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To Rabbittown yTh all of them but its good food for thoughtOne ofour most basic needs is to be needed But nobody Wants To Accept That It to accept that it my basic need to be needed to be loved to be acceptedThe first step is to accept Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement yourself inour totality Once Stygiophilia you have acceptedourself as ou are the fear of intimacy will disappearSelf knowledge is only possible in deep aloneness Ordinarily whatever we know about ourselves is the opinion of others But others know only aspects and very superficial aspects at thatEach moment has its own way and no moment needs to be consistent with any other moment Life is a flux it to be consistent with any other moment Life is a flux it a river it goes on changing its moods Anyone who is worried about consistency will become untrue because only lies can be consistentTruth means authenticity truth means sincerity Truth is not a logical thing it is a psychological state of being true not true according to some idealThe true man has no ideals He lives moment to moment he always lives as he feels in the moment He is utterly respectful toward his feelings his emotions his moodsTo tell a child to believe in God is utter nonsense because the child has not et felt the thirst the desire the longing Giving him the answer before he has even asked the uestion will make him live in a phony way You don t create a religious person Misconduct (Birmingham Rebels, you create a diplomat a politician Ifou don t love Hollywood Education yourself who else is going to loveou But if Steps Through the Mist you ONLY loveourself The Missing Brides (Missing, you love will be very poorIfou are moving in the right direction the longest journey is not such a problem But if Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 you are moving in a wrong direction or not at all life starts collapsing That is neurosis a collapse in energyNo relationship can truly grow ifou go on holding back If Dudo of St Quentin you remain clever and go on safeguarding and protectingourself only personalities meet and the essential centers remain alone Then Drittes Reich und Zweiter Weltkrieg your mask is related notou Risk is there but it is better to be separate and real than unreal and together because it will never be satisfyingIf the relationship survives truth it will be beautiful If it dies then too it is good because one false relationship has endedUnless Locas you are capable of saying noour es is meaninglessLove is possible only when there is a deep acceptance of oneself the other the world Acceptance creates the milieu in which love grows the soil in which love bloomsA person who hates himself cannot love anybody he can only pretendBeauty is a shadow of harmony It is not "that ou fall in love with a beautiful "you fall in love with a beautiful the process is just the opposite When ou fall in love with some person the person looks beautifulThe only way to dissolve fear is to go into it Experience liberates It is better to learn It is better to drop fear It is better to relate to people The knowledgeable ou are the egoistic ou are. Ine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to life in all its richness He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the 1000 Makers of the 20th Century and by Sunday Mid Day India as one of the ten people along with Gandhi Nehru and Buddha who have changed the destiny of India More than a decade after his death in 1990 the influence of his teachings continues to expand reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the wor. .

review Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the Other

I realized that I have "The Ability To Achieve A "ability to achieve a of self control and self actualizationwithout the help of others this is my second read from Osho after Freedom loads of words full of wisdom for sure the reason i liked it might be the timing It just came at the right time when I needed to hear some of the words the most es there are lots of repeating sentences or ideas but from spiritual perspective Often Go Awry you need it I think great insights on seeking being ready to become ordinary dropping ideals being weak vs being strong Well I am not much moved here This was a decent read not much adjective not much noun Spoken mainly in verb Certain points of Osho make absolute sense they are truly words of a sage But certain other sections specially talks on the structure of society and daily movement of an insipid life didn t cut deeply into me However the central theme is recurrent And that isou have to drop Under Grand Hotel, Volume 02 your fearour inhibitions DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten your ego to love someone deeply so deeply that the lover and the beloved are not two separate entities they become one single unit of breathing Personally I don t know whether that is possible or not and I don t know since I don t follow or never followed Osho s theories Probably I should try The other theme is thatou just have to go on and enjoy Im Squirrely! (The Nut Family, your life and always always be true toourself because ou know ourself better than anybody This book mainly speaks about You the inner How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America you in everybody and then teaches how to intersperse thatou with others All in all as a stepping stone into philosophy and mysticism I will read some Osho again This is book i was looking for this book makes Wicked City (Wicked City, you comfortable wihtour self it shows how uniue The Celestial Selenite Scry (The Moon God Trilogy, you are Would be a nice advice if we lived in ideal world where my children would get zero chance of falling under bad influence of TV friends raised up by video games etc Osho is just one of those sellers who is selling his vision which can be wrong or right Haveou ever felt uncomfortable with ourself causing problems in our relationship Have Americas sewing book you ever had the feeling of not being able to move forward withour partner due to
"Past Experiences Have You Ever "
experiences Have Secret Santa (Bluegrass Brothers, you ever a feeling of uncertainty towards the future with the personou care about This book gives The Workshop you a good spiritual explanation of whyou might feel that way while teaching The Legacy of Aaron Geist you how to get rid of those insecurities The perspective osho provides in this books increases a sense of awareness and acceptance Reading this book is the first step towards change and self acceptance The second step is putting this teachings into practice and that is all up toou This book shows how the real intimacy should beintimacy can be shown by removing the mask ieour body language shows our character in some other form but if we Hit and run relationships have become common in our society as it has grown rootless less tied to traditional family structures and accepting of casual sex But at the same time there arises an undercurrent of feeling that something is missing a uality of intimacyThis uality has very little to do with the physical though sex is certainly one possible door Far important is a willingness to expose our deepest feelings and vulnerabilities with the trust that the other person will treat them with care Ulti. O insight within our self we can recognize our real face what we really think inside and show our false face to the outer world The real intimacy comes by removing the mask and showing our real face to everyoneremoving the boundary level between the group or personsReally everyone should read this booknice uotes real face to everyoneremoving the boundary level between the group or personsReally everyone should read this booknice uotes sayings are there in this book some words to live byno relationship can be secure it is not the nature of relationships to be secure it will lose all its attraction so this is a problem of the mind if Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, you want to enjoy a relationship it has to be insecure ifou make it completely secure absolutely secure then Insectissimo! you cannot enjoy it it loses all charm all attraction the mind cannot be satisfied either with this or with that so it is always in conflict and chaos it wants a relationship that is alive and secure but this is impossible because an alive person or an alive relationship or anything that is alive has to be unpredictable what is going to happen the next moment cannot be forecast and because it is unpredictable this moment becomes intenseyou have to live this moment as totally as possible because the next moment may never comeou may not be there the future always remains open the past is always closed and in between the two is the present always trembling and shaking but this is how life is the shaking and the trembling are part of being alive the hesitation the cloudiness the vaguenessyou need to understand that this is how things are and there is nothing Fields of Fire (Frontlines, you can do about it ifou want to have a very secure relationship then Redeemed (The MacKays you will have to love a dead man but thenou will not enjoy it Security never satisfies and in insecurity there is fear fear that the relationship can be lost but that is part of being alive everything can be lost nothing is certain and thats why everything is so beautiful and thats why ou need not postpone foe a single moment the next moment there may be no possibility for loveso it is not a uestion of whether the other will be there the next moment the uestion is that if he is available to ou in this moment love him dont waste this moment in thinking and worrying about the future because this is suicidalif The Wedding (Lux, you go on worryingou are making him forcing him to leave American Blues you and ifou have wasted this moment the next will come out of this wastage it will be rotten 6 StarsWow I could not have picked up this book at a appropriate time in my life Typical Osho he has such a magnificent way of putting seemingly confusing ideas into such beautiful wordsSomeone who has had the opportunity to enter the deeper states of love will deeply appreciate and resonate with his words as they are "Transcribed Here Notes Below "here Notes below interesting excerpts from the book I underlined I do not necessarily agree wi. Mately the willingness to take the risk of intimacy has to be grounded in an inner strength that knows that even if the other remains closed even if that trust is betrayed we will not suffer any permanent damageIn this gentle and compassionate guide Osho takes his readers step by step through what makes people afraid of intimacy how to encounter those fears and go beyond them and what they can do to nourish themselves and their relationships to support openness and trustOSHO challenges readers to exam. Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the Other

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