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ualifications of character of his as Scrooge Everyone else involved in the play seems to notice the same thing Then out of the blue Seth is found off stagedead and not from a heart attack Seth has been murdered by someone but who and whyLaura This is the first book I ve read by Toni LP Kelner and I can t believe I have waited so long to read this series I found this book very enjoyable and humorous in partsLaura Fleming is five months pregnant and she and her husband Richard are summoned from Boston to Byerly the thoroughly Southern town where Laura was raised by Laura s cousin Vasti Vasti is in charge of a Christmas production of Dickens A Christmas Carol and in esperate need of a irector Richard a professor of Shakespeare has long reamed to Billy Bragg direct a theatre production even if it is Dickens instead of his beloved Shakespeare When Laura and Richard arrive in Byerly they find a motley cast and nothing short of a miracle will whip them into shape before opening night As if that s not enough a practical joker has been playing tricksuring rehearsal the worst of which is stealing all the toilet paper from the restrooms beyond cruel to a pregnant ladyDisaster strikes when furniture salesman Seth Murdstone who plays Scrooge in the play is Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary discoveredead backstage and it is soon apparent that Scrooge idn t ie of natural causes Laura s friend Junior Norton the chief of Byerly police is on vacation for the holidays and the investigation is handed to the second in command Mark PopeTogether Laura and Junior soon feel Pope is making a mess of the investigation and start asking uestions around Byerly It is no secret that Seth was a moonshiner and they wonder if that might be at the heart of the investigation In addition Seth s sons are in line to inherit as well as Seth s unclaimed illegitimate son Motives abound It appears that even innocent seeming Mrs Gamp has a motive to kill Seth and the practical jokes are beginning to turn nasty and very The Majors Daughter dangerousWith the help of Laura s uirky aunts Laura and Junior launch into the investigation The play meanwhile is thrown into chaos The family hasecided that Seth would have wanted the play to continue since the cause is to raise money for the burn hospital that tried to save the life of Seth s badly burned grandson Barnaby who eventually Miss Shumway Waves a Wand died of his wounds But without a Scrooge there need to berastic shifts in the cast and Richard has his hands full so Laura and Junior are on their ownThis mystery was a elight to read from the Southern charm to Laura s uirky family and the antics at the play Definitely a thumbs up. Furniture salesman Seth Murdstone playing Scrooge is murdered With a killer on the loose it's up to Laura to catch hi. Mad As The DickensA murder mystery with lots of personality If mysteries were my steak and potatoes this one would be near the personality If mysteries were my steak and potatoes this one would be near the of my list As it stands it was an enjoyable read that id not let me get bored I was also constantly entertained Boring and silly at the same time I On His Majestys Service didn t like any of the characters got sick of the main character talking about being pregnant and the plot was ridiculous It was also very slow another big sin because there was so much repetition I had to force myself to finish it and was glad it was over This was a fun read I guess but Iid start to get annoyed with how many times Laurie Anne talked about being pregnant plus her husband picked the stupidest times to uote literature Alsoshe wasn t a sleuth she basically bumbled about talking about how pregnant she was and kept eating every scrap of junk in sight until the killer happens to confess yet have a heart of gold it was silly Laura s cousin Vashi has coerced Richard into Different Class directing Dicken s play A CHristmas Caroluring their Christmas visit to Byerly A local production being thrown together at the last minute is The Essential Good Food Guide difficult enough but there is someone playing practical jokes that are increasingly scary and then Scrooge is murdered Richard is tied up with the play so Laura is talked into helping Junior the police chief solve the crime I like the Fleming mysteries but they are not works of art This one was a fun uick read Laura is pregnant and solving mysteries at Christmastime What could go wrong This mystery seemed a little convoluted andialogue heavy than previous books Also while it was fun to see Laurie Anne pair up with Junior to investigate the murder something about their teamwork just Textbook of Wisdom didn t have the same pizazz that Laura has with Richard or Thaddeus Still I was kept guessing andespite a few should have been obvious hints along the way I idn t figure things out before the end Laura and Richard Fleming should be getting ready for the Christmas holiday in their Boston home especially with Laura five months pregnant However her cousin Vasti from Byerly North Carolina pleads with the Flemings to come visit her and neither one can say no Vasti wants Richard a Shakespearean
at Boston College to irect production of A Christmas Carol Richard is eager to take up the challenge During a rehearsal Seth the actor portraying Scrooge is found bludgeoned to eath Laura teams up with Junior the town s chief of police who is on forced vacation to find the killer before he can o any harm MAD AS THE DICKENS is a own home regional mystery starring a cast of eccentric characters that add atmosphere to the story line The trial. While awaiting the arrival of their first child in Boston Laura Fleming's husband Richard is asked by Vasti Laura's co. S and tribulations of a five month pregnant woman will bring smiles to the faces of those reader who were pregnant as well as the faces of those reader who were pregnant as well as spouses A great read well worth your time I was browsing at the used book store a little while ago and thought I look for some Christmas fluff to pass the time uring the holiday season This looked like a silly little cozy mystery so I got it It was just little cozy mystery so I got it It was just Here are some reasons why1 How old is this author It seems to be a trend that either the author is advanced in age or is so out of touch with popular culture but insist on making younger heroines of their books I lost count of how many times Laurie made some comment that made her sound like she was 802 Laurie s pregnant Did you forget If you id Kelner will remind you approximately every 5th word3 This story was SO BORING Nothing happened Laurie talked and thought She talked to Junior She talked to Richard She talked to her baby In case you forgot that she s pregnant There was no real action anywhere 4 The writing was just bad On one page alone the author starts the first paragraph The first thing I thought to No One Wants You do was Then two paragraphs later she says the exact same thing again No it s not the FIRST thing 5 The cover art First the edition I have is a MMPB that s not available on It s got two carolers in slightly old fashioned coats and hats singing carols while aead person lies face own in the snow There are so many problems with this A There was no caroling in the book B The person that ies Penguins Poems for Life died inside and not in the snow Which they make a point of sayingoesn that ies ied inside and not in the snow Which they make a point of saying oesn happen very often in Alabama especially at Christmas time C If they re going for Dickensian carolers they ressed them all wrong and there are ELECTRIC LIGHTS ON THE TREE ABOVE THEMSo yeah Never reading this author again Ever Mystery books are my THING Upon finishing this book my love for thrilling and mysterious books grew And its all because of Toni LP Kelner A new cozy for me October 25 2012 By Ellen Rappaport Florida This review is from Mad as the Dickens Superior Collection Paperback This was my first Laura fleming mystery but Divine Beauty definitely not my last In fact I ve just ordered 4 in this wonderful series Thankfuly this author intends to continue writing which is just what theoctor orderedLaura Fleming known to friends as Laurie Anne is very pregnant and on a short vacation with hubby Richard Fleming Richard is the Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone director of A Christmas Carol and currently stressing out over rehearsals At home in Boston Richard is an English professor They make their home in Boston but are spending time with family and friends in Byerly North CarolinaRichard know. Usin toirect a production of A Christmas Carol in Laura's hometown of Byerly North Carolina As the play is rehearsed.

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