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Ently So ere s Why Are You So Scared? how they all played out in myeadSimon Aaron Taylor JohnsonFor some reason I always imagined Simon as young Eisenheim And a part of me wants to kick myself for associating the 2006 film with this book in any wayAlec Ezra MillerAnd no it s not because The Power of One he s ueerIsabelle Jessica SzohrBecause I wanted to put this picture inere kayJace Draco MalfoyI mean come on Is there even a debate on thisClary Kristen StewartOnly because er acting skills match the uality of Clary s personality *11 Aug 12 Also known as Why Readers CAN Review An Author *Aug 12 Also known as Why Readers CAN Review An Author Well As HisHer Book And Why STGRB Are Full of Shit And Obviously Never Took English Lit Classes For Telling Us We re Not Allowed ToI eard about the whole plagiarism issue long before I even He Who Dares heard of Cassandra Clare s books so I tried getting into it as objective as possible given the circumstances All I k Warning won t contain spoilers cause I didn t get far enough to give a fuck and discover anything worth spoilingOkay so let me get this out straight Iave never NOT finished a book before Okay I m lying The History of Sexuality Volume 1 by Michel Foucault remains unfinished as does Villette by Charlotte Bronte Why Because they were boringBecause as I read them I wanted to take a cheese grater to my skull and rub vigorously just to The Thing About December have something to doBut Iave never NOT finished a Young Adult paranormal novel before And I ve read some BAAAAAD books But I didn t finish this book because it goes beyond bad It makes the History of Sexuality seem amazingly interesting and colourfulTo be fair to Ms Clare I was not actually reading Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar her novel so much as listening to the Audiobook The Narrator Graynor did a particularly craptastic jobTo be fair to Ms Graynor she didn tave much to work with I tuned t her out I swear I was focusing on the actual prose taking in the story trying to get interested But the writing was terrible It was painful The characters were annoyingNow I ve been fair to Ms Clare and I ve been fair to Mr Graynor So there s only you left to be f IMPORTANT EDIT 11418Fam I wrote this review in 2011 All of y all commenting in 2018 need to get over it I ve moved to a different account I ve moved past Cassandra Clare and while I maintain that this book is a blatant rip off of about 1000 other books and while a lot of you insist that she s an original author like it or not she doesave a istory with plagiarismbad behavior I aven t read any of Stand Up and Fight her new stuff so I can t tell you if she s continued to toe the line with plagiarism or write poorly In fact I can tell you that a lot of people whose opinions I trust say that she s become a much better original writer I ve even considered reading some ofer newer books If you enjoy er writing good for you If These Books She S books she s are important to you I m appy for you My opinions are my opinions you don t Now Is the Hour have to share them What s really gross is the amount of bullying and personal attacks that are going on in these comments and in messag. Ije koja je postigla višemilionske tiraže i koja je prevedena na sve značajnije svetske jezikeGotski detalji i klasični elementi tradicionalneoror fantastike sjajno se uklapaju sa modernom gradskom atmosferom Njujorka Egzotično i misteriozno podzemlje ovog grada nikada ne spava a kada se u njemu pored ljudskih bića nađu još i vukodlaci vampiri anđeli vile i lovci na demone nema vremena ni za pred.

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I was never expecting anything from this but an entertaining and maybe a little bit forgettable book I was wrong I found this completely unforgettable For being a trainwreckTo be uite Londons Glory (Bryant May, honest I think 75% of theype for this series comes from nostalgia Listen I m sorry I know this isn t everything but I really don t get why these first three books are Jingle Bells hyped on any level Not only do Iave ten million get why these first three books are yped on any level Not only do I ave ten million with the tropey nature and the slutshaming and the etc etc etc it s also just boring and also I Troys hate every single character Iated almost everything about this until book three which I thought was okay because it didn t take me four months you think I m kidding and also for ending the incest plotline Yeah thatListen I am not opposed to fun trash I read The Infernal Devices this year and it was fantastic and books two and three basically emotionally killed me inside But this was not fun for me Okay so first of all because we ve all talked about this The Mortal Instruments is kind of based off Cassandra Clare s Harry Potter fanfiction no I m not kidding and it is painfully obvious There are basic things like that Knights Templar in Britain humans are known as mundanes while in Harry Potter they are known as muggles But then there s also the fact that the characters kind of feel like not good fanfiction interpretations of various Harry Potter characters Our redheaded lead character Clary Fray is a slightly stupider version of Ginny Weasley Her love interest Jace Wayland is essentially Draco Malfoy if everyone excusedis actions because Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, he s superot I really don t like Jace Jace becomes a member of the Ripoff Death Eaters in like book two because Nature Cure his father is Ripoff Voldemortis name is Valentine which is actually ilarious Simon is Harry again not a very good one and Isabelle is actually ilarious Simon is Harry again not a very good one and Isabelle is if Hermione were there exclusively to be slut shamed by the angelic virgin protagonist I mostly said this to point out The Fixer (The Fixer, how utterly fucking dull these characters are but listen I m not actually wrong about this If you match the characters up toer fanfiction which is not One of Your Own hard the pairings fit You know that thing I linked up above Well it discussesow the fanfiction trilogy I mean kudos for that dedication is endgame DracoGinny and HarryHermione with subtext between HarryDraco I m so sorry I m laughing typing this The endgame of this series is JaceClary and SimonIsabelle with subtext between JaceSimon Do you think I m kidding But listen you d think that after ripping from fucking Harry Potter Clare would ve at least come up with something interesting I mean fiction doesn t Nina have to be original to be good But again it s basically boring boring boring offensive boring jace isot chapter boring "I don t even know where I m going with this "don t even know where I m going with this just need you all to know that this originated as Harry Potter fanfiction Although I will point out that the original fanfiction this was based off of got taken off fanfictionnet after plagiarism accusations And then there were Sherrilyn Kenyon Kleri Frej i Sajmon Luis provode se u klubu u kojem Kleri postaje svedok ubistva Grupa tinejdžera naime usmrćuje jednog mladića Kleri je zaprepašćena što Sajmon i obezbeđenje kluba ne vide ubicu – mladića Džejsa koji tvrdi da ga je zapravo usmrtio demon Džejs je iznenađen time što je Kleri sposobna da vidi smrtnicima inače nevidljive Senolovce kojima i sam pripada U međuvremenu monstruozni City of BonesPlagiarism accusations I mean I think fanfiction and original fiction used to be considered very different things in a way they almost aren t today but it s important to knowAnyway I ve established at this point that the characters are flat it s all painfully derivative and the books themselves are boring But there is so much Beyond the issue of Clary s I m not like other girls thing there s also the issue of messily andled lgbt stuff So yes it s 2005 and I m willing to excuse this a little bit Alec Lightwood s entire presence in this book is to Create Some Angst through Jay McGraws Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies homophobia and it feels so much like a plot device not going to lie While it s fair to mention that Cassandra Clareas improved Legally Sane her lgbt rep severalsapphic friends of mine would like to notify you that The Dark Artifices is awesome wrt this it s not good in this series Alec is barely a POV character in the first three books of the series despite being marketed as a major character and feels super tokenistic Also justis treatment At one point in this series Shadowspell Academy his mother who is a supposedly likeable character tries to killim and Anna Del Contes Italian Kitchen his boyfriend for being gay whiche forgives Dead Center her forow There is later on a lot of explicit biphobia towards Magnus who is my favorite I love Magnus that is not subverted or criticized at all and in this book especially there s an intonation of that slutty bi trope though the character is allowed to develop beyond that man it is there You re not gay are youSimon s greenish color deepened If I were I would dress better this is not funnyNo Cassandra Clare would rather focus on something else a sideplot where Ripoff Ginny Weasley believes Hot Draco Malfoy is er brother for two fucking books It is exactly As Terrible As It terrible as it For two full books I ad to live through Ripoff Ginny Weasley s angst over er crush on er brother and about their forbidden love or whatever the shit Yes I KNOW view spoilerthey eventually realize they weren t related But Exploring Limits (Exploring Limits, here s the thing they re still in love when they believe they areide spoiler 19 Apr 16 Bet you re sick of my updates nowJust for reference on the recent Sherrilyn Kenyon v Cassandra ClareKenyon The Herbalist (The Herbalist has filed a lawsuit against Clare and also provides a list of alleged similarities between Clare s work toer ownRead and decide for yourself 15 Jun 13 update
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Saw some for the movie and to be onest despite being slightly spurious in my casting of City of Bones I actually think my version is much better than the movie versionI mean look at Isabelle and look at ClaryCorrect me if I m wrong but Isabelle is supposed to be way otter than ClaryAnd don t even get me started on JaceI mean Jamie Campbell Bower was cute in a couple of Mina olen muinasjutuliselt rikas his other films but Jace was supposed to be I dunno swoon on your feet panty wettingawwwtAnd SimonI mean Attached (Coronado Series, heas friendzone written all over Boazs Wager (Montana Collection, Book 2) him 12 Jan 13 I know this is now being made into a film and I know they ve all got the cast sorted out but I imagined them very differ. Emon Grabljivac napada i ranjava Kleri dok joj majku kidnapuju nepoznata bića Džejs vodi Kleri u svoj dom tzv „Institut” staru gotsku katedralu u Njujorku koja je nevidljiva za ljude Uz pomoć svog učitelja Hodža i monaha Džeremaje on pokušava da sazna zašto je Kleri meta demona i kako je moguće da ona vidi lovce na senkeGrad kostiju je prva knjiga trilogije Instrumenti smrti urbaneoror fantaz.