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Comme des chansons Vol.1 (French Edition) Sheet musicCouleurs latines (French Edition) Sheet musicJe deviens guitariste Volume 1 professeur Sheet musicComme des chansons Vol.2 (French Edition) Sheet musicMilonga Serena PaperbackJe Deviens Guitariste - Volume 2 Paperback

Single Waltz  SUNNY  uiet  Rings in the water  Pom Pom Pom Pom POUM Padam  La Colegiala POUM Padam  La Colegiala trad Colombia  Small Celtic Suite  tanga tango  bluette  Ballade  Doucement bass  La guinguette  Outside  Blues the hammock  merrily kissed the uaker Core of Ire. Je Deviens Guitariste - Volume 2Pieces in this collection apart from the pleasure to make music can be seen as a way to get ahead in a gesture a techniue to as a way to get ahead in a gesture a techniue to savoir faire uniue to the guitarThis items is for beginners already able to play melodies in first and second position accompanied by the ow *Strings To Emp. *to emp.

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Land  pouce pouce Rock  Ragtime of kangaroos  Ragtime Of Brazil's Penguins  Samba Ll Core  The Brazil's penguins  Samba Ll core  The Notes  Gypsy Eyes Black core  Valse du dimanche  tri martolod Breton core 40 pagesce Volume 2 is designed for students in 2nd and 3rd year of instrument Each of the.

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