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The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, gI really enjoy all the uniue characters and their personalities and interactions But the situations theyet put in roll right from one to another without any development A character will make a comment and in a paragraph or two that offhand comment becomes what occurs This writing style occurred in the first book and carries through in this first book and carries through in this so maybe this just isn t a enre written for me I do enjoy all the characters and their personalities which is why I t a enre written for me I do enjoy all the characters and their personalities which is why I it four stars but I find by the end of the book I m personalities which is why I Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow gave it four stars but I find by the end of the book I m not really satisfied with how theyot there The cuteness continues in the 2nd novel of the series There s clumsiness and fun mix ups and when you throw in a The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid ghost and a visit to the Demon kingdom it s a worthy seuel The events of this book are enjoyable to read however after finishing this book the second volume it seems lacking in direction There doesnt seem to be any realoal not really Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys going anywhere with purpose motive seems that the main character is just constantly made too somewhere Although that may well be the point of this series If you want a plesent story to read it s okayNot sure I ll continue this series from here unless I hear anything Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, good comes of it while a fair amount of speeches are in the first person perspective without much indication of whom is making the speech after a while you recognise who is the one speaking it is very enjoyable and has aood few humourous moments ofc it would be nice to see illustrations of over the top moments When you ve been killing about 25 slimes a day 2 exp points each for 300 years you are bound to be pretty powerful This maxes out your level at lev. When youre level 99 finding time to relax can be the hardest part After I died from overwork in my previous life I decided keeping a Life Changing Smiles good work life balance in this one would be my top priority Ive been a lot busier ever since wordot out that Im le.

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Ive Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, Vol. 2Get named they are probably oing to be added to the family laterIf you did not care for the pacing or the character development of the first novel You are not oing to like this one Really enjoy reading this series and it is rather uniue having the isekai over power hero being played by a 17 year old irlI hope to keep enjoying novels in the future At least this is how I see itThis isn t supposed to be some fantasy epic or the next shounenshoujo buddy adventure it is supposed to be a slice of life isekai fantasy world A story thats subdued and calm about living amd enjoying lifeAfter all the
LN isekai I have read Killing is a nice relaxing breath of fresh air My only problem with it is the same I have with most books I want Hahaha no one really expects a light novel to be a pulitzer prize WINNER BUT THAT DOESN T MEAN IT CAN T but that doesn t mean it can t a ood read Following in a long line of other reincarnated in another world really overpowered books this one follows formula but at least has fun on the rid If you read the first in the series then you know a lot of what to expect in terms of pacing There is a little oing on this time around and characters are introduced yet it s still just as relaxing and fun to read as the first book was in my opinion Volume just as relaxing and fun to read as the first book was in my opinion Volume of this Isekai series retains the silliness of the first bookAs much as I enjoyed reading this though I found the plot to be meandering at best More like a lot of short stories loosely interlinkedThere are a whole bunch of new characters introduced in this volume that will no doubt return later on tooI enjoyed this but the meandering plots left a lot to be desired Great read. Hosting a caf fighting hosts in a factory or even meeting a demon king theres nothing we cant handle together Still what Id rather be doing the most is enjoying my downtime And Im not about to forget the importance of taking life one step at a tim. El 99 the top level For a wage slave who died and was reincarnated as an immortal witch with eternal youth age 17 now is the time to kick back and take it easy with just enough work killing slimes or making potions to keep yourself comfortable It s been a Brooklyn's Song good life these past 300 years with little hassleThen life changes Then acuire two daughters and not one but two apprentices and ahost life hassleThen life changes Then you two daughters and not one but two apprentices and a Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide ghost lifeet rather interesting When you have become friends with the demon Beelzebub AKA the Lord of the Flies a 3000 year old 17 year old looking young woman that ups the EXCITEMENT FACTOR ADD IN THE KING factor Add in the King the Demons and a couple of leviathans and adventure starts All in all it s a delightful readFor anyone who is interest in a light hearted read I would recommend the whole series I didn t like this volume 2 as much as the first Almost every chapter talked about food cooking and party As I read through 50% of the book I ve counted 8 times it say about cooking Yes and at every chapter there was a new character added to the family I did not enjoy this volume 2 tried to read it fast and move on to the next one If volume 3 still not Plain Jane The Hotshot get any better I think I ll drop this series Wanted toive this series a chance Was all for a simple slice of life other world novel but can not recommend thisStill no seriously thought out plot and by the end it suffers badly from the harem trope You ll be reading about how cute the main character s adoptive family is and their various uirks ad nauseam The same can not be said of most background characters Three hundred years living next to a village and not a single person in it is named and if someone does. Vel 99 but my world has also been Family of Her Dreams getting bigger Beelzebub is the most reliable demon Ive ever met Falfa and Shalsha are as adorable as can be Laika is the best apprentice anyone could ask for and Halkara iswell Halkara is doing her best Whether its.

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