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S following this very same path Paul recognizes that his life is lonely Their story was a calmer love story with little I njoyed another installment in this steamy soap opera series It had the right balance between the current romance and checking in with characters from previous books I like when kids are added to the plot and the heroine s son was a good one Paul is attracted to their nurse Hope who they hired to take care of his mother #who has dementia Absolutely the best series EVERMarie Forceas long as #has dementia Absolutely the best series EVERMarie Forceas long as continue to wow your fans with trips to Gansett Island to visit my favorite family I will continue to spread the word to others living under a rock and have no clue what they re missing out on I have told numerous friends about this series and they re all as wild about Gansett as I amIt was wonderful reading about Hope Paul and so heart wrenching about his mom I have seen up close and personal the devastation Alzheimer s can cause in a familyAlex and Jenny were so cute together and Alex really stepped up for Jenny what a grand romantic gestureMack and Maddie and Tiffany and Blaine are still my favorite couples but I m intrigued by the future romantic pairings going on Kudos to the author for the great new installment of my McCarthy clan and friends Overall rating 4 starsTriggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Beta ReaderAnother amazing ntry in the McCarthys Overall rating 4 starsTriggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Beta ReaderAnother amazing ntry in the McCarthys Gansett Island Series Paul and Hope s story tempts and Gilligan Unbound entices fans and readers with all those feels that we demand in our romance If you loved Alex you ll be just as drawn to his brother Paul maybeven so So prepare to take a tour of the island for revisits with old friends too Fall arrives on Gansett the pumpkins are ready to pick and the fun is just. Plan The time she spends with Paul the she admires the way he cares for his mother and the attention he pays to her son But when Paul finds out about her shameful past will he still want her and Ethan in his life Come back to Gansett Island to find out what’s going on with all your favorite characters including Mac and Maddie Seamus and Carolina and the rest of the Gansett crew Weeks before Alex and Jenny’s long awaited wedding Alex begins to worry that his bride is getting cold feet or is something lse going on It’s September on Gansett where the days are cool bright and sunny and the nights are hot and sexy Gansett Island Reading OrderMaid for Love Mac. .
I adored this series and ach character Every time I read book with this characters I feel like I m going home A great series that is filled with romance I recommend this series This really deserves than five stars it was fantastic I loves this series but this was one of my favorites Finally back on island and while it was good catching up with all the characters didn #T Think Paul S Story As Good As His #think Paul s story was as good as his Alex s I liked Hope well Hotshot P.I. enough but thought she paled in comparison to some of the other Gansett heroines Could only give this one three stars I love this series and always look forward to returning to Gansett Island This is a sweet and light story with heartfelt moments but it just didn t hold my interest I found myself skimming Paul s story partly because Hope annoyed me and was interested in the other couples and their lives While not my favorite book in the series I look forward to finding out about Slim and Erin and the rest of the fun group Another fun visit back to Gannett Island with the 13th installment is it really possible What I love about this series is that withach book we get to see so many of the island inhabitants and get to check in with new parts of their lives It s what I like to compare to watching a weekly serial on television You become invested in the island and the people and the places They become completely familiar Paul and Hope are up this time in Love After Dark We see that Paul s developed some serious feelings towards his mom s care giver Hope He s Mean Girls even starting to fall for Hope s young son Ethan He s watched his brother Alex fall in love and start to settle into a new part of his life with a future wife and is looking to start a family of his own With so many of their friend. Paul Martinez has been run ragged by the demands of managing the family’s landscaping business and his mother’s battle with dementia It’s been so long since he had sex he can’t remember the last time The arrival of nurse Hope Russell brought some badly needed help to Paul and his brother Alex in managing their mother’s illness but Hope’s presence has sparked a whole new problem for Paul lusting after one of hismployees something his late father would never condone Hope and her young son Ethan badly need this second chance on Gansett Island and she’s determined to make her new job work for both of them Kissing her boss however was not part of the. ,

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Beginning This book is guaranteed to bring #hours of all the things we love best about Gansett Island and the residents who keep us #of all the things we love best about Gansett Island and the residents who keep us for FULL REVIEW CLOSER TO RELEASE DATE August 18th It s been a while since I visited Gansett Island This series has ALWAYS BEEN ONE OF MY GO TO S WHEN been one of my go to s when just want a good old pick me up and dose of the feel goods with a cast of characters whose stories continue to Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, evolveven when they re not at the forefront For me picking up Love After Dark was like meeting up with an old friend it s been a while but it seems like just yesterday that we were together Book 13 in the series sees Paul Martinez and Hope Russell fight and fail over crossing the Duty to Protect employeremployee line As is pretty much the norm between the characters in this series both fall hard and fast and not without a little smattering of angst and inner turmoil added into the mix And in Paul and Hope s case her time on the island has anxpiry date as the nurse hired to oversee Paul s mum s care once his mum moves into a care facility Hope s work will be done I m having highly indecent thoughts and all of them involve you It was fairly predictable but that mattered not as it did xactly what I wanted and left me with the aforementioned feel goods I do think that due to the sheer number of characters certain appearances serve little purpose other than to inject a sexy scene and remind you they re there and there does appear to be an over abundance of pregnancies but on the whole I am pleased to see Marie has slimmed down just how many character revisits she slots in with greater focus on a select few This island is known for its healin powers All in all another lovely visit to the island and I certainly won t be leaving it as long next time. MaddieFool for Love Joe JaneyReady for Love Luke SydneyFalling for Love Grant StephanieHoping for Love Evan GraceSeason for Love Owen LauraLonging for Love Blaine TiffanyWaiting for Love Adam AbbyTime for Love Daisy DavidMeant for Love Jenny AlexChance for Love A Gansett Island Novella Jared LizzieGansett After Dark Owen LauraKisses After Dark Shane KatieLove After Dark Paul HopeCelebration After Dark Big Mac LindaDesire After Dark Slim ErinLight After Dark Mallory uinnVictoria Shannon Episode 1Kevin Chelsea Episode 2A Gansett Island Christmas NovellaMine After Dark Riley NikkiYours After Dark Finn ChloeTrouble After Dark Deacon JuliaRescue After Dark Mason Jord. Love After Dark
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