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Captivated by the Millionaire uGs towards Love Like Crazy The story was just so well done and incredible in so many ways The romance between the main characters Lincoln and Eppie is so beautiful and I truly love the way their relationship friendship developed Who s to honestly say they didn t feel pain What Is it just because they couldn t speak of it Because no one heard their cries I can guarantee younspoken pain doesn t hurt any less I loved the writing it s just so simple and beautiful Also the otes from this book are so I loved the it s just so simple and beautiful Also the otes from this book are so amazing just the way it s written too and the way the author describe feelings is just impressive once you know feelings can t be described I m not going to say anything about other subjects treated in this book because I think everyone need to read the book to nderstand how real and amazing the story is I really really enjoyed every page of it Love Like Crazy is a sweet book with hilarious and cute dialogues great character developments and great message Definitely worth the read Dying obviously didn t feel appropriate but living felt like too much Why am I always disappointed by the books that I read these days Love Like Crazy seemed like such a promising read and I couldn t help but be excited by the prospect of reading it but when I finally read it it was not what I expected at all Judging by the cover of the book it seemed like a light fluffy and cute read but the synopsis and the book clearly says otherwise I went into this expecting a great meaningful book but what I got was Definitely Not ThatWhat I LovedI not thatWhat I lovedI that this book maintained a light feel to it despite tackling heavy subjects I know it sounds weird but I really liked it Most books like this one would leave me feeling depressed after reading them but amazingly this one didn t and for that I am glad It s refreshing in a weird kind of way I also loved that there were many great otes from this novel and there were a lot of lessons to be taken away from them I also loved Phil my favorite character because of everything he did for the main characterWhat I didn t likeThe pace was slow at times and then it became fast events congested in a few pages and then slow again which I really really hated That made it hard to read and made me confused at times Towards the end I found myself just skimming the words ntil it came to a point where I skipped all the narratives altogether and just read the conversations I hated how cheesy Lity certainly isn’t one She’s not waiting on the handsome prince with his white horse to come to her rescue But even though she’s not waiting on it that doesn’t stop nineteen year old Lincoln Ross from driving straight into her heart with his teal and white campervan and his too tall stature and pe. ,

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Megan Suires has done it again She has managed to write a story even better than her previous ones which is saying a lot This was a fantastic readOne of my favorite things about her stories is that she has a way of writing the most sexually intense scenes that don t actually have sex IN THEM IT IS AMAZING HOW SHE IS ABLE them It is amazing how she is able control the reader in such a wayI absolutely loved her characters especially Lincoln He was my favorite part of the whole story Not just because he was shmexy and freaking awesome but the way he treated Eppie It is so important that young women realize they deserve to be treated with respect by the people they choose to be in a relationship with and I honestly feel that he was a wonderful example of something they should look to as an expectationThere were times I was reading this that I literally snorted with laughter Although it has some pretty Heavy Content I Really Enjoyed That It Had Humor To content I really enjoyed that it had humor to round it outThere are feels in this book And they are so wonderful I highly recommend it55 Platypireshttpwwwplatypirecomj hooliganl I don t really know I feel after reading this book Love like crazy was it55 Platypireshttpwwwplatypirecomj hooliganl I don t really know I feel after reading this book Love like crazy was really good book and holy crap was it deep A lot of reviews mentioned how it was sort of like the Fault in Our Stars which had me bawling like a baby and I can definitely see that Eppie and Lincoln both have had a hard time growing p within their own families Eppie is seen has the little 8 year old girl who tried to kill herselfoh and her dad is a complete drunk Whereas Lincoln just has a shitty wealthy family that doesn t appreciate him and always bringing him down Aside from the characters and the sweet relationship that grew between them I really liked the cover of the book too That s what we needed We all needed help Some with medicine Some with talking and listening and talking some Prayer We probably needed prayer And we needed one another to verify our crazy To see it reflected in another person To realize it wasn t as scary or hopeless as it seemed To hold hands and notice tiptoe together We were stronger in twos we had to be After all hadn t all of those wild animals boarded into the shelter of that big boat side by side Hadn t they endured the relentless storm and come out The Greek Tycoons Mistress under the sun still anited front We needed something to weather the storm in An ark to keep s safe Edit february 24th 2016Oh man this book I really don t know how to explain my feelin. RelationshipsLoveLifeAll things that can be considered and oftentimes are just a bit crazyWith an alcoholic father and an absentee mother seventeen year old Eppie Aberdeen has learned firsthand that life’s circumstances aren’t always sunshine and roses So Eppie doesn’t expect the fairytale because rea. ,
Crazy Enough to be TrueIncoln was because there came
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point when everything said became excessive and there were times when the speeches didn t sound natural It was annoying and I couldn t help but roll my eyes a couple of times I also hated how nexpected the turn of events became There was a big twist towards the end but there weren t anything AT ALL pertaining to it in the first parts of the novel It was like the idea just sprang out of nowhere and I was left confusedI Couldn T Say That t say that hated this book because clearly there were some things that I enjoyed but I book because clearly there were some things that I enjoyed but I t say that I liked it either I m giving this book 25 stars This review is also posted here I m going to show you I love you in what we do and I m going to show you I love you in what we don t do too Everything absolutely eveything will be my I love you Eppie Lincoln Don t you just love books that you expected nothing but to be fluff and then just punch you in the gut Love Like Crazy is definitely that I thought it ll just be about a messed Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, up girl falling in love with this guy and then they re gonna have some problem blah blah blah then poof They re back together and I ll just be happy for them But no no no nooooo Love Like Crazy is so much than that Even though Lincoln melts me EVERY TIME he opens that sweet mouth of his this is really Eppie s storyEppie is always sick as a child Her chapters as a child broke me because all she wants is to play and join her friends and be a kid But she s always sick And she don tnderstand why because her mother is always taking care of her ALWAYS Until she found that she s not the one who is sick Eppie s mother has a disease but she s the one suffering from it Now I don t want to tell you what disease is that because I want you to be surprised or not like me when you found out I mean I don t know I might be just ignorant about diseases but this is the first time I ve heard of it After reading I googled it instantly and read stories online about this kind of case Really heartbreakingEppie really is kind of messed Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island up she doesn t have much friends her relationship with her father is non existent she s alive but not really living Her past still have a hold on her and she feels like it ll be that way forever And then she found a dog in the street and she also met Lincoln aka my babyI love how this transition of Eppie happened slowly but thoroughly Yes Lincoln did help but I can see the determination within. Rpetually goofy grin It’s difficult to believe in a happily ever after when a happy now isite hard to find But Lincoln gives Eppie hope that despite the odds a true and Twos Company unconditional love might actually be out there A revised fairytale A new kind of love storyBut then again that might just be plain craz.

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