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and revelations After Passionate Kisses Boxed Set looking to thiswaset down First book was a bit slow to start but I was glad I gave it the chance it deserved I was excited to begin second in series however I became confused with the overall continuity of storyline It was all over the place One minute Lucy hasn t spent time with Gabriel for months preparing for their nuptials yet Destiny and Power later she refers to dinner with future inaws at her home as ast week Also San Bernardino is not even CLOSE to Sacramento Why Is Lucy Why is Lucy powerful I know she is a Necromancer that has power over the dead Is her super strength acute awareness and new speed due to Vin s blood If so is it permanent The scene with Vin towards end of book was "out of nowhere because he hadn t been "of nowhere because he hadn t been for so ong Some parts of the story were repeated and other parts were The Café Book lacking How did Gabriel and Lucy decide to actually marry once his vampireove was over There was no addressing this issue Kind of a huge deal to overlook Even with the flaws I Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, liked the overall story and now I realize they are not finishing the story Book 2 ends with a cliffhanger and Gabriel and Lucy are not married Seriously 2 book series under 2 different Titles by 2 different Authors and they sell both as a 2 book series without an ending Sound confusing It is There should be a 3rd but at thisate date I highly doubt it Again I still have mixed feelings about this book tooIt didn t start all that well and at a certain point I was tempted to uit It was all too frustrating But then I was just too curious as my usual and I had to know what was going to happen next in the story At east Lucy was much ikeable in this book than she was in the first one I was disappointed that Gabriel didn t show up much in this book and that there wasn t a ove triangle at all with Lucy Gabe and Vin after all At one point she admits of having some kind of feelings for Vin but I was baffled She really doesn t know him at all she s met him only a couple of ti. Er the other sometimes together to snuff her out All of this is happening as Lucy tries to plan her impending nuptials and choose what sorority to rush in the fall On top of that there’s the gorgeous vampire Vin who now has a spec. I really enjoy these books I just wish they were a ittle onger This series is good has great potential I would have rated it higher but the spelling errors kept on growing the further I read it got really annoying This series "is all over the place changing from character to character even to ones that are not even "all over the place changing from character to character even to ones that are not even I m interested in reading about Micah and Seth And of course Abby Though I feel Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, like a wholeot is Scruples Two left out Probablyike 35 stars I didn t enjoy this one uite as much as the first but it was still really good I What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, love how we see Lucy s power progressing and the mystery behind what and how she possesses Hopefully some of that mystery is unveiled and further books I was disappointed that there wasn t interaction with Gabriel It just feltike with him being her fianc we would ve seen of him in the book even phone calls or such A sex scene to skip over and anguage than I care for It needs some editing too even than the first I think Read this in a day it needs proof reading There are a ton of grammar and spelling errors throughout the book There are also a ot of misplaced words or words that have no need to be there As far as the story goes it was good but is there another book coming out to this series It s weird how it ended with Delia waking up and getting this new power and she mentions the wedding but yet there hasn t been a wedding yet Very confusing hopefully author will put out another book to the series to wrap things up and get a better editor Lucy cracks me up This time she s finding out and about her awesome best friend Abbey her family to be and we get glimpses into other family members as well as Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command lifestyles of the vapid and deadly Lots going on what with everyone seemingly out to kill our young miss all while she s just trying to spend time with Gabriel Not sure how I feel about the ending yet will beooking forward to seeing what s going to happen next with them all but have a bit of a cliffhanger with Gabriel and her heavy sigh I am not a fan of waiting HINT HINT Otherwise an en. This is an ACE for ASINB00G8G8K6G NOT DEAD YET A Lucy Hart DEATHDEALER NovelNew Adult Paranormal Romance Someone is trying to kill Lucy Hart assassins of every ilk and species have converged on Southern California all trying one aft. .
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Blood Rites Lucy Hart Rites #2

Mercy Walker ì 3 characters

Mes for God s sake I can t see how she wouldcould have to choose between her Wolf and the Vampire Really It s senseless There s no match Abbey was a ittle scary but I Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, liked her protectiveness toward LucyI alsoiked this side was a Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria little scary but Iiked her protectiveness toward LucyI also iked this side Lucy and her newfound powers and strenght She s become a real kickass At east in the end I even started to think Vivian Gabriel s mother isn t all that bad after all We Two Reels And A Crank ll see in the next bookI very muchiked the Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, last scene with Lucy and Gabe Finally I was starting to think he didn t want to makeove to Lucy for some weird or dark or dangerous reason But she finally took the reins and he had to surrender to her power It was about time What I still don t get is the age of the male characters mostly Gabriel and Micah We got to know in this book that Seth Lucy s brother was almost 18 But what about Micah And Gabriel From how he acted in Book 1 and the fact that he went to college he seems to be around 25 at east maybe He complained that Lucy was too young when they met But he can t be much older That would be a ittle creepy if he was closer to 30 that to 20 years old I m guessing though that he s about 25 26 yo And that Micah is maybe around 21 22 I d The Camping Cookbook like to know in Book 3 And hopefully soon I m curious to know what will happen next and especially how Micah and Seth s relationship develops I dike a book about them too I actually was going to rate this book 25 stars until a certain point But then I found some good things in this book and "it deserves 3 full stars instead Wonderful bookThis book continues on from the first nicely "deserves 3 full stars instead Wonderful bookThis book continues on from the first nicely she has to go through a Absalom, Absalom! lot of drama to stay with her But she is getting better at protecting herself at unexpected times Can t wait for the next book to come out One of the bestIoved both books Great story ovable characters can t wait for third book I hope there s bed scenes and maybe a baby forLucy and gaberial Also any wait forMicah and Seth story to start and Abigail and is so much to ook forward too Hurry book three Highly recommend this series and autho. Ial blood bond with Lucy who is trying to steal her away from her werewolf Black Stone love Gabriel In the end Lucy has to choose who sheoves most and save her own On Liberty life once again Originally published as Blood Rites by Mercy WalkerNewly Edite.

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