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E can see is Brittany all over Someone wearing dress pants and open toed shoes on a ranch Not someone who would be staying around long First impressions can be very misleading though as Ty finds outWe get to revisit with Violet and Landon from Her Surprise Sister and get small glimpses of Jack Colby who we learn about in book 3 Carbon Copy Cowboy Belle Colby is still in a coma and Brian Wallace is still MIA on a mission trip An xciting series so far with four books to follow I always njoy these Love Inspired multi author series and it s very Impressive How Six Different how six different authors come together and ach their individual books connect into one great storyhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom Review Mirror Image Bride by Barbara McMahon 4 STARS Mirror Image Bride is book 2 in Texas Twins miniseries Her Surprise Sister by Marta Perry was book 1 I wanted to find out what happens next so bought this second Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows ebook from I hope I get to read the whole series Maddie Wallace is staying on the Colby Ranch after finding out she has a twin her older brother has a twin and her mother is not the mother she knew but in the hospital in a comma Her father is not answering his phone ormails Her older brother that she grew up with is working deep undercover work Her younger brother is in the milatary deployed overseas Her world that she knew has changed so much She was The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) evenngaged for a short while to her older brothers best friend who is now Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, engaged to her twin sister Which is great because it was friend relationship than love and she broke it off right away Ty Garland is forman at the Colby Ranch and his life has changed in a major way All of a sudden he is the father of a 8 year old daughter named Darcy that he did not know he had till hisx wife was killed in a accident He needed to find a nanny fast so he can work on the ranch now that his boss is in a comma and the son is feeling guilty over his mother s comma So Maddie became the nanny so she could get to know her new sister and older brother and visit her mom At least till schools starts again Thier are still so many uestions about how they were all spilt up and why they got name change at least thier momher twin and the older brother that she never knew about Maddie is falling in love with the ranch life Darcy and A Fairly Honourable Defeat even her father This was anjoyable book in the series Thier is not any sex scenes or swear words in the book I look forward to reading the other books in the texas twins miniseries I also want to read books from Barbara McMahon in the future Publisher Love Inspired July 24 2012 224pages A heartwarming inspirational read actually rated 45 Taken from my review at TheSeasonForRomancecomMaddie Wallace accepted a job as a nanny as suggested by her newly discovered twin sister Violet so as to keep her in Grasslands The trouble is she has no xperience as a nanny nor has she spent any time around children A month ago she had not ven known she had a twin sister At twenty five she has lost her job of three months with the magazine Texas Times and broken up with her fianc However now it seems that these happenings were blessings from God Breaking up with her fianc resulted in her finding that both she and her brother Grayson have twin siblings It seems that years ago their parents had Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue each taken one fromach of two sets of twins and gone their separate ways Maddie and her brother Grayson had grown up in the city with their natural father and their stepmother while Violet and Jack Grayson s twin were raised at the Colby Ranch with their real mother Belle Colby and. Daughter he just discovered it’s only temporary The handsome loner thinks she’s just a glamorous city gal in borrowed cowgirl boots He knows the type And he xpects her to hightail it back to Fort. Mirror Image Bride by Barbara McMahon is the second book in Harleuin s Love Inspired series Texas Twins If the book were a single title I would have given it five stars However there were a few things that didn t uite ring true based on the characters as presented in the first book in the series which was written by Marta Perry Other than that a very njoyable read This is a mini Books For Christian Girls review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 3162013 Cute story 272020 Mentioned in a recent video that I would be unhauling this series after rereading it Main Content Kisses Can things happen to this family this year Ty s x wife is killed in an accident and finds out he has a daughter Darcy Maddie helps take care of Darcy during the day while she is waiting for her own mother to wake up from the coma The newly found twins are also still waiting the coma The newly found twins are also still waiting her from their doctor father to answer the uestion why they were separated when They Were Young 216 were young 216 I received this book in a Goodreads First Reads contestI found this book very njoyable and heartwarming I really liked Maddie as a character and you could really feel a spark with her and her leading man Ty I loved how before she really could plan for the future she just knew her place was on the ranch and that there was a definite connection with Ty and his daughter It was a sweet light read and I look forward to the rest of the series Purchased and started reading right away I have been waiting for this seuel to Her Surprise Sister by Marta Perry This is the second book in the Texas Twins continuity series and I loved the first book The next four books should be published over the next four months Finished this wonderful story of twin Maddie Wallace and handsome cowboy Ty who find romance at the Colby Ranch despite nagging uestions about the family hist Mirror Image Bride by Barbara McMahonWow Didn t realize it was book 2 so I guess that s a good thing you can pick it up join right in and Gone (Gone, enjoy this book without reading 1Downside at beginning you could predict where it was heading boy meet girl kinda thingUpside reading about TRUSTING GOD in ALL things Reading about another person dealing with patience struggles going with waiting and trustingSome of my favorite partsI think all children should have a wonderful childhood that will prepare them for their future as and adult that teaches love and compassion and faithwithout spoilers What if Keep the faith The Lord will workverything out He can do anything I know but what if working out means not me Don t we all play that out in our heads what if means not me great read uick read and worth the time to read Enjoy it Mirror Image Bride by Barbara McMahonTexas Twins Series Book 2Maddie Wallace has been living at the Colby Ranch since meeting her twin sister Violet Colby a few short weeks Threads Of The Shroud earlier She may be a city girl but she s uickly learning to love the peace uiet andven the smells of the country here in Grasslands Texas Her new challenge is to be the best nanny for young Darcy that she can be Or is the challenge to get to know the handsome father Ty GarlandTy has been working for the Colby s for All Seated on the Ground eight years now He once had dreams of owning his own spread but they died along with his marriage to Brittany When out of nowhere he finds that hisx wife is dead and she left a daughter behind his daughter life changes in the blink of an Untitled. eye When Violet offers her sister to watch Darcy all SURPRISE FAMILY In tiny Grasslands Texas Maddie Wallace has discovered siblings she never knewxisted including a twin sister When ranch foreman and single father Ty Garland hires her as nanny for the. Her husband The two sets of twins had never known that the other xisted maddie and known that the other xisted Maddie and had believed that their stepmother was their real mother She wished she could talk to her biological mother but six weeks ago Belle had been thrown from a horse and was now in a coma With her father on a missionary trip and her brothers unavailable Maddie was free to accept Violet s invitation to visit her at the Colby Ranch since she no longer had a job Just as she was considering going home to Ft Worth she found the nanny job Now she prayed to God for guidance and wisdom in dealing with her young charge Ty Garland foreman at the Colby Ranch just discovered a week ago Garland foreman at the Colby Ranch just discovered a week ago he has an Against All Odds eight year old daughter Darcy and that she was going to be living with him He had never known that hisx wife Brittany had a child or that she was his Darcy lost her mom a week ago when a drunk driver ran into her car With her grandparents out of touch she had Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage ended up on the doorstep of a father she had never known Ty had been against the idea of hiring Maddie as his daughter s nanny believing that being from the city she would be just like his spoiledx wife But he decided to give her a chance He would try this for now and trust in God for the futureAt first Maddie felt like a fish out of water at the ranch To make matters The DOS even surreal herx fianc who had been pushing for a wedding date two months ago is now deeply in love and Against All Odds engaged to her twin Violet But this is fine since he is of a friend than anythinglse and she never pictured them as man and wife She is also able to mpathize with darcy as she had lost empathize with Darcy as she had lost woman she believed to be her mother when she was only five Attracted to Ty Maddie sees the longing in his yes for a close relationship with his daughter but she knows he sees her as a city girl However what he doesn t know is just how much she loves the ranch In fact she is beginning to feel like she has come home With God s help will he be able to get beyond his relationship with his x wife and give Maddie a chanceThe second book in Harleuin s Texas Twins series written by gifted author Barbara McMahon Mirror Image Bride is a heartwarming contemporary romance The beautiful descriptions of nature God s handiwork are so realistically done that readers almost feel as if they are there Unlike the sex scenes and foul language cluttering some of today s books Mirror Image Bride contains none of these Instead readers are drawn to the warmth and loving relationships between the characters as readers get to know them and how they relate to the other characters in the story Filled with humor veryday characters ranch life family dynamics romance and true love this story is sure to lift your spirits I truly njoyed this story and look forward to reading the next novel in this Harleuin miniseries as well as Ms McMahon s future works A feel good book Mirror Image Bride is one book you will not want to missDottie theseasonforromancecom Overall a cute story and I really liked that both Maddie and Ty were Christians who not only talked the talk but walked the walk as they say I loved that they ach were able to Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, encourage the other to trust the Lord during their respective trialsI liked the way the author used Darcy as the reason for Maddie and Ty to start spending so much time together though I think she was portrayed as slightly younger than the 8 years old she was said to be Definitely not a deal breaker thoughThe mystery of what happened to split up the Wallace and Colby families continues and I am intrigued to see what will happen nex. Worth the minute she sorts out her family secrets Turns out Maddie has just found where she belongs invery possible way Texas Twins Two sets of twins torn apart by family secrets find their way home.

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Mirror Image Bride
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