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The Sacrifice The Golden Key Legacy #2This is the second book in The Golden Key Legacy series #and it continues straight on from Book 1 The story is set in two interconnecting worlds with Faedrah from the ast # it continues straight on from Book 1 The story is set in two interconnecting worlds with Faedrah from the Felipa past to Rhys modern world This sets the scene for some humorous misunderstandings with Faedrah s old world dialogue and customs as she explores her strange new world with its modern technology Faedrah is determined to stop the dark wizard Gaelleod and save hereople s kingdom from doom When Rhys comes to realise that Faedrah is indeed a rincess from another realm they work together to find the evil villain Faedrah And Rhys Relationship Deepens And Rhys relationship deepens and chemistry is sizzling hot I loved Faedrah she is strong determined and kick ass yet still so innocent and niave And Rhys is swoon worthy hot and fiercely rotective of Faedrah ONCE AGAIN THE MIRROR SWINGS OPEN SHARING OUR WORLD WITH AUSTIEREso anyone who is a friend knows i have been anxiously awaiting this book and happy to say it did not dissapoint this time around the book starts with our heroine faedrah running from the evil wizard gaelleod who we find out is our heros rys dad as rys dives in the car after her to escape his father faedrah starts hitting him with her stiletto he calms her down convinces her he did know who his dad was and takes her back to his home where they try to get some sleep however sleep eludes rys and he spends the night drawing dozens of sketches of his love in what appears to be living in another world and time entering this world through a mirror and many of how she looked before and after they met sometime during all this he realizes his lady love was telling him the Truth She Is From Another she is from another during breakfast faedrah is trying to eat and explain to rys just what is going on and how she must destroy his father however the earth uite literally moves and uncle ollie calls with the news the The Blueprint (English Edition) portal has again reopened and faedrah sarents king caedmon and ueen rowena want to speak with. The second Faedrah Austiere walked into his life off the canvas everything in Rhys McEleod’s world stopped making sense Not only does her story sound like a Grimm’s fairy tale evidently he’s been cast as the villain If that isn’t enough the mirror inside that old beat up armoire at her uncle’s condo is supposedly a doorway to another world Ever since the athway ope.

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Her immediately ok so the whole meet the VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) parents was done with lots of wit i was smiling and chuckling as i read so king and ueen are introduced to her beloved but they left out theart rys is of gaelleods blood faedrah agree to meet with an old character from the first set of books THE WITCH VIOLET THEY ALL FORM A PLAN TO witch violet they all form a Road House - The Novel plan to the map they need so now the uestion is will they be successful or fail will the evil wizard get his hands on faedrah will rys be harmed seems our lady has been having disturbing dreams again i like that faedrah is still a stron willed independent lady who is willing and able to act of her own behalf but smart enough to take help when offered i like that rys while willing to rush in an be the hero when necessary has enough sense to follow his ladylans i loved the fact that these 2 seem destined to be together though fate seems to want to tear them apart i like that is was a love that first started slowly started to sizzle and ignited in this book with many steamy sensual love scenes i hate the fact that once again it ends on a cliffhanger but all i can can say if you like feisty females suspense sensual love scenes a touch of magic and mystery then i recommend you start this series Well hot damn that is one hell of #A Cliff Hanger While # cliff hanger While HATE such things I ve got the next installment lined up ready to go on my kindle I had to take a moment though to jot down a smidge rather than give a drive by 5Sometimes it s easy to grow numb toward a character characters interactions but not so with Ms Nuest She keeps it fresh Another hot scene Yes Gnosis please because I will NOT be disappointed Annoyed with each other The Big Bad Guy haunts another dream Bring it No scene is stagnant orurple but there is lush descriptions my eyes refuse to skim And I m a skimmer Big timeLike the first book this is one non stop hot ride full of tension conflict and Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina passion GALORE Can t Get EnoughAnd because of that I m off to dive into the next Ki. Ned something inside him has seemedoff If what his muse says is true they are headed for an epic showdown but he isn’t about to let her go Nothing is important than Faedrah’srotection even if her Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up parents refuse to accept him Though certain their fates are bound by than the golden key Princess Faedrah wears around her neck it isaramount Rhys’ true identity be kept se.
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Ds are in bed and I a few hoursWoo hoo Lucky me From the revious book Princess Feadrah has crossed over mirror and end up in her uncle s lace Feadrah has crossed over the mirror and end up in her uncle s Flood Legends place was she s naked Her uncles tell her to use the robe that is waiting for her and ask who they are and why she s in their appartmentShe is there in the mordern day and meet Rhys who will help her find how to adjust to that new life She will falls for him and share with him what has to be accomplish for being the Princess of a KingdomShe will also encounter the black side of magic and will be shock to find theerson who holds The Best Of Saint Louis part of her enigma and may destroy her relationship with RhysThe answer lay with the key she wears aroung her neck Can t wait to find out in the next book The Wizard RisesAJ Nuest knows how to keep you in suspense through her story and you just want to keep on reading Nuest does it again She s written an absolutely unforgettable story that you won t be able tout down This one ick up right where the last left of with emotions flying high and loyalties set The intensely action acked lot with a fast forward ace kept me hooked throughout The vivid colourful descriptions Detour (Something in Common, paint this world right before your eyesBy switchingerspectives between the main characters Nuest gives you a well rounded sense of the story it s implications to everyone involved Nuest s entire way of writing changes when she switches to suit the character at hand while still maintaining the same vibrant larger than life feel to the story The differing speech atterns in The Dialogue Really Differentiates The dialogue really differentiates the origins as well The story ends with the mother of all cliffhangers leaving you dying for I can t even guess how this is all going to turn around in the next instalment which I m dying to read It is a fantastic addition to a must read series that definitely leaves you wanting so much Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. Cret Should news of his bloodline ever reach her kingdom their entire uest to save her eople could be lost Their only hope to rove his loyalty is to steal the map to the dark lord’s Crystal Crypt Yet her a lan endangers her beloved than the accusations he faces in her kingdom and to escape evil’s grasp she and Rhys must take a leap of faith beyond her wildest imaginati.