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Gangbang Slut eOodntertaining read 425 STARSOMG What a tantalizing and tingle inducing surprise this one was This is like FSoG The Crossfire Series This Man and Losing Control Jen Frederick all mashed up but on the warmer side of the thermometer Oh don t get me wrong There was plenty of HOTNESS but it isn t told in One Con Glory explicit minute detail It was actually a nice change to get sexy hot without the super graphic aspect With this one you getxactly what is advertised No need to worry that a story unlike what you are Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows expecting is lurking in the pages You get a hot Maori CEO chasing after anntry level associate who has Somehow Managed To Get Under managed to get under skin Now he wants her and have her he will Hemi Te Mana didn t get to where he is today by taking no for an answer It s a story of cat and mouse and YOU MAY BE SURPRISED AT WHOSE TAIL ENDS UP may be surprised at whose tail The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) ends up the trap I have to say Hemi was pure yummy deliciousness with the occasional jackass thrown in Admittedly the jackass part made him a bit attractive though Who doesn t love a guy that s a bit of an ass right For the most part I liked Hope but seriously she worked my last nerve on occasion Overall I reeeeeeallynjoyed reading Fierce If you are looking for something sexy with a commanding CEO you found your next read right here What the Mother EFF people This book has so much promise I wanted to love it Instead I dnf it at about 30% Hot Maori Billionaire Um sign me up Hot Maori Billionaire that has the social skills of a perverted 13 year old Yeah not so much Sucks to go in thinking Jason Momoa and find out it is Justin Bieber EFF ME The book within a book A spin off sort of from Just in Time In Just in Time the h Faith was writing a Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ebook about Hemi and Hope The characters in her book were loosely based on her Faith and Will I didn t know if I would like this premise I was wrong I love it and I love the writing OF COURSE I liked Just in Time but I love Fierce a whole lot The story starts off very strong It s not necessary to read Just in Time before Fierce It s its own story don t worry no funky parallel universe nothing wrong with thatThe POV is first person Hope then Hemi pov The setting is based in NYC Hemi is a CEO of a fashion design company He s from New Zealand but has spent many years away from home living in NYC Hope works for a photographer and meets Hemi at a photo shoot for his clothing line Hemi notices her while she works whisks her away to work for his company It s a cubical job in the publicity department it s a slight step up She gets placed working for Martine who s a cross between Cruela DeVille Katherine from the movie Working Girl Hope works hard and is motivated to provide for herself and her 15 year old sister Karen Hope and Karen are on their own after their mother died 5 years before I love the chemistry between Hope Hemi It simmers for a while There s a lot heat in this book than the Escape to New Zealand books I loved the heating up between these two Hemi has told Hope I don t do relationships How many times have we heard that before And yet this feels fresh The character development is so good Hope stays realistic I really liked her I really think that the book title FIERCE fits her Hemi is dominant but Hope holds her own No fake spunkinessither How long does Hemi hold out Does Hope wait to find out There s some medicalhealth drama during all this It flows seamlessly with the romance Karen Hope s sister is a great supporting character Hope readies herself for the nd of their time together Hemi does Hope s sister is a great supporting character Hope readies herself for the nd of their time together Hemi does Hope has already learned men leave Hemi has learned women leave Hemi is a tall dark and handsome Maori He has a mentorphysical trainer Eugene Eugene is an American version of his grandpa that is back home in NZ Eugene and his wife Debra don t hesitate to give out their very wise advice to HemiThis book was a BIG surprise when mailed me to let me know what was new on book I saw that this book was out What What What say a with swacky chicken voice lol A new Rosalind James book And spun off from a book that I had just read Yes Yes and it s KUI took my time reading this In this case slow is a good thing I didn t want it to Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue end I wanted these two fierce ones to have their HEA Great but briefpilogue Great job Ms James. ?t ask him to but he rescued me anyway Because Hemi was fierce But you know what I found out So was I Note This is the “book within a book” that Faith is writing in Just in Time Escape to New Zealand Hemi isn’t Will but you may see some of Faith’s feelings about Will coming

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Scan read through a lot of this romance because I thought both main characters left a lot to be desired Plus I don t characters left a lot to be desired Plus I don t why female characters are often written so ridiculously DNF 9% 35 stars I read this after reading and liking Kiwi Rules which is about Karen Hope s younger sister This one takes place arlier when Karen is still a teen and she s a side character in this book But I m kinda glad I read the books out of order cos it set the scene for this one I knew what to xpect It s Hope and Hemi s story or part 1 anyway There are two books to follow It takes place mainly in the US and moves to New Zealand near the nd whereas Kiwi Rules takes place in New ZealandHope is a very strong and feisty woman and she needs to be to push back against Hemi s steamroller type personality Hemi is a highly successful CEO of an international business and he s used to getting xactly what he wants whenever he wants it Although he s physically attractive he s not a very likeable person for most of this book But as time goes on he falls hard for Hope and he realises he needs to change and become less self centric Hemi is a total dominant in the bedroom but he and Hope are sexually a good match in this part of their lives There is a little bit of light bdsm action which isn t my fav but I didn t hate it I did dislike the author s depiction of Hope as so tiny and Hemi as so huge There was a bit of detail about how much taller he is and than twice her weight Some readers might like this but the mental image made it a bit scary for me actually I d prefer a ven physical match in my H and hThere is a HFN Threads Of The Shroud ending to the book and I m not sure I m keen to see what happens in book 2 it s called Fractured Eek I m not a fan of angst But I know from Kiwi Rules thatventually Hope and Hemi do get a real HEA and the relationship does last so I guess I ll read the other books at some point I received a copy of this ARC solely in All Seated on the Ground exchange for an honest reviewWell notvery story is for Untitled. every reader and Fierce was not for me It was okay which is damning with faint praise I suppose For those of us who ve read and liked if not adored many of the author s previous books Fierce was a let downspecially coming so soon on the heels of Carry Me Home which was good fun although not her best Welcome to Paradise Just This Once and Just for Now are my favorites in terms of intricate thoughtful story and details and fantastic often swoon worthy dialogueThe story of poor put upon Hope Sinclair a twenty four year old old before her time virgin and Hemi Te Mana an uber alpha Kiwi Maori successful clothing designer was nothing special As I read Fierce I kept thinking this is familiar and so is this and that Nothing about the story the plot the characters and their predicaments felt fresh and because Rosalind James the author has previously and repeatedly made me feel as if what I m reading of hers is brand new to me and fresh to me I felt disappointedHope is solely responsible for herself and her increasingly ill fifteen year old sister Karen their mother passed away five years Wiring earlier Conseuently Hope was unable to finish her BA and has been scrounging putting up with crap just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table Hope feels the knife right there on her neck so she cannot afford frippery or acting her age Hemi spots Hope during a photography shoot and knowing nothing of her her circumstances secures her a job in his company solely so he can pursue her He is not interested in a relationship well Hemi is not interested in anything other than a dominant bondage sexual relationship of finite duration with Hope or any female Hemi has his own bruised history his ownxperiences with abandonment and being responsible for family members who aren t shouldn t really be his responsibilityAnd so it goes the delicate dance of fitting Against All Odds each otherach others Expectations Into Their Respective LivesOne Thing I Know Other Reviewers into their respective livesOne thing I know other reviewers previous books of James have harped on this but in this book her usage of incomplete sentences drove me a bit batty to the point of taking me out of the story which wasn t hard to do admittedly as I wasn t particularly invested Perhaps that was a stylistic choice Whatever. A sexy new STAND ALONE NOVEL by the bestselling author of the Escape to New Zealand series I never asked Hemi Te Mana to rescue me It was true that I had a lousy job Not to mention a lousy apartment and too much responsibility although it was a responsibility I wouldn’t have given. I did not care for it and can now Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage empathize with those previous reviewers these inc sentences never bothered me in her previous booksven though I did notice themClearly Fierce was not my cup of tea but just as clearly based on the other reviews it is for many other readers I shall continue to read books by this author because one bad apple does not spoil the bushel And I really have The DOS enjoyed her other works Thisnded up being a big old nope at 20 percent I usually love Rosalind
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s books recommend her Escape to New Zealand series to anyone that asks about a really good romance with some hot scenesPremise is that this book follows a New Zealand Mr Grey Hemi coming along and deciding that he is going to swear word a woman Hope that he meets when he goes to see a photo shoot set upJames can usually turn a phrase and make me see her characters but I had a hard time Against All Odds even picturing this whole thing She tried to turn her New Zealand characters into Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and it did not work at all The little we find out about Hope is that she is struggling to make things work for her and her teenage sister They are sharing a tiny place in New York I think it s a studio and she s working for an insane photographer When she meets Hemi she feels intrigued by him and he weirdly decides he is going to have to have her Cause that s what doms do I guess I have no idea Hemi arranges things so that Hope gets a job at his company and from there he is going to make sure that sheventually gives into him barf Hemi is crude and sorry not sexy at all to me I was done after he propositions Hope in his office and she rightfully slaps him Of course James has Hope Thinking To Herself That She Could thinking to herself that she could helped being turned on by the whole thing and I just uit this book at this point I just got frustrated because a scene before this Hemi tries to force Hope into going out to dinner with him and she says no to that He Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism even tries to force her to go overseas on an assignmentven after she Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils explains why she can t her sister being left alone is a huge problem So he s notxactly blowing my socks off with Payment Due empathy I would recommend passing on this one When I realized that the author actually wrote the book talked about in Just in Time I knew I would seek this one out At the start uite a bit of it was familiar due to those parts being shared in Just in Time but as the book went on it took on a life of it s own Part dragged for me I got tired of Hemi just wanting sex with no strings argument versus Hope wanting a true relationshipconnection Did these two have things to work through yes but if they just let themselves be they were good together I was glad when Hemi woke up and realized he wanted the relationship that Hope did Hope is struggling she s doing a job she doesn t like for a boss she can t stand and she s doing it all because she s the sole guardian for her sister Karen who is fifteen Hope s life isn tasy in fact she s or less put her life on hold to focus on her sister that is until Hemi Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, enters her lifeHemi is incredibly hot rich and successful he s focused and single minded in all things including relationships and his idea of a relationship involves a signed nondisclosure agreementThe attraction between Hemi and Hope is instant and incredible but they are both so different and they re looking for completely different things Hope wants love she wants someone she can build a relationship with Hemi wants sex for as long as it s good for him and when he s done he ll send her a really nicexpensive goodbye giftThis is written in an alternating first person which takes a little getting used to it started well but I wasn t sure how much I actually liked Hemi he s very cynical and believes that love makes you weak and he s anything but weak I accept that getting his POV means we know what he s thinking which doesn t always help his case Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, especiallyarly on before we really get a feel for him but ventually we discover the man beneath the image and he won me over in the ndThis is the first book I ve read by this author and on the whole I Turbulence enjoyed it there were times when Hope annoyed me and it goes without saying Hemi annoyed me as well mainlyarly on but overall it s a Up for the world That still didn’t mean I needed rescuing if that was what you’d call the situation I nded up in And anyway I knew that a multimillionaire Maori CEO with too many muscles a tribal tattoo and a take no prisoners attitude was way way out of my league So no I didn?. ,
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Fierce Not uite a Billionaire #1

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