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His Girl Monday to Friday (Enchanted Shadow Lake (Werewolves and Wallflowers,
Ubya never was interested in politics He ad to play
part to pay is family This may well explain why Bush as President just did not seem to care to keep up the pretences that the world expects from its leaders Indeed we see G W Bush ere as an anti ero rather than a leader Yet the author does not dwell on such Theories This Is A Hilarious This is a ilarious rather than a serious one in keeping with the lightweight personality of its subject Author Ted Cohen is the Kennebunkport reporter who uncovered the story of Dubya's DUI conviction during the 2000 presidential campaign That the press did not deem to pick up on it may ave swung that close election. He draft with a little elp from Congressman Poppy Bush the Bush Family; mano mano over an affair Practicing History his father isaving W's DUI arrest Eligible bachelor W gets engaged to a nice girl so as to be eligible for a run for Congress He loses the race but marries Laura Welch anyway W will be assisted again to rise to igh office Bush comes across as a devil may care insolent youth with a rude nickname for everyone always ready to get into mischief or into a case of liuor to relieve is boredom This amusing portrait of a oaf's progress is ardly flattering but is not
unsympathetic as much of is An ordinary kid born into a strange family Dubya still likes to call McClellans Other Story himself The Decider But a lot was decided forim himself The Decider But a lot was decided for im imaginative memoir reveals
real Bush from is youth was a Leonardo da Vinci hard drinking good natured lout and the last person who'd run forigh office Bush was a spoiled rich brat From adolescent drunk Enkätboken he graduated to prankster frat boy at an Ivy League His famous father gotim out of the draft He got elected to the Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy highest office in the world Impressive resume Stranger than fiction By the Maine reporter who busted W for drunk driving The biography covers the juvenile career of Geo W Bushis rowdy teenage behavior and drinking Play Me, Im Yours habits Hisijinks at Yale and Harvard Dodging and drinking Health at Every Size habits Hisijinks at Yale and Harvard Dodging

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Derision Points

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