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Dolls Wedding and Other StoriesH a creative mix of profundity and satire he ives us a picture of Telugu societyLittle wonder that he is Often Called The Chekhov And Issac Babel Of Telgu Literature called the Chekhov and Issac Babel of Telgu literature s uicksand Before you understand how and why you are consumed by the tale. In ‘Firewood’ a peasant irl overcomes fear and speaks out when she is falsely accused

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theftA realist devoid ideologies Chaso was deeply interested in the actual life and the inner world of people around him These luminous translations bring Chaso to a new audienc. ,

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Past as a child bridea WHO STEALS FEELINGS IN ORDER who steals feelings in make his art look authentica lady who falls prey to the evils of superstition and meaningless religious ritualsamong many othersHe writes with a lucid and ironical styleThroug. And the upwardly mobile middle class whose pragmatism drives them to convention and fight for their survival The aged auditor’s young wife in ‘Got to Go to Eluru’ seduces an adolescent boy in order to produce a son who will protect her status when she is widowed;.