one uestion Can she stop the total annihilation of humanity without etting herself killed in the process.

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Othing to destroy an entire species just to keep their control over humanityMait and her mother have been hiding on earth for 10 years hoping that her father who is a powerful Aguecheeks Beef, Belchs Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections general in the aunare army will find them and help themet to safety If Mait is discovered by SpaceTech then it will be a death sentence but it s Black Metropolis, Vol. 2 getting harder and harder to live under the radar She is so close to freedom when she makes a dreadful mistake one that could cost her everything After her arrest she is sentenced to a work detail on a dangerous volcanic planet every day she comes a little closer to death and if her father s representatives don tet to her in time to save her then war will be inevitableI thought Off Planet was a brilliant start to this new series I ve not read anything by Aileen Erin before but after enjoying this so much I think I definitely need to check out some of her backlist I really liked Mait s character her aunare blood makes her stronger and faster than most but that s almost of a curse than a blessing as she s constantly having to try to hide her abilities so that people don t figure out who or what she really is Her life has been tough but she has a strong bond with her mother and some close friends who are always there for her and even though she s constantly in danger she always tries to help others tooThis is only the first book in the series but we ve already met some really interesting characters both human and alien that I want to spend time with Roan is like a best friend and brother rolled into one Declan was sent to save her but to be honest hasn t been all that By Words Alone great at doing the job she made some interesting allies on Abaddon but I think the person I m most curious about is Lorne the aunare who will stop at nothing to rescue her even if that does mean starting a war that could end up killing billions One thing I m really hoping is that we re notoing to see the formation of a dreaded love triangle though there were hints that it might end up oing in that direction but I really hope the author surprises me and doesn t take the easy drama routeThe world that the author has created is an interesting one I was fascinated and horrified by the conditions on the volcanic planet so appropriately called Abaddon and I m really looking forward to finding out about the aunare home world too I m a bit curious about why this is being marketed as YA Mait is 20 and her friends are all her age or a fair bit older and although the story is appropriate for teens there s no sex I didn t notice much in the way of swearing and even when Mait is being tortured it doesn t o into super raphic detail I would still class this as an adult sci fi because of the age of the characters and the themes it covers Mait doesn t think or act like a teenage narrator so the YA label is misleading in my opinion That really is a minor issue as I think the story will be enjoyed by both teens and adults but I do think it s important to clarify these things correctly I ve already added the next book Off Balance to my wish list but it s oing to feel like a long wait until it s release next year Recently I listened to a podcast interview with Aileen Erin and was inspired by her author journey Major publishers didn t want to print what she was interested in writing and so she started her own independent publishing company Ink Monster Love itI picked up her novel Off Planet and I am happy to report that I enjoyed this uniue science fiction YA adventure Not to mention the fabulous coverMait a half Earther half Aunare teen has finally run out of luck After hiding out on Earth for ten years SpaceTech officials finally catch and arrest her They transfer Mait to a mining planet where she is forced to endure difficult and dangerous labor What follows is one life threatening adventure after another Friendships are formed trust is tested pain is endured and secrets are revealed I recommend this fun read And don t worry there s plenty of room for adventure and possibly romance in the next installment Reviewed on love a Myst good Sci fi and this isood sci fi with Dystopian world where SpaceTech one of the biggest corporation has taken control of all Earth s The Chinese Love Pavilion governments Mait is half Aunare has been living on Earth with her mother for ten yearsAs times moves on itetting harder to hide her abilities The author has created a world with interesting characters and The author has created a "world with interesting characters and plenty of action to keep me "with interesting characters and plenty of action to keep me to the page Roan is her best friend and has helped her all the years on Earth I not oing to carry on telling you the plot except to say it kept me reading non stop even in the night as I needed to find out what happens This is a reat world builder as we Dolphin Confidential get to know all players involved If this is book one then I only have one thing to say is where is book twoI the moment am listening to the Audiobook which is a long one it bringing to life the characters for me as I work Great read So this was areat start to a new sci fi series one that though starting somewhat slowly when it did actually take off it Mairis Mermaid gathered such momentum steamrollering me along for the entire addictive journeySo the story is told completely from Mait Martinez PovHalf Earther and half Aunare Mait is in hiding with her mother from spacetech on EarthAfter her arrest and sham sentence to a volcano prison planet she soon starts to learn the meaning of what it is to be tortured on a daily basisFor a YA series this certainly doesn t pull its punches at all and with fantastic world building and a host of fully dimensional secondary characters this was a really strong start to this new imaginative sci fi seriesThere wasn t any major romance started in this first instalment but what it does do is set the stage for further progression down the line so I am interested to see where that doesoa couple of observations from me mainly regarding Mait and her thought process which at times did make me uestion her actual sanityThe first being that I don t know why she keeps referencing feeling so safe around Declan considering his current track record with her well let s just say I am inclined to agree with Lorne on that subjectAlso there s a huge difference between pride and privacy and everyone seeing the videos of her time on Abaddon in the Windchill Summer grand scheme of things isn t really that much of a major deal yeh Iet the whys of why she didn t want them out there but considering the reasons she really just needs to deal with it after everything thing shes endured its not really a bleep on the radarAlso there were times I felt Mait pride prevented her from taking in the bigger picture and what needed to be done whatever her own personal feelings on the matterAlso after all her strength and resilience throughout her ordeal for her then to o and spit her dummy out just seemed a tad out of character to meShe basically switched to spoiled brat mode which did confound me slightlyIn conclusion though this has definitely sucked me in and I really am now invested in what s to come so I will most certainly be watching this space for what s to come from this series in the near futureThis really was an intense and imaginative introduction to a new seriesI voluntary reviewed a copy of Off PlanetAll opinions expressed here are entirely my ownReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom PlanetAll opinions expressed here are entirely my ownReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom Planet came as a total pleasant surprise Sci fi is usually totally hit and miss for me and this one was definitely a hit It was well written with strong characters strong worldbuilding and a breakneck plot that kept my eyes lued to the page and my brain still in the story even when Minute Maité stays on Earth is one minute closer to The Three Worlds getting caught The stress is almost than she can bear and when a fancy Space Tech officerets handsy with her at the diner she reacts without thinking Breaking the officer’s nose wasn’t her smartest move Now she’s faced with three years forced labor on the volcano planet Abbadon With the job she’s slotted for it may as well have been a death sentence It doesn’t take Maité long before she realizes there’s to the mining on Abb.
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