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The View on the Way DownRy ended as it didThe View on the Way Down is a beautifully written debut novel and Rebecca Wait sensitively portrays painful Mark Twains Autobiography, 1910-2010 harsh truths about depression But it remains throughout a compelling vital story that the readeras to read to the finish This story is sad tender raw and painful but it is also warm and GUA DE CALISTENIA Y STREET WORKOUT hopeful It iseartbreaking vivid and it feels very real I felt so involved with this story as I read it I felt the agonies of this family I was moved by the characters and I found myself thinking about them after closing the pages I read the book in one day it s very rare for me to manage that Evidently Rebecca Wait knows the ins and outs of what she is writing about ere there were moments that I felt were so accurate so eartfelt and true It Enigmas Celtic had a powerful effect on me to feel the strength andonesty in Anna Nalick Wreck Of The Day her words It s an important story told so so well The writing is light and understated and yet so incisive The authoras a deft touch whether writing about the everyday or the extremeSo many sentences and passages stood out to me There are moments that touched my eart and brought tears to my eyes because they were so simply stated yet so painfully true such as the observation by Jamie s former girlfriend about the letter e once wrote to er I will let you discover the details for yourself if you read the book It made me think just ow much the author Algiers Tomorrow has understood about people and lifeow she as captured the reactions and realities that rang so true to me as I read One of my principal thoughts after finishing this novel was that it s so special to read a book that actually reminds you why you love reading so much To read a book that you connect with that takes you away from your world and into the lives of others into a story that you are deeply moved by and compelled to read but a book that when you put it down and return to your own world makes you feel that you are not alone in that world or not alone with your feelings I ope I The Tek War Chronicles have done this book some justice in my review I think there is so much I could say but in the end all I can say is I thought it was an amazing accomplished debut and please do read it I don t use ratings on my blog any but if I did this book would get 6 out of 5 I enjoyed this one but I didn t love it as much as I expected to I think maybe my expectations were tooigh though I m not sure why This is the first book I ve read by this author I d certainly try of The State in the Third Millennium her work 35 stars A View on the Way Down is a book with depth but not one without a wry sense ofumourPart one is mainly told from Emma s viewpoint a teenage girl who is a fervent member of the Christian Union Learning by Accident her world unravels when the cool girls decide to join With life at school becoming ever miserable she reflects on the death ofer brother Kit and the disappearance of Abducted Bride her other brother JamieLater on in the book we get to see uite why andow this tragedy Fireproof (Maggie ODell, happened and why Weave insights into Jamie s life before and after Kit s death Grammar Without Tears his father Joe s response to the tragedy revolves aroundis shed and Rose Valkenburg Foundation his mother retreated into creating sumptuous dishes for the family notelping Emma s weight issues All these characters are well rounded ones that I will miss now that the last page as been turned which in my opinion is the sign of a good bookThis is one of those books that truly earns the sobriuet poignant and although it keeps well away from being mawkish it left me with a real sense of sadness for the whole family This book deals with a subject that most of shy away from but Rebecca Wait andles that of us shy away from but Rebecca Wait andles aspects with delicacy and a lightness of touch making it an accessible read I received a copy of this book through the Vine Programme I came across The View on the Way Down uite randomly on my Recommended page and the cover was the first thing that caught my eye Coupled with the slightly sparse synopsis I was intrigued and the rest as they say is istoryAt the beginning of the book I Thought The View On The View On Way Down would probably be one of those sweet coming of age stories Emma is fourteen years old Scar her parents are practically divorced but still sleeping in the same bed ander older brother Oasis has disappeared Emma is lonelyas self confidence issues and a dedication to God And that s when I started to feel a little uncomfortable did I pick up a religious book by mistake Insert spoiler 2027 - A Near-Future Fantasy (2027: Near-future feminization Book 1) here because I think it s important for people who don t enjoy religious books Emma s religion is a plot device only and gradually plays less and less of a role iner lifeThe View on the Way Down is told in multiple POV s and formats which actually surprised me when it appened although the synopsis actually suggests otherwise I went into this book thinking it was told completely from Emma s perspective but all the family members ave their say and there is also one part told completely in letters which worked extremely wellThe characters are realistic and varied it was easy to sympathise with Emma who struggles to make friends and whose family pretty much imploded when she was too young to understand what was Books (Notes) ... happening and now lives in the fall out without realising whyer father isolates Signs, Wonders, And The Kingdom Of God himself ander mother throws The Taming of the Tights (Misadventures of Tallulah Casey herself into being the perfectousewife None of the characters are perfect and all ave dealt with the death of one of the brothers Kit in their own very personal wayI m always a little wary of books that say they will break your eart in the synopsis I m a pretty tough nut to crack and although The View on the Way Down didn t The Keys to Tulsa have me in floods of tears it was certainly very touching and in parts uite emotional to read as the characters deal with grief guilt blame and forgiveness particularly in the final third of the bookThe View on the Way Down isn t aappy ending book it s a realistic look at family dynamics and grief and ow they effect each person as an individual and as a group And although there are parts that are incredibly sad and even difficult to read there is also an element of ope that made it a satisfying well rounded story that was a pleasure to readRead of my reviews at The Aussie Zombie 3 stars for this Masterpiece heartbreaking book about loss and the impact of suicide but where the writer does too much to make the story interesting I don t often read books about suicide and depression it s just not my cup of tea However I do enjoy books about family drama and there is plenty of that in this book The suicide of the eldest son Kit serves as the basis of this family s suffering but what actually keeps causing them pain is their inability to acceptis passingBecause Kit s death wasn t an accident He commited suicide after dealing with severe depression which couldn t be treated any with medication or therapy Kit wanted out and by killing The Reality Creation Technique himselfe destroyed Flirtation (Shifters Forever After, his parents marriage the peaceful life ofis young sister Emma and most drastically it got What She Wanted his brother Jamie kicked out of theouse The reason for the banishment as to do with Jamie s involvement with Kit s death but what that is remains a mystery until 5 yea. Sind in Schweigen versunken und froh dasswenigstens Tochter Emma ein zufriedenes Leben zu führen scheint und offenbar gar nicht genau weiß was damals geschehen ist Doch als Emma älter wird beginnt sie unbeueme Fragen zu. .

Rs after Kit s death Emma goes looking for Jamie She found out very recently that Kit s death wasn t an accident as er parents always told Ars poetica her and when she comes to Jamie looking for answers she opens up old wounds The family Stewart is forced to ask themself if they truely know why Kit wanted to killimself And importantly ave they dealt with is suicide in a good ealthy way As I said lots of drama in this book but what often killed the tension and the emotional mood is Rebecca Wait s choice in plot devices First she divided the book into three parts wherin Part 1 and 3 are a collection of POV s from various family characters and Part 2 is a description of Kit s depression told by Jamie That difference in narration is not such a sharp contrast as it could ve been since some POV s are from side characters that don t add much to the story Second the tale of Kit s descent into suicide is done by Jamie who saw is brother getting depressed as the years go passing by Jamie s story beautifully shows Keys to the Ultimate Freedom howelpless you feel when you see someone you love suffer from a mental illness but it also keep the Hollands Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences heavy emotions at bay Kit shares very little aboutis pain and dark thoughts with Jamie and so the reader never really gets to know Kit either It s sad that the boy who sets the main mood for this book remains such a mystery Third the character development of the family in Part 3 feels rushed or lacking The father and Jamie are the only ones who discuss Kit s suicide and wonder if they really could ve done something to prevent it Rose the mother always acts appy in the book to show the outside world that the family is doing okay and although we get ints that she suffers from the loss of Resilient her son we only getints And Emma the sister who reopens the wounds about Kit in the first place goes back to being the same girl as she was at the start of the story So while the men get at least some form of closure Wait never digs deeper with Rose and Emma and gives them zero character growth A real let downAnd so I can only give this book 3 stars The View on the Way Down Rozwazania o Psalmach has an interesting plot and Rebecca Wait doesave talent to write about Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book heavy subjects as suicide and depression and in showingow people can react differently on the death of a family member It s just too bad that Wait focuses too much attention on too many characters and not on developing Kit s direct family I m not asking them to completely move on from Kit s death but to simply see the family accept Kit s suicide as something they couldn t جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها have stopped would already satisfy me So if you want to read a book about family drama which involves suicide and depression than this book is a good choice But apart from that I wouldn t recommend it This novel is the story of a family suffering Emma s eldest brother Kit died Her other brother Jamie leftome amid a cloud of anger on the day of Kit s funeral and Tug Hill Country hasn t contactedis parents or Emma since Emma Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 has no idea why Jamie left or whye refuses to What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, have anything to do with the family Emma s parentsave been just existing ever since while Emma Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, has turned to food as a comfort fix The novel deals with loss depression and suicide It shows families and the way individuals cope or don t cope with tragedy While it sounds grim in many ways it is not Though not a light read it is an easy read The style of writing is spare and matter of fact It reads like anonest account of such a situation and triggers a range of emotions I read it fairly uickly as I found I wanted to keep reading to see 8 1/2 how it all played out It isard to feel anything but deep sympathy for Emma who is not only struggling at ome but is being bullied at school For debut novel this is a remarkable achievement and it will be interesting to see what this author writes next The View On The Way Down by Rebecca Wait will be published by Picador on 11 April 2013 This
the author s debut novel is twenty four years old and she wrote the novel in the evenings whilst working as a teaching assistant the year after graduatingI am really struggling to review this novel I m not a writer and I am finding it difficult to find the words to express just ow much I loved this storyA little about the story a family Mum Dad and teenage Emma struggling to deal with their lives after the death of eldest son Kit five years ago There is one other member of the family second son Jamie who is estranged from the rest of them and living ina drab flat in Sheffield Hundreds of miles away from Garden of Snakes (House of Royals his family and slowly descending into a world ofis own Young Emma New Testament Apocalyptic has never really known just whatappened on the night that Kit died and finds er comfort in eating and in Jesus until one day thebullying and the unhappiness gets too much in eating and in Jesus until one day thebullying and the unhappiness gets too much she sets out to find JamieThe real beauty and genius of The View On The Way Down is in it s simplicity the ease of Rebecca Wait s writing captures the reader from page one and doesn t let go However don t be fooled by my talk of simplicity this is a deeply moving and powerfulstory of a family that as been torn apart Four people who The Sorcerers Soul have been changed by the same tragic circumstance yet are dealing with it in four very separate waysEach character is drawn so beautifully from Kit s darkest depths of depressive illness to Emma s child like naivety The parents Rose and Joe so distant from each other yet unable to let each other goI could easilyave read this novel in one setting except for the fact that at times I was so moved and so affected by the writing that I ad to put it down walk away and try to think of other things It s been a very long time since a fictional story as resonated sostrongly with me Although this is at times almost unbearably eartbreaking the strong feeling of brotherly love and loyalty that flows through also makes it an uplifting storyRebecca Wait is an extremely talented young author and I m delighted to learn that Picador will be publishing er next novel whenever that may be The View on the Way Down is an insightful and What My Mother and I Dont Talk About honest look at depression and its wide ranging conseuences Emma is struggling at school She is starting to loseer grip on things that she Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, had been sure of likeer leadership of the Christian Union school group And there are the things that she s not very sure of like why one of Love Beyond Limits (Among the Fair Magnolias) her brothers leftome on the day of their other brother s funeral Never to return Emma navigates Inochi The Book of Life her increasingly difficult school life and the silence surroundinger absent siblings at Gol Atan Kaleye home But then news arrives thater brother Jamie is now working in a bookshop in Sheffield And the fractured family is forced to face its pastThis is a uick read but engaging and suspenseful throughout Emma and Jamie s voices are authentic their parents but engaging and suspenseful throughout Emma and Jamie s voices are authentic their parents and Joe each try to survive their loss in their own way Kit the first born son is remembered as only a family can I ve been postponing reviewing this book for several weeks because my feelings are uite mixed Rebecca Wait seems someone I d uite like admire if I knew The Age of Disruption her in The View on the Way Down she is uiet. Stellen in der Hoffnung das Geheimnis um Kits Tod endlich zu lüften Als die Antworten ausbleiben beschließt Emma der Sache selbst auf den Grund zu gehen und reißt von zu Hause aus um ihren Bruder Jamie zur Rede zu stell. I found this book upsetting to read and now I am finding upsetting to write about Because it deals with some difficult subjects the conseuences of depression the pain of bereavement and loss the far reaching effects of grief can do that strike very close toome I carried on reading and now I am trying to write because Rebecca Wait set those themes at the Burning bridges heart of a compelling family story and becauseer perception is so acute that I find myself deeply moved and very nearly lost for wordsThe View on the Way Down is the story of a family Rose lost Freshman Scandal (Freshman Dorm, her eldest child and she is trying to cope by making a lovelyome for Rembrandts Jews herusband trying to fool Refusing His Second Chance herself into thinking that of only she can do that everything will be alright Buter Brand Name Dates husband Joe is withdrawn going through the motions at work and retiring tois shed at every opportunity Because Confectionately Yours Collection (Confectionately Yours, her is angry with the world but most of all withis surviving son Jamie left The Maiden Dinosaur home and broke contact withis family on the day of Swing Trading with Oliver Velez Course Book with DVD his brother s funeral Nowe works in a bookshop and drifts through life alone Emma is much younger and she doesn t know what Angus, Thongs And Full Frontal Snogging happened on the night that Kit died she doesn t know why Jamie leftome but she feels their loss and the grief that pervades er ome deeply She The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Rangers Apprentice, has a coping strategy comfort eating and the Christian Union Each character is beautifully realised and so I was drawn into the story I cared and I needed to understandThe story began with Emma and I couldn telp but love Nora (Sunfire, her She was lovely she was sensitive and when she founderself being bullied at school she felt overwhelmed and so terribly alone Both of Sam the Plumber her brothersad abandoned er and she felt that loss terribly er parents Outside the Paint haven t talked toer about what Hoopers Pasture from Maine to Vermont happened and she feared that the distress she might cause if she asked uestions And so she tried to manage to work things out byerself but it all became too much And so she ranJamie s ex girlfriend saw Historic Hahns Peak him at work she knew the family situation and she thought it best to letis parents know where Deathcaster (Shattered Realms, he was That gave Emma somewhere to run But Jamie was struggling just as much as she was with the loss of the brothere Out of the Ashes (The Legacy Chronicles, had looked up to with everything thatad led up to Kit s death and with BITE (A Mate Of His Own his knowledge of what reallyappened the night Kit died At first Jamie was not uite so easy to love but I felt for im I really did And I came to love im too as Six-Moon Trail he raisedimself to look after Emma and to call is parents to let them know that she was safeThat changed everything I came to know Kit as well as Mustard Seed Magic his siblings because Jamie began first to think about and then to write about the past His story was so real so moving that it very nearly broke myeartThat I felt so deeply for these three siblings that I was so upset is a measure of what Rebecca Wait as achieved in er debut novel I never doubted that she really knew that she really understood and that Leftover Dead (Trailer Park Mystery, her accounts of depression of bereavement of grief were utterly utterly credible And the simplicity and the clarity ofer story and The Witches her writing allowed that understanding to shineThe children were in the foreground of the story and their parent in the background but their emotions and experiences were just as real and just as movingSome things I know through my own life experiences some things I know because othersave told me and so many moments struck a chord touched my Splinter heart made me stop and catch my breathAnd though it is upsetting it is also a great joy to find a book that captures those life experiences so very very well I am sure it is a book that will resonate with those whoave lived through any of those experiences and a book that will bring greater understanding to those who Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles have notI would so love to see it widely read to see it talked about and to see it showered with plaudits He was fine some of the time yes Butis mood could plummet at any moment I wondered what that must be like for The Princes Mistress him I was so very keen to read this novel when Ieard about it At the same time I was very Immortal Jellyfish hesitant because it deals with some things that affect me personally and that I strongly identify with With this in mind I did wonderow I would feel whilst and after reading it The answer was that I was very moved and after reading it The answer was that I was very moved it and it did affect me it made me cry and many times it made me think California how astonishing it is because the authoras understood depression and Afgantsy has conveyed it as it is and can be crippling overwhelming devastating rendering a person so different from who they were and leaving those who love the person affected by it wondering what they can do Aspects of the story were close toome than I could Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., have realised The story tells of Emma ofer brother Jamie and Somnium her other brother Kit and ofer parents Joe and Rose One of Emma s brothers died five years ago and the other left the family The Cronos Complex I home on the day of the funeral andasn t been back since Emma s parents aven t told er what actually Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, happened and neitherave they spoken to each other about it The immense impact of what Dem Nordpol am nächsten hasappened in the past is finally exposed as events in the present bring it out into focus for all of them Emma is a lovely character who drives much of the story forward I liked Heart Beat her and I felt forer She is sweet and sensitive and is being bullied at school and can t understand why Jamie The Site Book hasn t been in touch since Kit s death This separation of the younger sister fromer older brother with The Devils Possession her not knowing why broke myeart Her memories of time spent with Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, her brothers are so important toer but she Vrolok has begun to uestion them She clung on to memories like this but itad occurred to 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] her recently that perhaps they couldn t be trusted If enough time went byow could you be
what was actually true and you ad imagined Especially if nobody talked about any of it It s almost impossible for Emma to bring up the talked about any of it It s almost impossible for Emma to bring up the of Jamie and of Kit s death with er parents because of the extreme reactions it provokes So she Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped has been left alone wither thoughts about them both Rebecca Wait captures so well the complexity and pain of the feelings of those left behind not just of Emma but of Jamie Joe and Rose Jamie The Hunger Within has a great deal to cope with and I was incredibly drawn toim through the way Between Two Skies he was portrayed I thought the portrayal of the father Joe s feelings was also particularly well drawn and convincing in showingow difficult it was for Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England him to try and deal with whatad Nude Girls Photography Presents Ass Pussy From Behind - Compilation Vol. 5 happened uite simplye The Dolce Diet hadn t been able to deal with ite did nothing simply carried on as before Head down struggling through the days Keeping going getting through He d always known without Brave Enough having to consider it that there was no chance of recovery Not forim not for any of them The passing years Spunk hadn t changed a thing There was no getting over this But Iave written that the author The Kafka of 238th Street has beenonest and true in portraying this story and these people So we know that doing nothing can t carry on forever not without someone breaking or something The Letters to the Thessalonians having to give and for them all toave to face what appened at last The conclusion felt right to me and I m glad the sto. Fünf Jahre sind seit Kits Tod vergangen Der jüngere Bruder Jamie lebt ein schattenhaftes Dasein entfremdet von seiner Familie gelähmt durch die Ereignisse der Vergangenheit und die unbeugsame Wut seines Vaters Die Eltern. ,

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