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Idn t love it There were some ecent things like not wanting to be The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, defined by one s sexuality But then some random stuff starts goingown that makes little to no sense and I was just thinking that it was too absurd to be real Story 10 The Sweeter the Sin by Jordan Sonnenblick This one had a lot of emotions wrapped up in it It was sweet sad and ultimately so frustratingly true I loved that it was a story about our choices and our mistakes and how they can change things And the narrator made me chuckle a lot with random things like this There s just something so erotic about an angry girl with surgical tools who s just mistakenly The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur dismembered a gestational hog Bittersweet but a win Story 11 The Mistake by James Preller This was so incredibly hard to read on a personal level I ll beamned if it wasn t one of the most honest stories in the book but it ripped my heart to shreds I wanted answers too I wanted to know why the characters made the choices they Maharaj did but I suppose in a short story there isn t a ton of room for that sort of thing Haunting no uestion Story 12 The Good Brother by Patrick Flores Scott I think it s a great commentary on some of the issues in our country specifically the way we treat people who are just looking to come here for a better life I would have liked to know of what happened after but I think that is probably just a problem with me and short stories in general I want to know all the things Some of it seemed farfetched but never being in a situation like that who knows Bottom Line This was a really good group of stories that wereefinitely true to the book s title and promise of stories about real life I think there is absolutely something for everyone in this book as it is absolutely full of Kuduz diversity and tough topics but also about some of the universal life struggles that we all shareCopy provided by publisher for reviewuote taken from uncorrected proof subject to change Full Review on The Candid Cover35 StarsI See Reality is a book filled with a set of very realistic short stories written by a variety of YA authors This book tackles issues such as addiction and AIDS and addresses them in a way that is believable While many of these stories may not have been my cup of tea there were uite a few that are absolutely fantasticThe fact that this anthology contains stories surrounding various social issues is uite refreshing and eye opening The topics that areiscussed are presented in a way that educates yet brings the issues to light in a manner that oes not have a condescending tone I found this to be a very interesting set of stories that tackle important issues of today This book can be an asset in any classroom iscussing the topics contained withinBlackbird by Trisha Leaver is my absolute favourite story in the collection This particular story is about a girl who is part of tech crew yet is also a truly amazing singer who is afraid to show her talents on stage The main character is also faced with the judgments of others because of an act committed by her brother Both the storyline and the writing are fantastic Definitely one worth reading It was a story that I wish had been a little bit longer as I found it so relatableAs there are multiple stories in an anthology it is always The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, difficult to give a star rating or even review these types of books I See Reality contains some works that areefinitely five star material however there were a few stories that were just not my taste I The Taste of Ashes do think that this book of realistic fiction is one that will appeal to manyIf you are looking to read something thateals with realistic issues in a manner that is both entertaining and educational I suggest that you pick up I See Reality There are some incredible authors and fabulous writing that makes this a collection not to be missed I See Reality is a collection of 12 short stories about real life These heart pounding stories ask hard uestions about a range of topics from sexuality and addiction to violence and immigrationRating for each of the stories with potential spoilersThree Imaginary Conversations With You by Heather Demetrios 45 starsThis follows Jessa s imaginary conversations trying to break up with her abusive boyfriend I ll open my mouth but the words won t come Despite everything I won t want to break your heart And I won t want you to break mine I just want us to rift away from each other I ll wish there idn t have to be words Or that you for once could be the one who has to say the hard thing This was a really hard read for me Both emotional and physical abuse are topics that I find really ifficult to read about And Heather Demetrios efinitely made me feel a lot while reading this short story I felt both pain and pride and sorrow while reading from Jessa s point of view and I m really glad with that endingA truly strong start that stayed with me till the end of the collectionThe Downside of Fabulous by Kristin Elizabeth Clark 255 starsWe start out in Mr Megars class where Chris confides to the reader that he has a crush on Tom Waters And Liz his best friend and confidant The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, doesn t believe him when he comes out to herTo say that Liz really really bothered me would be an understatement What am Ioing here trying to assert my gaytivity And who the hell China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) does Liz think she is to uestion me I wrap the cord around my controller and slam itown on the TV stand I wanted you to know this thing I raise my voice This one really important thing about me I Green River Rising didn t realize I have to pass the gay SAT to get your tiny mind to accept it And since this story focused a lot in my opinion on Liz rather than eveloping Tom and Chris I ended up feeling underwhelmedI idn t care for what Liz thought he should o to get Tom and Chris I ended up feeling underwhelmedI idn t care for what Liz thought he should Gorbals Diehards do to get Tom notice him And frankly she can stick her opinions and unasked advice up her assEverything just wentownhill after that which really From the Dust disappointed meThe Night of the Living Creeper by Stephen Emond 35 starsThe opening paragraph to this one was fantastic A warning to youear reader this is a terrifying tale a scary story a haunting hullaballoo Should you frighten easily please turn back now But for those who can t Finale (Caraval, deny their curiosity what s so grave that you should shut this book and place it on the shelf you ask Why it s a story about a creeper of course This tale is told from the point of view of a cat named Skittles who s observing herorky innocent human For the purpose of this story she calls her FairyThe haunting ghostly creeper tale begins when Fairy and her friends Merlin and the Making of the King decide to play an odd little game involving uestions and answers inappropriateness and giggles The conversations they had with one another tried to answer really important uestions but it felt a bit preachy and nonsensical Iidn t feel like I was listening in on a real and crucial conversation rather like the author found a convenient way to Mrs. Bridge drop information on sexuality and creepersBut itid include illustrations which always cheers me up Makeshift by Kekla Magoon 355 stars I still can t believe any of this is happening It Mennyms Alone (Mennyms, doesn t feel real This tale opens with Kayse and her mother who have just moved into their new apartment in Harlem New York And the topic ofomestic abuse was touched upon in a very resonating way It s temporary I remind myself We ll only be here a little while He s going to have to pay her alimony eventually Or child support He has to right They were married my whole life He s my Dreamwalker (The Ballad of Sir Benfro, dad for Christ s sake Io wish that this story would have been longer but other than that Makeshift really harrowed me It s only temporary The bruise The fear The Akenfield dent in our force field The world outsideoesn t matter Tomorrow Gym and Slimline doesn t matter Mom is here and that s than nothing For tonight it s just the two of us inside this wrapping paper bubble Things You Get Over Things You Don t by Jason Schmidt 35 starsThis follows the aftermaths of a school shooting The events that wereescribed felt a bit rushed so I couldn t fully understand what was happening until it happened But I efinitely had to take a breather after this oneCoffee Chameleon by Jay Clark no ratingThis started out from the point of view of an addict But it idn t pull me in at allHush by Marcella Pixley no ratingHush kind of creeped me out so I gave up with only a few pages left Also the fact that I had no idea where it was going Marginal Notes, Doubtful Statements didn t really helpBlackbird by Trisha Leaver 25 starsLilly is part of the tech crew for her upcoming high school musical I knew every word to the song Rachel was belting out could hit every note transition seamlessly between breaks Two years ago that would ve been me out there anchoring the chorus Two years and four schools back that was me But ever since her brother intentionally killed a girl she s been hiding in the shadows I learned that trick a long time ago Keep people out make it clear you have no interest in talking to them and they will leave you alone Blissfully agonizingly alone Blackbird started out interesting enough but I really really The Clock Without a Face didn t appreciate the girl hating in this oneAnd it also had some insta love but at that point Iidn t even have high enough expectations to careGone From This Place by Faith Erin Hicks 355 starsFaith Erin Hicks is one of the reasons why I picked up this collection And it Captives of the Private House did notisappoint I loved both the art and writing It was a really short story with a sweet endingThe Sweeter the Sin by Jordan Sonnenblick 35 starsWe follow David s love hate relationship with Elizabeth from freshman to senior year To be frank I wasn t expecting to like it but The Sweeter the Sin was a uick and compelling read Even if I Teaspoon and an Open Mind didn t really understand what was happening towards the endThe Mistake by James Preller 35 starsThe Mistake follows Angela secision to terminate her pregnancy The tale is told from both Angel s point of view and of her boyfriend s MalcolmThe premise of this story really had me from the beginning but unfortunately the writing wasn t really to my liking It felt like it was trying too hard to be poetic There were also random poems thrown in that I A Celtic Miscellany didn t really care for Then you appeared then you appeared I wasn t unhappyWasn t happy neitherJustriftingAimless you knowA sail in any old wind But I really liked Angela and would ve loved to have gotten from her point of view Oh Mal can t you see I am the poemI am strong and brave and beautiful And though my bones feel heavy and my heart aches I will be the one who writes the next verseI am the one who ecides The Good Brother by Patrick Flores Scott 355 starsThis story escribes the process of immigration and its unfairness towards two brothers Jos you crossed four Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, days too late to be eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals And when the hearingoesn t go in Jos s favor his twin brother Javier who took his place in court gets The Culture Code deported to Mexico You got blinders on JosI know that s what it takes to succeed in this country Narrow your vision so youon t see the shitty mess this place is So you can believe in right and wrong good and bad Justice And you can chase the fantasy I m sure that can actually work Jos if you got papers and parents who got papers This story in its short amount of pages really punctured me I have to know about what will happen next for Jos and his short amount of pages really punctured me I have to know about what will happen next for Jos and his To sum up some stories really resonated with me and some idn t but that s why I love reading anthologies And I See Reality was no exception Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying I See Reality just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blo. Last page has been turnedContributing authors include Jay Clark Kristin Clark Heather Demetrios Stephen Emond Patrick Flores Scott Faith Hicks Trisha Leaver Kekla Magoon Marcella Pixley James Preller Jason Schmidt and Jordan Sonnenbli. I See RealityI idn t like it but I also Stolen Magic (Stardust, did like it In a good way And I think sometimes those are the best types of books because for me this means that the text or texts as is the case in this book has really made me think I really liked all of the stories they were interesting snapshots like the cover art suggests into these characters lives their personalities their hopes theirreams their struggles And I love reading in general because a good book gives that to you a look into someone else s life perspective opinions And a good reader takes that and ruminates over it runs with it leaves part of it behind and takes a part with them as their own And I felt like I was able to The Billionaire Daddy do this with I See Reality Did I absolutely love all of the stories No Did I agree with all of the ideas represented No way Will I take away all of the opinions and morph them into my own No Butid I come up close and personal with ideas and thoughts that I could grapple with take parts of and think critically about Yes most Pistols for Two definitelyOn a purely aesthetic note this book was written beautifully I loved Heather Demetrios first person talking to the reader in the second person writing I liked the glimpse glimpse glimpse way that Jason Schmidt gave us the story about the school shooting Jay Clark s wry humor shone in his writing Marcella Pixley s on the edge of creepy yet poignantly beautiful writing was soensely juicy These authors Stronger did a great job painting small yet vivid portrait for the readerThis book is not for everyone There are a lot of hard topics some language some sexual content But for the reader ready to grapple with these this book will be a great glimpse in to a lot of various topics and the stories will leave the critical reader thinking and wanting toiscuss one of the best short stories I have read yes some of the stories were not good but most were I think of the twelve I Loss (Gus Dury, didn t like 3 of them a must read Rachel Wargo Ap Language Mrs Smeenk91017I See RealityTwelveifferent stories put into one book This is not a normal book someone would pick off the shelf but it was an amazing book The author gave the reader twelve The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, different stories about real life events this is called a realistic fiction And the book is called I See Reality by Kendall Published in 2016Kendall is known for writing fiction books Her idea is to pull the readers in as if they were living in the moment and to not want to put the bookown She wants the readers to take something away from each of her books This book really intrigues the readers because at some point in the reader s life they will experience one of these moments or they already have The reader gets to see a Alacrity (Illumine, different point of view of each situation then they experienced This book won t be like any other book It takes the reader into eachifferent situation so it feel as if the reader is standing there in that very moment and it makes the reader remember ifferent moments about their life Even though these event may have not happened to one specific person each reader will find they have been in a situation almost exactly like the one told in the novelI See Reality is a novel about ifferent life stories These stories go from break ups to friendships ending to a teen girl whose parents are Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, divorced to being alone and scared then happy with where you are from being bullied and ending with happy relationships This book is geared towards teens Theaily life they live and the facts that they will be facing in life Maybe it is to reassure them that they aren t the only ones who go through this or just to talk about the life that teens live The author seems to want to reach out to teens in this world and catch their attention and what better way to Arnhem do that than to talk about the situations they are going through right at this very moment Each character had their own story Theyid not mesh together and they Fitness for Living did have very few similarities but they were eachealing with Love Is Blind different situations One girl had her heart broken by a boy while the other one had their heartbroken by her family They were each heart broken inifferent ways Each character id stick out in their own way and in their own story The author made the characters passionate about what they were talking #about and personally I think that is very important to a reader The reader can relate to at least one #and personally I think that is very important to a reader The reader can relate to at least one these characters because they know what it is like to be in a situation exactly like that and to feel what the character is feeling but the author could have put emotion into the characters so the reader could really tell when the character was hurting or sad or happy Then the reader can relate to the character and feel part of the storyMost of the stories i read in I See Reality i felt as though I could relate too in one way For example i have been through a heartbreak before with a relationship so I felt that i could relate to that character and in another one called Makeshift her parents had split and she had to pick up her life and move it and i ve also been in that type of situation Of course in those stories I could not relate to everything The aughter had to leave her The World in the Curl dad with her mom and they had to move into a little brokenown house for me i Connexity did not have to leave myad and i A Personal Influence did not have to go that far away but to some points iid go through some of the same events she Americas First City did And in Three Imaginary Conversations With You She always wanted to break up with the boyfriend she was with but he guilt tripped her to stay and by the time she finallyid it she was heartbroken and I could only relate to the heartbreaking part and the urge to want to end it all but i was never forced it was a self Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, decision to stayThis book is not compared to most books i have read Iid read a book called When and it was about a girl who could read Neutered by the vet (The League of Dominant Women deathates She was accused of murdering people because she knew when they would Charity Girl die so it is a story about her trying to find the murder This only related to one story in I See Reality called Things You Get Over Things You Don t A man had shot up and school and it was a story told by Caleb who was there in the moment and he watched as his girlfriend almostied in his arms and he saw the man shoot a person but both stories have a Alipio different point the only similarity was their were both murders This book is full ofifferent stories and Seducing Ingrid Bergman different problems going on in this world like The school shooting or it talks about a boy coming out gay to his friends and many readers may take these to heart or not agree but all of these areifferent problems in the world whether it s a girl with a broken heart a guy losing his friends because he is gay or a school shooting This novel is full of life leason The reader will see ifferent ways to handle situations that they will face in their aily life and they will learn about A Secret Place different situations that people face everyay of their life The main point to this novel was to reach out to the teens who face these challenges and help them to know they Scandalous (Playing with Fire do not face this alone and this is reality we all go through theseifferent struggles and it is hard but eventually they will go through these Brute Force (Nick Stone, different chapter in life and see these exact situations pop up Most teenage girls would be intrigued to this novel and I think it is appropriate for any high school teen who is struggling or is looking for a nice read because it is a easy read but very helpful and helpful to teens my age This noveligs Beautiful Breasts Pictures deep into reality and reaches out to the young teens in the world who want help or reassurance or who just want an easy read to enjoy I think this book is helpful in our everyday life and it shows that the things they thought they went through alone theyon t All teens face these challenges and they want to know they are not alone but the novel I See Reality will show the reader that they aren t This book will relate to each reader in one way and it will take the reader right into the story as if they are the main character I m always looking for good young adult anthologies so when I saw this one at a scratch and To Risks Unknown dent sale I knew it needed to come home with meThese short stories focus on real life topics that teens think about They cover everything from sexuality and pregnancy to abuse and school shootings Like all anthologies some of the stories are much better than othersThese are my favoritesThe book starts out strong with Three Imaginary Conversations with You by Heather Demetrios The narrator imagines three potential events that could occur after she breaks up with her boyfriend Demetrios is a fabulous writer and this story has the most realistic characters in the anthology I ll open my mouth but the words won t come Despite everything I won t want to break your heart I ll wish thereidn t have to be words Or that you for once could be the one who has to say the hard thing I See Reality Things You Get Over Things You Don t by Jason Smith follows a couple who is trying to survive a school shooting The story has a nonlinear structure so it s up to the reader to piece the events togetherIn the comic strip style story Gone from This Place by Faith Erin Hicks a girl confesses to her best friend that she s a lesbian Her romance with the most popular boy in school isn t real I like the art and I idn t see the twist at the end coming This is my favorite story I ll have to see if the author has any full length graphic novelsIn The is my favorite story I ll have to see if the author has any full length graphic novelsIn The by James Preller a girl ebates if she should get an abortion The writing style is a bit strange but the plot is sad and suspenseful It shows that an unplanned teen pregnancy can affect the boy and girl very The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, differently I am the poemI am strong and brave and beautiful And though my bones feel heavy and my heart aches I will be the one who writes the next verseI am the one whoecides I See RealityMy biggest struggle with this anthology is the heavy handedness I know this book is meant for teens and they might need the moral of a story to be obvious but some of the morals are really obvious Don t believe stereotypes kids Bring a friend if you re going to break up with your abusive boyfriend Drugs are bad Some of the stories are too educational for my tastes Cynical teenage me would have rolled her eyes The Any Girl Can Be a CandyKiss Girl! / Tea with the Birds / The G-SUS Gene description of this anthology says that it s meant to introduce teens to literary fiction I think it accomplishes that Iidn t love the majority of the stories but I appreciate the variety of characters and writing styles There s something in here for everyone This had its ups and Scandal! downs butoesn t every anthology Not every story can be as good as the other Especially when they re all about very The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel different things withifferent writing styles or formats Because of this I Pilgrimage (1920) decided I ll just write short reviews for each storyThree Imaginary Conversations with You 55This story is my favorite handsown It s about an abusive relationship Not physical but verbal A boy who manipulates a girl who he controls and Shapely Ankle Preferrd doesn t make happy It hit kind of close to home so I just really found myself feeling sympathetic for the girl even in this short amount of time The point of view is also really amazing It s told in second person and I am always impressed when authors can pull that off Took my breath away really You went on and on about how hard I am to love with my negativity and strict parents and my crazy ideas about chastity You call me Eeyore as in theepressive Sword at Sunset donkey from Winnie the Pooh and not always affectionately You say I m a wet blanket and a tease andon t care how much I get punished when I come home after curfew You Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch don t care what pri. Twelve original stories by top MCPG authors explore real issues for real teensThrough prose and comics alike these heart pounding short stories ask hard uestions about a range of topics from sexuality and addiction to violence and immi. Ce I have to pay for us to be together This is my ammunition and I have storied it carefully inside me proof we are bad togetherThe Downside of Fabulous 25It tells the story of Chris who is gay and how he has a crush on this boy named Josh He comes out to his best friend and she refuses to believe him That was one of the reasons I justidn t love this one She just kept saying you on t act like a gay guy Stereotypically no However there is no text book efinition of how a gay person should act or look and that was the saving grace for this book at the end The romance was also rushedThe Night of the Living Creeper 35I idn t know what to expect going into this book It was a mixture of pictures and writing which was interesting and cute However the message was my favorite thing It reminded me of this one time this woman came in to talk to my Psychology class about how sexual predators on t have to be creepy old men Interesting perspective too told from a catMakeshift 45This one broke my heart It involved so many issues that need to be addressed in literature race abuse sexual harassment etc Kept me interestedThings You Get Over Things You Don t 355Although a short story about a school shooting it packed the punch of a full length book on the topic The ending was open but in a good way that I likedCoffee Chameleon 155I liked the spin the author tried to give this story but I could see from the reviews that a lot of people were confused about it and I kind of was too If it were longer maybe the execution could have been better I The Temple of the Golden Pavilion don t knowHush 45A chilling story about a mother with OCD about germs to the point where she won t let heraughter go to bed without taking a bath in boiling hot water with bleach It was very sad but I loved the ending I couldn t stop reading this oneBlackbird 45This was absolutely adorable and so inspiring It was all about moving forward from your past and finding yourself BrilliantGone From This Place 255This was a graphic novel completely and it was cute I like the whole idea about recreating yourself after high school but it was short and hard to feel anything than meh aboutThe Sweeter the Sin 25I like how the relationship had a history I always am a sucker for that However it just left me feeling just numb I The Secret Life of Birds didn t care for either characterThe Mistake 45An eye opening read about abortion I liked how the boyfriend was there for her with her choice I honestly could have read a whole book about this There s so many uestions I have after reading it and not in a bad wayThe Good Brother 45You know I ve never encountered a book with the topic of immigration as the main story line It was so touching and interesting how the story was mostly told from a letter I liked it Good endingAll of the stories have one central theme teenagers finding them self and bettering them self based off of things that happen in their life I think this is a really well put together collection of stories I m pleasantly surprised This review can also be found on A Thousand Lives Lived check it out for Anthologies are one of the best styles of writing that could reallyescribe a theme or a bunch of themes I See Reality which is written by many authors who I have heard of or whose books I have read and some who are even Canadian supporting my nation here people is absolutely pleasing and nourishing for the mind Readers could pick and choose to read which stories they would like one by one or read them all at once in a sitting like I The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering did The authors featureifferent themes that affect our modern society today and some could be issues in society like New Penguin Cookery Book discrimination that I cannot keep out of mind Brace yourselves for a stunning complete set of tales that are each formattedifferently that each have specks of romance and moments to blush at But before I set off from here LET US JUST EMBRACE THIS COVER FOR GOODNESS SAKEIt is especially important to me when a cover sincerely matches what the storynovelanthology is written about The polaroid prints that each have an author s name on it shows that every story has its main idea its main figure that hooks readers I found myself constantly flipping back and forth to the cover and back to see how the photo related to the author s story I See Reality really is about in fact seeing reality and the events that make it up Every event could honestly occur in anyone s life but the choice is there to let it happen Now I feel like I am getting too philosophical for a review Watch me present lectures to audiences one Wrong Pong day jokesI could not ando not have the time to go over each story individually but I must note that there are a few that caught my eye The authors each have their own meaning and point to their story These are obviously short stories which means that they last for about twenty pages or so and capture the audience from the first page The one that I remember catching me the most was Heather Demetrios story Three Imaginary Conversations With You Whimsical and imaginative the main character tells her perspective on three conversations that go through her mind when she ecides that she wants to break up with her boyfriend This was not clich in any sense and I would absolutely beg for a full length novel relating to something like this It was my absolute favouriteAnother favourite was The Night of the Living Creeper by Stephen Emond I just need to say one word about the narrator and I bet that you all will be hooked cat THE NARRATOR IS A CUTE FUZZY STROLLING ON THE FENCE CAT I Am Pretty Sure That am pretty sure that insides are glimmering and your brain is sending rapid impulses around your body science has gotten to me to get your fingers moving to head onto a website grab your credit card and purchase this book Anyways A final mentionable one Untitled by Faith Erin Hicks IT IS A GRAPHIC SHORT STORY PEOPLE Untitled featured a theme of sexuality LGBT themes hooray for iversity and a mix of other hilarious phrases and mimics that kept me going This is an anthology written with simplicity You must trust me it is not meant to be a bland novel at all The simplicity is what makes the stories stronger that make readers feel like there is a point to everything and how society could be super supportive and everything It is a refreshing read that makes absolute sense for how our world is evolving and in a constant flux I would read a hundred of these stories if they were handed to me Authors please please please take after this collection We need of them in our lives I See Reality could brighten up the picture of reality for many From romance addiction immigration to insecurity sexuality and coming of age every author focuses on a ifferent aspect that affects us all Although some stories were weaker than others my life has changed after the outcome of this precious precious story that all could place something in everyone s hearts A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much As with any anthology I am going to love some of the stories think some are okay and really islike others Because of this I am going to The Battle of the Atlantic do 1 2 sentence mini reviews for each story and average out all of my ratings for the overall rating of the bookThree Imaginary Conversations With You by Heather Demetrios 5 starsAn amazing and very raw story about an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship This one was very hard to read because I felt for the main character and wanted the very best for her It was very well written and one of my favorites in hereThe Downside of Fabulous by Kristin Elizabeth Clark 4 starsA really interesting take on stereotypes ofifferent types of people and how these can be extremely misconstrued I really liked this one and the message in itThe Night of the Living Creeper by Steph This review was originally posted on It Starts at Midnight 35Anthologies are both very hard to review and very easy Hard because you almost can t review it as one entity or at least you can only review it for a sentence or two as one entity And easy because you have a very set outline to work with and it s pretty easy to keep track of your thoughts while reading which I The Real Dads Army did I won t lie it made me feel like a super organized blogger which we all know to be false but it was fun for a fewaysI figure first I will go through the stories individually then I will sum it all up Good Good Oh and these are also going to be weird because I on t want to give much away about any of the stories since they are short Expect vagueness Story 1 Three Imaginary Conversations with You by Heather Demetrios This is a fabulous way to start things off It also sets a very high standard First Heather Demetrios has such a gorgeous writing style it would be hard not to fall in love I was blown away by how connected I was to the narrator in less than thirty pages I felt her struggle because the story was so so plausible and I know that many women of all ages have gone through the same thing many women that I know personally even Heather s story sets the book off on women that I know personally even Heather s story sets the book off on hugely relatable and moving note and I just flew through her story Story 2 The Downside of Fabulous by Kristin Elizabeth Clark The message in this one was very sweet and very appropriate especially in today s culture of wanting to make everyone fit into a stereotype It was a tad unrealistic but efinitely sweet and worthwhile especially for anyone who has ever tried to fit themselves into a box of rules for being who they are Story 3 The Night of the Living Creeper by Stephen Emond So this is a hard one for me because on one hand I loved it It is narrated by a cat Yes a cat And it is brilliant Very witty and clever and the Pour une branche de gui discussions that the cat hears its humans having are also very relevant all kinds of things but the conversation gets intense about guys taking advantage of girls and the titular creeper situation Oh and there are super fun illustrations This would have been a home run for me but then the end got a little weird and Iidn t know what to make of it so there s that Story 4 Makeshift by Kekla Magoon This was incredibly short almost too short to make an impact There were also a lot of Medieval Intrigue different topics being broached so I wasn t sure exactly where the story was trying to go Clearly the main character was going through a rough time but with so manyifferent issues in a very limited number of pages I just couldn t connect Story 5 Things You Get Over Things You Don t by Jason Schmidt This was so so sad but also uite touching Again I am not going into etail because of potential spoilers but I was impressed by the emotional connection in such a short story Story 6 Coffee Chameleon by Jay Clark So the addiction piece was very good I think that it s something that we should be talking about but on t And the parents being concerned and involved was also a huge plus But then the romance stuff just really confused me and I still The Ghost That Haunted Itself don t get it At all Story 7 Hush by Marcella Pixley This was messed up But it was also incredibly captivating and wellone I The Lucifer Code dare say I would read an entire bookevoted to this story You kind #of need to read it for yourself to understand so o it Story 8 Blackbird by Trisha Leaver First the use #need to read it for yourself to understand so o it Story 8 Blackbird by Trisha Leaver First the use the song was perfection Second I loved the perspective that this story was told from because sadly I think it s all too realistic sorry vagueness I know Third I will always read anything that Trisha Leaver writes because she writes it beautifully and this is efinitely no exception There were feels Story 9 Untitled by Faith Erin Hicks This is a graphic short story so that was cool Otherwise um Gration Here is the perfect tool for starting tough iscussions or simply as an introduction to realistic literary fiction In turns funny thought provoking and heartbreaking I See Reality will resonate with today's teens long after the. ,