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Do or DieCome from anyoneuit treating media as an afterthoughtMedia is now creative; creative is now mediaDon’t think in a straight ineLinear problem solving just might be the problemGet everyone on the side of the tableSilos are great for farms companiesEngage in risky problemGet everyone on the same side of tableSilos great for farms not companiesEngage in risky is the new mark of successKnow that you can’t knowIf you Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) love uncertainty you’llove the future of marketingBe in charge of the pig not the ipstickThe new chief marketing officer has a seat at the biggest tabl.

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Es of “doing” from enlightened marketers such as Nike Coors Virgin America VW and Vail Resorts You’ll also take a deep dive into Kokich's Doer’s Manifesto These Watchwords For Organizations watchwords for organizations need to realign their thinking in order to move from saying to doingStop asking the wrong uestionsThe right ones are about making a better experienceFind the big idea or keep ookingFlavor of the month tactics are no substitutes for an ideaLook for ideas in all the wrong placesCreative thinking can. ,
From Clark Kokich chairman of of the eading digital agencies in the world Do or Die chronicles the decline marketing and advertising and makes a provocative agencies in the world Do or Die chronicles the decline of traditional marketing and advertising and makes a provocative for why companies should uit simply saying and start doing Do what Anything that helps entertains or makes it of a pleasure to do business Do or Die then goes on to give a prescription for getting your company organized to tackle this new kind of marketingDo or Die includes eight case studies of brilliant exampl. ,